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  • I don't know yet, I probably will go because its in Vegas again but not sure if I will play MK, will see.
    Yo your from Portsmouth?

    I used to live there till i was 18....

    What HS did u go to?? (I went to churhland)
    I would've loved to see the artbook Human Reptile. Amazing costume if you ask me.

    Btw - get on PS3, my Sheeva needs some training and she'd like to use her slutty victory pose.
    So how are you feeling about MK3 CSZ (who never existed ever in MK lol) and MK3 Angry John Travolta SZ costumes?
    lol yes Violence if it makes you feel better they did not give Sheeva an auto-tracking, sentient, anti-Ice Clone teleport buff XD

    Though I wouldn't mind not having to bypass your Clones manually. :3
    If you find the Sheeva crossup to be a little unbearable, then you must consider it is just an unfavorable matchup. Someone like Rain would have no quarrel with it (hi thar Upkick).
    I definitely loved that bit that you put in your reply.

    "I know what your intentions are"

    Makes me feel like a double agent, I'm a much more simple person than people tend to assume. For goodness' sake, I'm not C. Viper lmao.

    Otherwise, I just make mental calls as I see them. In your case, since you aspire to master SZ I would say Slide, considering the notable invincibility frames. I'm much more used to CSZ, how has that delicious parry but for SZ definitely Slide it out.
    She's gotta keep you on your toes man, how else should I force you to make a mistake? With her "cheetah-like" walk speed, or maybe her "leopard-fast" dash? ;D

    Innocent game? I don't know what else you want me to say Vio, this is just me. I'm not known for hostility :S okay well not usually. I mean someone has to truly get me revved up for me to tell them off. Otherwise it's just, mellow.

    For crossups in general? I can't put into words how I handle it but I'll try my best.

    It honestly depends on characters. If I'm playing with someone like Kenshi, I normally just expect to be screwed on wakeup, just gotta accept it. He has no answers.

    Otherwise, other characters like Sheeva HAVE to sacrifice meter to get people off of her. Naturally one EX Grab tends to get people on the defensive.
    And I honestly couldn't tell you Vio. The only decent Sheeva I've ever met is myself. Mirror matches are virtually non-existent for me when playing as her

    I now understand what people say when words can be misconstrued over text. I'll tell you Violence, it was damn near impossible to tell whether both of you were joking so forgive me if I couldn't make a clear call.

    /me going back to my usual cheerful self
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