Most gruesome and favorite MK4/MKG Fatalities Ever

Quan Chi's Leg rip is my Favorite Fatality of any Mortal Kombat to date... I have a feeling that will change in April though.
The only one I really took to was Reptile's face chomp, which is one of my three favorite Fatalities ever.
The fatalities involving flesh torn away like reptile's and Fujin's could be considered brutal. Other than that, due to the lame-o graphics and animation I'd think it would be like trying to decide which is the most brutal Care-Bear power. I really wish MK4 was made in 2d like it's predecessors. I believe had they stuck with that formula one last time it would have been a hell of a game.

My Top 3:

1- Quan Chi Leg Beat (epic win XD)
2- Reptile Face chew (gruesome :p)
3- Sub Zero head rip (a classic :D)
The giant fan Stage Kill is one I miss, they never did it again and it was really cool. I also liked the one where Scorpion turned into a giant scorpion, and Shinnok's Nether Realm hands are always a favorite.
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My top MK4/MKG klassic Fatalities.
1. Scorpion's flaming skull
2. Sub-zero's head rip
3. Background fatalities
4. Cages Uppercut/Torso rip
5. Quan chi's leg rip
6. Raiden's staff of electricity
7. Noob's ninja stars
8. Reiko's ninja stars
9. Shinnok's hand grab
10. And finally,sonya's kiss
of DEATH. ;)
Quan Chi's leg beatdown
Sektor's Compactor
Sub Zero's Spine Rip
Fujin's Skin Rip
Reptile's Face Chew
Reiko's Ninja Stars
Kitana's Kiss of Doom
Warship Stage Fatality
I remember thinking the prison stage fatality was the coolest thing in the world when I was a kid. I couldn't do fatalities, so I set up CPU tournaments in hopes one of the fighters did it. When I discovered cheats, I was happy when I did it for the first time many years later.