Most gruesome and favorite MK4/MKG Fatalities Ever

How about your most favorite or gruesome MK4/MKG fatalities you have seen or done in the game and what good reasons you said that choice????

Mine is Reptile's Face Chew because how nasty he eats the face up and the blood splating out of the head before revealing a bloody skull. Very gruesome. And Liu Kang's Dragon because it's feel sick to my spine how he flails and slams his victim with his mouth.
I would have to agree with you on Reptile's face chew being by far the most gruesome (so much blood). My favorite fatality would have to be either one of Shinnok's with the massive skeletal hand/s rising out of the ground and squishing the enemy, they were so different and so creepy at the time.
Well my favorite has always been Toasty. As for the most gruesome, I'd say it's Kung Lao's MKII hat slice. You can see the opponents ribs and shit split down the middle...I love that move.
one of my favorites is Quan Chi's fatality where he floats in the air and sends this magic crap down and blows 'em up. for gruesomeness I don't know where to start.
I would chose Tanya's two fatalities first since they are unique.
Second I would chose sonyas second fatality, the one with the leg grab.
Third I would chose Scorpions scorpion fatality.
Fourth I have Johnny cage's 2nd fatality when he puts his arms around his opponents body and rips it in two!
I'll have to say Sonya's Scizzor Legs, Tanya's Triple Neckbreak, Mileena's Nail Spit (though she should have unmasked herself first), the Pit fatality where the opponent gets impaled at the spikes on the ceiling.(I like making Kitana and Tanya do that because they remind me of Jade.) Also, Reptile's Face Chew, Raiden's Lightning Rod, Johnny Cage's Torso Rip, Quan Chi's Leg Beat, Sub-Zero's Spine Rip, Scorpion's Scorpion Morph, both of Reiko's fatalities, Kai's Torso Rip, Jarek's Heart Rip, Liu Kang's Dragon Morph, and Kung Lao's Hat Toss (slicing off the head and torso).
Definetly Scorpion's animality. I think it's called Scorpion Sting. They really should've introduced that fatality in other games too. Unfortunately we only see it in MK4/MKG.:cry:
The most grusome I'd have to say was Fujin's wind blast. Imagine how it would feel to have all your skin ripped off at once from a gust of wind. I'm suprised at how the victim was able to stand his/her ground during that, but we can all thank cartoon physics for that one.

My absolute favorite was Reptile's acid vomit. The way he just floats and spews it all over the fighter makes it so scenic, and the best is when the fighter is laying there with all his/her skin dissolved. That has got to be extremely painful
My hands down favorite MK4 fatality is Kai's, where he rips you in half. I just love the atmosphere it sets, the camera spinning around them, the fast-paced tribal drums, Kai holding them up like it's a ritual sacrifice. Then all of a sudden he just rips them in half and throws down the pieces. beautiful, just beautiful.
I love Tanya's Kiss of Deciet. That thing looked excrutiating and I think it should have come back in Deception.
Sonya's Scissor legs was always good for a laugh.
And Reptile's acid vomit, was just sublime to watch. It looked agonising too.
Reptile's face chew and Quan Chi's leg clubbing. MK4 has some of the best fatalities.