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  • I was one of those kids that spent far too many hours in the Arcade and practiced with the stick while memorizing Gamepro's monthly "Mortal Kombat" section. To my shock and horror I can still remember everything.

    Holding block works for all fatalities that don't require an intermittent block tap to perform. It can be invaluable, though not always necessary, for fatalities in MK2 and MK3 that require careful positioning of your character relative to the opponent. Baraka's decaptitation requires you be half a step back from close range which can be difficult to hit if not holding block to solidify your position.

    BTW, if you ever feel like getting some Kalliera going, be sure to let me know. I'm developing an MK2 itch. ;]
    Hey Zoop, are you holding block when you attempt to execute Baraka's decapitation? I found early on that though a simple Back, Back, Back+HP, while doable, isn't as consistent unless you hold block while performing it at close range.
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