Most gruesome and favorite MK4/MKG Fatalities Ever

The Prison Stage Fatality
Both of the Reptile´s Fatalities
Both of the Scorpion´s Fatalities
Both of the Reiko´s Fatalities
Both of the Fujin´s Fatalities
Liu Kang´s Dragon Fatality
Sektor´s Compactor
Johnny Cage´s Torso Rip
Sub Zero´s Head Rip
Both of the Shinnok´s Fatalities

Yeah there are lot of great MK4/MKG Fatalities, I can continue. :)
My absolute favorite is a tie between Tanya's iconic triple neck break, or her never-seen-again KoD, though neither were gruesome whatsoever.
The most gruesome to me would probably be Reptile's face chomp, or Quan Chi's leg fatality.
Shinnok's two fatalities were probably my favorite. Don't know why, it just seemed a lot more sinister and evil, having two skeleton hands come up from hell to kill his opponent instead of doing it himself.

Plus, those two would look AMAZING if they were ever brought back.