Mortal Kombat: Redemption

Beetle Lair
( Near the Deadline )

Mileena had been growing impatient. The moon was large outside tonight. It's bright glow beaming through the windows of the Beetle Lair gave Mileena a sense of security. Had it been too dark, she would have possibly been a bundle of nerves. Here, nothing would be concealed. She knew Sub-Zero would probably begin to worry had she not reported back in time…she was considering her options of abandoning this negotiation.

This was put to rest when footsteps were heard entering the Lair. Baraka had finally arrived.

Turning to face him, Mileena began to approach. "Mileena has limited time. Let us discuss what needs to happen. Mileena desires Kuai Liang's life be spared should we agree on the ambush – " Though her words were cut short when 'Baraka' sent a kick right to the center of her chest, forcing her to stumble backward.
"So, this is what it has come to? You will die…" Angered, Mileena sent her fist right into the plated armor with enough force to crack his sternum. As he stumbled back and roared at her, she narrowed her eyes. "Baraka…"

With the great space between them, the two charged in head first. Mileena knew she had the tactical advantage over the blade swinging Baraka, though she could never be too careful. She saw his kick coming, and stepped aside of it with ease. She tried to follow up with an overhead strike, though it was blocked by the beefy arm of the warrior. Before she knew it, everything went red in her sight as the force of a raging bull struck her jaw. Blood flew from her mouth –even through her veil from the impact. She was shocked Baraka had gotten so strong!

Regaining her senses, she kept her footing best she could. Though her former mate had taunted her with laughter. This was starting to work on her emotions fairly quickly. Baraka was not above her! Coming in, she caught him with a strong kick to the chest. While he was off balance, her plan was to hit him high or low had he managed to avoid either. In her case, he managed to avoid contact with her high arcing roundhouse, and even her sweep!

'Baraka' jumped over her gracefully landing in a kneel some feet away from her. She watched him, preparing herself for the next phase of battle. Though things changed when he drew both of his blades. Her heart skipped a beat – she had to be extra careful here. When he rushed her, the first thing she became worried about was her neck. It was only natural she was able to duck under his attempt to end her swiftly. Though the next cut wasn't so easy to avoid. She got a deep slice running up her abdomen, sending a spray of blood across the ground. Immediately, she saw a flash of Kuai Liang run through her mind. She couldn't die here! "Aaah..!"

'Baraka' didn't allow her to get any momentum and attempted a backhand blow with that sharp weapon, though Mileena now met his forearm with her own, holding him back with all the power she could muster. He had officially pissed her off. She summoned her strength to grasp him and toss him head first through one of the Beetle Lair glass prayer mirrors. As he lay on his back, she grit her teeth together. She timed him…watching his movements as she ran in at full speed. She met Baraka with a trio of flying kicks, giving him everything she had to send him flying through one of the stone walls inside the lair.

As he soared through, she hoped it would be the end. She glanced through the hole he had created, seeing that the flesh eating beetles had yet to arrive. Damn it. She had to finish him herself! She sprung through the opening, taking her stance once more. Though where Baraka lay…had made her slightly worried. His blades collapsed back into his arms…and there was a rather large weapon…something like an Axe sitting up next to him. That wasn't good. As he grasped it and kipped back to his feet, she had little choice but to make this an equal fight. With a flick of her wrists, each Sai was drawn.

She raced him as he charged her at full speed. This would be the end of everything. This was the day she had to become Mileena. Not Baraka's object, not Shang Tsung's creation, not Kahn's daughter, and not Kitana's impersonator. She would free herself once she killed Baraka once and for all! She ducked the sluggish weapon and unleashed with a flurry of deep stabs into the armored gut of her enemy. The Sai tore through armor and tissue like a they were paper, creating several deep puncture sounds which blood dolloped out of. As he dropped the weapon and doubled over, Mileena sent a powerful knee into the side of his face, shattering his teeth and sending fissures through his cheekbone and skull.

He staggered back into a stand…and Mileena sent a final powerful thrust of her leg into his chest, sending him crashing against one of the walls inside the room. As his blood pooled along the ground…the beetles began to appear. It was time for her to go. "At one time…, Mileena loved you, Baraka…" She was nearly choked with anger and emotion. "Though now Mileena knows that love was misplaced. She understands that…, you…like Kahn, like Shang Tsung…only saw Mileena as a tool… a weapon!" She stepped back… " But now Mileena knows that is not what she is. Kitana sees it, Kuai Liang sees it, even if he does not yet know who Mileena is. Though…, that will change…"

"Finish it." 'Baraka' demanded, laying helplessly while the approaching flesh eaters closed in.

"…You deserve to die slow, Baraka…" She turned, leaping back up through the way that she came.

Finally, free from her past. She was able to move forward, as she had desired for so long. She still had enemies left to eradicate…, though their time, like Baraka's, had ended. As she emerged from the temple, she held her hand over the wound over her stomach. It was healing, though slower than she had expected it. She would live, at least.
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Stepping out into the brightness of the moonlight, she had known her time had ended. Sub-Zero would be seeking her any moment now. It was her duty to get to him as fast as she could.

"Mileena!"A loud, almost barking voice spoke out from behind her.

It was not the voice of Kuai Liang – how could it be Baraka? She turned swiftly, though he moved much faster since he'd taken her by surprise! That massive blade swung toward her torso, sending her heart beating up against her chest!

She closed her eyes expecting the release of death, though instead, she heard a loud crackling and howl of cold winds. As her eyes opened, she found the frozen Baraka's blade just an inch away from cleaving through her torso. She stumbled back in shock, grasping her chest. Sub-Zero had arrived!

"Kitana!" Kuai Liang shouted, rushing to the 'Princess'. "We must run! We are fleeing to Outworld. Raiden's forces have failed..., something is…different about him."

Sub-Zero was not alone. The blind swordsman, Kenshi had approached as well, though he slowed his progression, sensing that this was not Kitana.

"Kuai Liang…" Mileena knew Baraka would not stay frozen long, she had to act fast. "I am proceeding to take Kahn's fortress with or without Raiden. It is my duty for Edenia." She approached he and Kenshi. "…Kuai…I must tell you something. I…ask that you please…understand."

"Kitana, here is not the place. We can go our separate ways, just awayfrom Baraka."

She doubted Kuai Liang heard Baraka call her by her true name. Perhaps he thought Baraka to be confused? "…Alright. Who is this…?" She turned her attention to the wounded swordsman. She never saw him before…

"This is Kenshi. He was part of Raiden's crew. I will explain later." Kuai Liang began to head back into the forest, and was quickly followed by Kenshi and Mileena. Once the trio had gotten far enough away into the forest, they began to slow down.

"Alright…" Kuai Liang took a look back. Baraka would not be able to track them so easily here. "Kitana. As I have said, Kenshi and I are returning to Earthrrealm for the time being. I respect your wish to continue to Outworld. Though I am compelled to tell you that it is dangerous, Kitana. I do not wish this to be the last we see eachother…"

She couldn't take it anymore. Each time he said Kitana, it made her heart sink. She was getting rid of her past, she had to tell him. "Kuai Liang, I am not Kitana." She swallowed hard, "She is out with Raiden's forces…and now that I hear they have failed, I am very worried…" She started to morph her mouth, widening it behind her veil. Her teeth slid down over her dull ones, ready to present them to him. "…I…am Mileena." She pulled her veil down to show her mouth to him. She looked down, expecting a shriek of horror.

Instead, Kuai Liang was silent. This was who he fell in love with? Could he accept this? Her features, while some would say grotesque, still didn't take away the charm she had…unless that too was a lie. "…You are a marvelous impostor, Mileena." He simply said. "You had even me fooled."

"Kuai, Mileena swears to you, she wanted to tell you sooner…! Mileena cares deeply for you…Kitana just asked her to fill in while she…" A hand clasped over her chest in pain. Kuai Liang hated her, she knew it. "Mileena understands if you do not wish to see her again…"

Though she felt his cool hand against the side of her jaw. "Mileena," He spoke, pausing for several moments. "I've been stabbed in the back by people I've trusted before. To have you lie to me has…caused my heart some pain." He drew his hand away. "Though if you wanted to kill me, you could have done so now. You have not yet broken my trust. I am…not certain how I feel…but I did feel as if I were falling in love with you."

"Mileena is sorry! She is sorry a thousand times over! Please, promise Mileena you will come back!" She fell to her knees, grasping his hand, bowing before him as if he were her god. She couldn't stand it. She couldn't take rejection now. She felt as if she were going to break down into tears, even in front of this stranger, Kenshi.

Kuai Liang panicked, feeling dreadful he inspired such a response from her. "Mileena,…please.." He crouched down with her, reaching in cautiously to lift her head by the chin. As they locked eyes, he searched them for truths. Those who lied had a darker gloss to their eyes. He remembered seeing them clearly in the pupils of Frost. For Mileena, he saw shine. She was honest in her emotion, just as she was during their weeks of conversation. "…Never bow before anyone." He stated, nodding his head. He started to rise, taking each of her hands to allow her to rise with him. "I will return, for you, and only you, Mileena. If you will not betray my trust, I will not betray yours."

The kunoichi's eyes filled up with tears as she released his hands, throwing a hug around Sub-Zero's torso. "Thank you, Kuai Liang…"
"It is the duty of my heart, Mileena…" He returned the embrace, releasing her slowly. "Now…, take Outworld for Edenia."

She giggled, starting to return her mouth back to 'normal'. She wanted to kiss him…,but it was much too soon. "Protect Earthrrealm." She returned to him, placing her fist across her chest. "Be stealthful as the night."She took a bow forward.

The gesture was returned to her. "And deadly as the dawn…"

The Next Night; Free the Princess

Under Queen Sindel's plan, Jade faked her defeat and surrender in battle. The Tarkatans dragged Jade inside the prison with Tanya in the waiting. This seemed to be the perfect end of a rivalry that Tanya had always wanted. She chuckled, approaching the wounded Kunoichi.

"Ah, so the little green rat is back. How many times do I have to see you until you finally die?" She cackled again, signaling the Tarkatans to release her onto the floor. "Oh, that's right! This is the last time! Ha ha ha!"

Jade bit into her lip looking up at Tanya. She stood over her with the biggest grin she could muster up…Jade didn't like that. "……"
Those words cost Jade, as Tanya shot a hard kick right into the face of Jade, busting her lip. Gathering her nerves, Tanya folded her arms. "You're damn right I am." She began to unfold her arms, rubbing her hands together. "Now, lets work those bones in your legs out shall we? Maybe you should give them a closer look. I mean, you have been on your feet for ages!" She cackled, with intentions to end Jade's life…painfully.

"Give this a closer look!" Grasping at her side, Jade flung a glass orb right into Jade's face. The Tarkatan essence released, splattering it's chemical all across her facial features and shoulders. "This is for Nido…" She growled, rolling out of the way as the Tarkatans began to become driven to insanity. "Ermac! Queen Sindel!"

It seemed they gained some help since her last visit to the palace! Ermac dropped down, prepared for battle…in company of an odd, green apparition.

"Guards! Kill them!" She commanded, with a cold howl of wind blowing through, commanding the controlled corpses of Johnny Cage, Jax, Sonya, Kung Lao, and Kitana all rushed into battle, though the Tarkatans violently rushed Tanya head on.
"What are you d-!" She found herself taken to the ground by the horde of killers, and the sharp ripping of flesh could be heard in the pile, and the agonized screams of Tanya as the Tarkatans slashed at her. Jade drew the utmost satisfaction from this.

Ermac had taken down Johnny Cage among the seveal fighters, tossing him Jade's way. She rolled over, mounting him to hold him down. "Liu Kang!" She shouted, as the green spirit flew over, grasping Cage's head. In a matter of seconds, the green glow left his body, and life was restored.

"…Whoa…" Cage said, looking up at Jade. "…Always did like chocolate and vanilla swirls…"

And that got him a slap across the face. "Focus!" Rolling off of him, Jade watched as Ermac easily took on Kitana, Jax, Kung Lao, and Sonya…waiting for the next one to fall. Surprisingly enough, Kung Lao went flying out of the fray. Jade quickly took him down, now with the assistance of Johnny Cage – not even sure what was going on!

"Queen Sindel! Have you located the scriptures?" Jade called out. Indeed Sindel was there, but she was searching the room for a set of ancient Edenian carvings. "I will have to check the throne room! I shall return!"

As Sindel left, the possession of Kung Lao was ended by Liu Kang's able hands. As life returned to the Shaolin Monk, he looked up at the glowing spirit of his dear friend and rival. "…Liu Kang…?" Kung Lao was moved by the sight, though the sight of Johnny Cage and Jade – and particularly the battle happening before them caught his attention. The Tarkatans had rushed out of the room, leaving trails of blood. One in particular was dragging himself along the ground with a badly busted up leg.

"We have no time to speak," Jade said, "We focus on returning the others!"

"Damn…, this would make a great action scene." Cage said coming to a stand. Sonya and Jax were next, bust burst from the battle by Ermac's powerful magic. Kung Lao and Cage restrained the two, allowing Liu Kang to palm each of their skulls respectively, dispelling the darkness from their souls.

"Augh..!...Where…, what happened…?" Sonya held her head, staggering away from them.

"Whatever it did…it hit me like a mac truck goin' downhill…" The major rubbed his throbbing forehead.

"Kitana!" The last combatant was Kitana. She seemed to be doing very well on her own, matchin up with Ermac. Though as soon as his psychic abilities pushed her off of her feet, Jade was there to catch her and restrain her. Though she thrashed like a fish out of water, Jade held on until Liu Kang arrived. He grasped her forehead, releasing the hold that Onaga had on her with a great cry of agony.
As Kitana was revived…Jade released her. The princess stared up at the soul of Liu Kang…not caring for anything else. "…Liu…?" She choked on her words, getting off of Jade, and grasping the transparent hands of her past lover. "Liu…how…?"

"It is…a complex story." The soul spoke, glancing at his other allies. "…A dark time approaches us. My body…is still destroying all we have worked hard to build." He took a moment to watch all of them again. "Kung Lao, I ask you, my friend. I ask you to lead us to victory where I cannot. I must find my body…"

"Liu…, come with me. I am sure…I am sure there is a way I can help restore you. There must be something I can do…!"

Liu Kang's hand placed itself on her cheek. "…Stay alive. I must handle this. I promise you…, when this is over…I will never refuse to be at your side."

She had offered Liu Kang the chance to be King of Edenia in the past…and due to his obligations to Earth. "…I will." She wanted to kiss him badly…, though it would not be the same.

"Kitana." Jade spoke out. She was thinking about Nido, seeing this. It was making her feel pained about the chest. "We all must move. Onaga grows stronger the longer we wait. Scorpion and a man named Shujinko are currently challenging him. Nightwolf was with us, but we were separated…"

"We have to assist." Kitana nodded, looking back to Liu Kang. "…Be safe, my love."

"I do not believe anything worse can happen to me." He chuckled, still holding some of his humor.

"Perhaps the Ghost Busters." Kung Lao joked, stepping forward. "I will see to our victory, my friend." Tipping his hat, Kung Lao began to exit the dungeon first, closely followed by Jax and Sonya.

"We will accompany Liu Kang." Ermac volunteered, taking a bow toward Jade and Kitana. "We will make sure there is no interference."

As Cage passed by, he gave a clap of his hands. "Gonna use your likeness for something, buddy. The ghost gimmick's pretty badass. Maybe for Ninja Mime Two – "

"Come." Jade grasped Johnny by the ear, dragging him away and out of the dungeon. She took a glance back. She saw the blood along the floor… and the straggling Tarkatan. Perhaps Tanya was dragged off? Had she escaped? Jade would get her.

Kitana took a last look at Liu Kang and Ermac. She knew when she saw him alive again, she would kiss him as if she never had before….

Earlier, in Outworld; Armageddon

The Dragon King Onaga had been nearing final stand, so Mileena and her forces heard. The Edenian army she had remaining was more than ready to fight this out for Edenia's grand objective. They still believed Mileena to be Kitana, so they followed her without question. Under her rule and teachings, the Edenian army took Shao Kahn's fortress with ease. They destroyed his remaining followers, and took the throne in a matter of a half hour.

The new Empress of Outworld had taken her throne in the name of Edenia. She had accomplished the impossible…all on her own. Now, she could take Onaga down as well. Though Mileena's victory was short lived. She caught word they were being invaded, a matter of minutes of taking the throne. In a panic, Mileena sent her soldiers to attack, but by the masses they were destroyed by the large hammer of Shao Kahn.

Kahn, Shang Tsung, and Goro led the fight to take back the throne of Outworld…and there was nothing Mileena could do to stop it.
When Kahn reached the top, he began to swing his hammer into the door. Each thunderous boom brought fear in Mileena's heart. She hid behind the throne, hoping someone would come to save her! "Seal the door!" She commanded her mages who poured all of their energy into sealing the door.


Another thunderous bang sounded off, breaking the door down completely. Kahn stormed in, spotting Mileena immediately. "Kitana! Surrender, or die!" Kahn roared.

Mileena stepped out with her hands up, fearful of Kahn's mighty weapon. "I am not Kitana…! I am Mileena…!" She transformed her mouth and removed her veil, showing her fangs, much to the surprise of the mages.

"Hah…my Mileena would kill these fools. My Mileena wouldn't be so pathetic and weak!" He challenged her. "Prove your worth. Slay these mages and I shall spare your worthless life!"

Mileena could only think of Kuai Liang. She wanted to see him again – and she couldn't do so if she died here. Drawing her Sai, she drove them into the hearts of the Mages that now faced her. "…Mileena…is sorry…"She whispered, drawing her Sai back to allow them to bleed out to death. Much to Kahn's amusement.

"Very good, my child." Shao Kahn chuckled. "…Now for your first assignment. There is a man named Shujinko…he should not be difficult to find. Bring him to me…he is needed for an important business proposition."

"…Yes, Father…" The words tasted like a demon's posterior on her tongue. She had to once again revert to the life she thought she left behind. Where was her help? Where was Kitana? She needed someone to swoop in and save her from this…


It was hard to explain the complexity of events that led up to this final chaotic battle. All Mileena knew, was that it was her duty to partake in this fight. She had her own agenda…she would use the chaos to kill every last member of her living foes. She heard Baraka would be there…so she kept her distance. When the battle began in Edenia, Mileena ran full speed ahead, trailing just behind Quan Chi. She was completely unaware he was responsible for Kitana's prior death…all she knew was that she would get him too, eventually.
When the clash happened, Mileena clashed Sai and Axes with the warrior Nightwolf. She had no plans on killing him at all, though she knew that wasn't exactly his intentions. "Mileena doesn't wish to kill you!"

"Death is the only way I can prevent thisevent!" He explained, forcefully thrusting his foot into her stomach to back her up, deeper into the chaotic, bloody event.

Mileena staggered, already seeing Li Mei dying on the weapon of Hotaru. This was notgoing to end without blood. "Fine!" She growled, now seeing that killing him would be her only way to get on to her next targets while weakened and distracted.

"Hah!" Kitana shouted while clashing blows with the criminal, Kano. A powerful roundhouse kick ended the clash however, sending Kano to the side. "Weak!"
"Kitana..?" Mileena called out once she saw her sister, though it cost her gravely. She caught an arrow right through her shoulder, causing her to spin and fall back.

"Mileena -?" The moment of distraction also cost Kitana, as she was smacked aside rather forcefully by Goro, screaming during her long trek across the battle field. As she landed, she rolled about in the dust…pushing herself up rather quickly. Havik approached her, though he was ended quickly at her hands with a sudden thrust up into his throat with her bladed fans, extending them to remove his head. She knew she had to get back to Mileena!

Mileena continued to fight hard, actually spotting in the corner of her eye, the Thunder God doing battle with Shinnok. Also…Sub-Zero. "Kuai Liang!" Quickly getting rid of Nightwolf with a sudden swing of her foot to the back of his head, she joined the side of the Lin Kuei Grand Master.

"Mileena! You must leave!" He called, looking around in a panic for Scorpion. "Shang Tsung is among us! He was attacking Scorpion in my place!" A sudden spear shot out, connecting with the chest of Kuai Liang, yanking him toward him in battle.

"GET OVER HERE!" He shouted out, yanking him from Mileena, who was once again engaged in battle.

Though before Scorpion could deal a blow to Kuai, Noob Saibot dropped down to battle him. "No one murders Kuai Liang but I!"

"Piss off!" A green orb soared through the air, smacking Saibot in the side of the head, allowing Scorpion's Katana to pierce through his back, and rip through his black heart. As Noob Saibot fell to his death, Johnny Cage flicked his nose. "You got CAGED!" Though this was ended when he felt Kintaro's foot collide with his spine, launching him away!

Sub-Zero was still recovering from Scorpion's spear. As the Spectre went to unmask himself, a frozen blade ripped through his chest from behind. The one holding the weapon was Frost…even though her dead body lay on the ground next to the supposed Frost. Reverting his form, Shang Tsung chuckled. "I always did enjoy your power!" A forceful blast of heat would send Kuai Liang dragging along the dirt!
Jade had caught her bladearang after finishing off the abomination known as Meat.

Though a sudden blade in her right shoulder caught her attention to a new battle. The bloodied, and wounded Tanya had been behind the blade!

"This time…this ends with your suffering..!" She ripped the blade downward, severing through the shoulder blade, causing Jade to scream in pain. As she fell to the ground, looking up at her, Tanya lifted her blade "…Say hello to your little boyfriend in hell, ."

Two purple sais ripped through the sky, stabbing into the chest of Tanya. As she screamed out, Jade pounced at the chance. She extended her staff, jabbing it through the throat of her rival, to finally watch her choke and bleed out against the staff, until her last breath. Watching Tanya suffer brought a deep satisfaction to Jade…, though she found it odd to get such an assist…from the woman currently retrieving her sais – Mileena.

"Come! We fight together! For Kitana!" She offered her hand to the wounded Jade.

"…" Rather than taking it, Jade stood on her own. "We find Kitana and report outside of the battlefield! The peaks to our left! Understood?"

"Understood!" Mileena growled toward the opposition, rushing back into combat to seek her sister. Though within moments of that…the great pyramid began to rise… Everyone saw the flame at the apex…and the power promised for extinguishing it. As Mileena stood there marveling…she felt compelled to reach the top…even against her own will. Though, soon after Mileena was struck down by Stryker, and nearly trampled by the approaching warriors. Even as she stood, Kabal was thrown down at her and the others, taking her down again. Pushing him off, she came to a stand – getting a deep gash ripped across her back from the blades of Baraka!

"Ahh..!" She fell forward against the stairs, getting her eyes locked in on Baraka in terror. As he lundged at her, a sudden blur of blue came across her vision, as Sub-Zero took both blades through his body in Mileena's place. He hovered over her, bleeding from his mask and the two wounds just inches away from Mileena's body.

Kuai Liang knew death was coming. Though all he could do to show his last affections was reach for her face. "…Run…"He requested, before he was torn asunder by Baraka's blades right before Mileena's eyes. She was painted with the vitality of the only true love she had ever known.

As Baraka basked in his victory, Mileena was blinded by rage. She rushed Baraka, driving her shoulder into his stomach, screaming at the top of her lungs. She drove Baraka spine first into a standing stone, and prepared to finish him off. As she backed away, she ducked down as a hissing ran through the air, causing Baraka to be split in two by the flying hat of Kung Lao.

Before Mileena could even turn to say anything to him, she was caught in a green net by Cyrax, sending her flailing about wildly to the ground!

She spotted Kitana, however, and as soon as she was free, she raced to her sister's side, elbowing Rain along the throat to get him out of the way. Once she was near Kitana, Mileena found she had been combating Shang Tsung. Thinking quickly, Mileena teleported herself above them. She came down with an impactful kick to the forehead of the sorcerer backing him off of Kitana. Drawing each Sai, the feral woman leaned forward, snarling at her creator.

"Mileena!" Kitana was actually happy to see her…if she was still on her side. Drawing her bladed fans, she took stance at her sister's side against Shang Tsung. "Now, you meet your end, sorcerer! You have no support!"

Shang Tsung kept his cool. Everyone around them was engaged in combat – though the Shokan Sheeva had the pyramid's stairway under control currently. "I'm still more than enough to take you on…" Transforming, Shang Tsung took shape of Ermac! "We are many!"

Though the violet staff of Jade struck Tsung aside his skull to throw him off of his balance. "As are we! Meet the true deadly alliance!"

'Ermac' held the side of his head, looking around for space to escape. When he saw it…Sindel engaged in combat with Shao Kahn amidst the chaos. "Well…you must choose. Kill me, or allow your precious queen to die!" Green energy pulsed from his palms, racing across the battle field to impact the spine of Sindel as she had been constricting her hair around Shao Kahn's throat, ravaging him with her fists to his face. Once she was thrown off of the attack, Kahn regained his wits.

"Oh no…mother!" Kitana was the first to make the choice. She ran away from 'Ermac', and headed in the opposing direction to save Sindel. Mileena and Jade were in tow with their weapons ready to take down Kahn.

However, Sindel was grasped tightly by a single arm of Kahn. "Sing for me…one last time!" He cackled, placing his other arm against her face, shoving her head back so that her spine would snap right over his coiled arm. The scream that resulted cleared out a great deal of the battle field around them, taking the three women off of their feet, causing Smoke to explode, Dairou's skull to be blown out the left side, and Motaru to collapse with blood pouring from his eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

The three women were disoriented for several moments…though all were taken to anger by the death of the Edenian queen…especially Mileena. Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn had been the source of Kitana's pain for ages. Now they dealt her deep emotional harm…, and Mileena would make sure neither of them lived. She rolled over, pounding the Edenian dirt with her fist.

"…Queen…Sindel…" Jade was once again struck by loss. She had failed as a guardian more times than she had desired. She lost Nido, she lost Kitana once, and now she had once again lost Sindel. She sat up, just watching the corpse of the queen lay.

"…Mother…" Kitana remained on all fours. Blood and dirt covered her form and she looked as if she had finally accepted defeat. "Edenia…is lost." All hope started to leave her. Even the memory of Liu Kang no longer drew motivation. She observed the war around them, all in which were crowding the pyramid, leaving behind the dead. "…They are destroying existence…more than Shao Kahn ever could…"

Mileena did not want to hear this! "Shang Tsung!" She roared at the top of her lungs, making a dash at top speed for the pyramid.
"Wait! Mileena!" Jade reached, though the woman was already well on her way. "We cannot give up, Kitana. We also cannot lose another Edenian on our side!"

The Princess was on her feet… "We help her!" She called, rushing after her sister!

However, Mileena had already cleared obstacles in her way, and ducked down as the corpse of Liu Kang flew overhead. Shang Tsung was in her sights. "Shang Tsung!" She shouted again, springing toward him with a blind rage. Her fangs showed themselves as she latched to his back, biting down against the crook of his neck with all the power her jaws could muster.

Though it was not enough! Shang Tsung flung Mileena off, sending her flying off to the side. Screaming as she went, she landed atop of her head along the side of the stairs...blacking out immediately.

The muffled sounds of war filled Mileena's ears as she slowly began to come to. Bodies were everywhere. It was silent all around the pyramid. She had dried blood on her face from her wound upon her head. She was confused on where she had been for a few moments, and started to crawl her way onto the stairs, out of the laying corpses.

She heard voices at the top…and felt an immense heat.

"Where are the elder gods, Raiden?"

She was able to make out those words, still crawling amongst the blood staining the stairs. As she passed Quan Chi's body laying on the stairs. She heard movement nearby…she saw Kitana laying near the corpse of the fallen Liu Kang. "…Kitana…?" She spoke in a low voice.

"Their pathetic Mortal Kombat shackles me no longer…" The voice of Shao Kahn continued at the apex of the pyramid.

Kitana's head perked up. Her eyes shocked, though full of joy to find that Mileena had survived. She quickly motioned for Mileena to be silent. As the sisters grew closer, the wounded Princess pulled her into a tight embrace. The gesture was returned, but Kitana quickly whispered to her sister. "Jade is watching in the shadows. We must lay among the dead until there is only one…"


The voice of Raiden was heard moments after. The conversation could hardly be made out.

"Why do we not assist Raiden…?" Mileena whispered, laying along the stairs as well to play dead.

Kitana's bruised face scrunched a bit in distaste. "He is not who he once was…"


Jade suddenly sprung from the darkness of the pyramid's railings, climbing onto the stairs. "Now!" Jade rushed in first, closely followed by Kitana and Mileena. The three Kunoichi stood side by side, facing off against Shao Kahn who had freshly smashed Raiden's skull.
The blaze surrounding Kahn gave off intense heat…and he was more confident than ever. "Ah…one last battle. Though I promise you, it will be enjoyable to ravage the three of you…"

"This ends here!" Kitana took the lead, being as brave as she could possibly be. She had nothing more to lose other than her own life. As she came forward, she was smacked aside by Kahn's right fist. "Augh..!"

Enraged by her sister's pain, Mileena was the next to spring herself at Kahn! She caught a hard swat to the other side by Kahn's same fist, throwing her to the ground. Next was Jade. Kahn swung his hammer at her, though Jade ducked beneath it! Extending her staff, the back end would collide between Kahn's thighs, forcing him to groan out in uncomfortable pain and drop his hammer to the ground. The staff was drawn back and then stabbed into the small of his back with enough force to send cracks up his tailbone and hips.

While Kahn fell forward, Mileena had gotten to her feet immediately. Her Sai rapidly rammed into his exposed abdomen. She stabbed him deeply, puncturing organs to double him over. Sending her knee up, she cracked it into his jaw, sending some of his teeth flying from his mouth! Next, Kitana teleported herself behind Kahn as Mileena sent her knee to his face. Her fans stabbed through the back of his helm, gushing blood from i's harsh impact with his flesh. While he staggered back from the combined blow, Kitana appeared before him, yanking her fans from his skull, then jamming each into his very eyes!

Kahn screamed in agony staggering closer to the center of the pyramid. Jade moved quickly, throwing a set of bladerangs toward the center of Kahn's back. Her staff extended between his legs in a sweeping motion, in conjunction with Kitana spinning her fans to blow Kahn off balance. As the tyrant fell, the bladerangs burst through his back and out from his solar plexus in a wild spray of blood. Mileena sprang into action last, pouncing Kahn with her Sai driving into his throat. She screamed in his face the entire time, pushing the Sai to the stone pavement beneath him. Her eyes reddening with strain as she watched Kahn die. The flame around him finally…extinguishing. Panting…she yanked her sais out.

"…You lose." Kitana said to Kahn, stepping over to stand beside Mileena. Jade stood with the others as well, looking down to the fallen emperor. After several moments, Kitana put her arms around her sister and her close friend, embracing them with all of her might. The tears started to stream from her eyes. The emotion, the release of revenge had come, but at the greatest of costs.

Jade, still feeling as a failure was not drawn to tears by the end of a long saga, but by her mistakes. She could never undo what was done. She could never redeem herself for such great losses in her life. Though she still had Kitana and now Mileena she presumed to protect, she did not feel adequate enough for such a task…especially in the state Edenia had now been in.

Mileena lost Kuai Liang. Though she avenged him, she knew she would never know an emotion quite like she felt with him. Her days of pretending were over. No longer would she pose as her sister, and now were the days she would finally be shed tears for her lost love…and the promise of her new life moving forward.

Though once the three were done sharing their moment of emotion, Mileena dried her eyes. She faced Raiden's body. "…Mileena thinks…we should give the dead a proper grave. Except Kahn…"

"Of course." Kitana stepped toward Raiden. "Jade and I will carry him by the torso area. Mileena, would you please hold the legs?" The trio began taking their places without question. "We'll carry the bodies down to the base before we begin plotting graves. Mother…will be buried near the palace…"

"May they all rest in peace…" Jade's tone was near a whisper. Had she been speaking of all kombatants? Was she speaking only of her personal losses? She would never truly share. As the three grabbed the limbs of the thunder god – electricity surged through their bodies. With a short lived scream in unison…everything went black.

Mileena's eyes opened up to moonlight…and the sound of muffled voices. As the image became clear…she saw several warriors gathered around. At her left stood Kitana…and beside Kitana stood Jade. Mileena held the side of her head…she remembered she was…supposed to keep an eye on her sister. Though she also remembered everything that happened up until she was shocked by Raiden. "Sister..? How did we…?"

Kitana seemed to experience the same thing. Her once disgusted gaze toward the warriors softened up near instantly. She remembered planning her revolt against Kahn and her feud with Mileena…though it all started to vanish as her memories from before gathered. To her sister she glanced. "…I'm not sure, Mileena…I…"

"We are in the past?" Jade spoke softly, grasping her shoulder.

"Liu Kang…?" Kitana choked on her words as she spotted the Chinese warrior among those gathered. Though she had to restrain herself...if they were in the past…doing something out of place could cause…worse events.

"Our first Kombatant! Will be Mr. Cage!"

Mileena remembered this for certain. "…Mileena must find Kuai Liang…"


( A/N )
Alternate timeline, so Mileena exists in MK1. I believe I read somewhere originally that Mileena was created when Kitana was a child, and they grew up together with Jade. So I'm playing off of that, as if they've grown up together and now back at MK1. NOW...the story
Chapter 1:Time Only Knows

The battle between Johnny Cage and Reptile had raged on for only a short time. Once defeated, the spectators and warriors alike were all talking among themselves. They all seemed surprised such a … person, to say it lightly, defeated Reptile. Cage's attitude did not help garner him further respect either.

"Oh yeah! I'm so pretty!" Cage approached the warriors on the sidelines, continuing to talk his trash. "And I'm takin' you down, I'm takin' you down, I'm takin' you out, I'm takin' youout, and I'm takin' you out…for dinner." He paused in front of the less than impressed Sonya.
From near Shang Tsung's throne, Jade chuckled lightl. "Well…I seemed to have forgotten he was the least changed among us all." She kept her voice low, so that only Mileena and Kitana would hear.

Kitana cleared her throat. "I must depart momentarily." She started to step away, though she was stopped by the grasp of Mileena's hand on her arm. "…Mileena." She did not make eye contact, though her tone said it all. She wished to have some time to herself.
"Do not stray far." She released her, taking a breath. "If you need Mileena or Jade, we will be here." Their voices remained low, though the whispering among the women surely garnered the attention of the Tournament's host – Shang Tsung.

The Sorcerer had noticed a dramatic shift in the moods the three women had been in. "What seems to be the latest gossip, ladies?" He glanced between the three of them – watching as Kitana stepped away. "Where is Kitana running off to?"

"I believe she is going to the ladies room. She is old enough not to be accompanied there." Jade answered fairly quickly. "Unless you'd want Shao Kahn to think you wanted information on his daughter in the rest room?"

Shang Tsung's aged face wasn't too pale to grow red – and as gutless as he could behave, his stomach was in knots with the thought of Kahn accusing him of lusting for his so-called child. Not to mention the torment he would suffer at his own home. "…She has a generous ten minutes." He turned to face forward.

Mileena chuckled to herself – though the amusement was short lived when she felt the presence of Baraka creeping up from behind the throne of Shang Tsung to stand at his side. The Tarkatan warrior leaned over to mutter something in Shang's ear…and the whole time Mileena burned holes in Baraka's head with her gaze.

Sensing the hostility, Jade grasped Mileena's wrist to bring about eye contact between the two. She didn't say a word, though her green eyes relayed the message perfectly. 'Relax'.

"I have been informed we have one too many participants on the side of Earthrealm." The elder Shang Tsung spoke, "So we will neutralize this early on to keep things as equal and…fair as possible. Johnny Cage, you will face a fellow Earthrealm warrior…"

"Yeah? Well who is it? Chuck Norris? Maybe I'll actually break a sweat!" Cage grinned from ear to ear, adjusting those perfect shades over his eyes.

"Your opponent is the American Demon Slayer! Nido!"

As the young dark skinned man stepped from the crowd, he pulled his lance from the ground and swung it over his shoulder. Stepping up onto the stage, Nido tossed his weapon aside. "Much respect, Cage. By the way, you should take your reality show to youtube. Networks ain't the way to go."

Upon seeing Nido alive and well, Jade's heart swelled up. She wanted to go down there and put her arms around him, though if they were truly in the past, she knew he would not know her.

"Always good to see a fan," Cage began taking stance. "Lets put on a show, then! Maybe I'll take a few pictures with ya afterward huh?"

"Lets do it!"

Though just as the two were prepared to fight, the aching Reptile staggered up toward Mileena. He gained her attention with a simple touch of the shoulder. "…Mileena…" He weakly groaned. "…May I have a word?"

Before, Mileena could recall not listening to Reptile if it had nothing to do with someone dying. She remembered strictly keeping her eyes on Kitana at all times…though anyone was better than being near Baraka. "Just one. " Her eyes went to Jade, "I shall return. Do tell Kitana."

As Mileena left with Reptile, she could feel Baraka's eyes on her. It made her flesh crawl. She wanted to kill him right then and there for what he did to Kuai Liang. Mileena wasn't entirely sure if…she would be ready for the consequences of this time period. It was one of her rules to never kill without considering all things.

As Mileena followed Reptile further away from the fighting, she watched as he sat against one of the many pillars. His mask removed and dropped to the floor. He lost all of his false human features…and now fully reptilian.

"I am doomed." Reptile spoke, "Another loss. Another step back from ever seeing my homeland…or my people again." He looked up to her, "Why must I suffer so? Why must I be doomed to walk this life alone?"

Mileena's demeanor softened up. She wasn't aware of Reptiles emotions before. Though oddly, they were actually similar to the ones she had developed. She felt that…no one would ever truly care for her as she felt Kuai Liang had before. She doubted he would now, without the charade of being Kitana – but she would try. Mileena sat beside Reptile, bringing her knees up. "You are never alone, Reptile." She gave a nod, keeping eye contact. "When it feels as if there is no hope beyond, Mileena has seen good things start to happen."

"What good things could ever happen to us? You have Baraka, Mileena. Though you are only half Tarkatan, you still have –"
"Mileena does not want Baraka. Mileena will do much better than that." She spoke with anger, "You can do better as well, Reptile. If you cannot be with your race, then look abroad. Find happiness…"

"I…will ponder this, Mileena. I appreciate you listening to me. I was beginning to think your only interest was combat…" He pulled his mask back up around his mouth, taking a deep breath. "We must defeat Earthrealm."

"No," She shut her eyes, hugging her knees closer. "We are slaves, Reptile. Mileena knows neither Shao Kahn nor Shang Tsung will ever live up to their words. The only way to stop them is to let them be destroyed."

These words seemed trivial to Reptile."What are you saying Mileena..?"

She brought a hand up to his shoulder, keeping her eyes locked on his. "Trust Mileena. You will see."

Though it was then their conversation came to an end. Baraka approached, roughly pulling Mileena to her feet by her arm. "Woman! You simply abandon your post at Shang Tsung's side to converse?"


Mileena snapped immediately, punching Baraka across the jaw with everything she had. The impact alone spun the Tarkatan around and to the floor. She drew her fist back to strike him again should he rise, though she restrained herself. She did not wish to put Kitana or herself at risk.

Baraka began to rise…as did Mileena's back up – Reptile. He wanted to be the voice of reason in this exchange, but he was not entirely sure who's side he should be on.

"You !" Baraka barked, "You dare lay a hand on me?"

"You will never touch Mileena again as long as you live! Get away!"

The Tarkatan warrior drew his own fist back and let out a loud snarl of anger. However, his attempted punch was ended by the mighty grasp of Princess Kitana. "…You will not touch her." She commanded, staring deeply into the man's yellow eyes. "You have a fight against an Earthrealm warrior. I would suggest taking your frustrations out constructively."

Yanking his arm away, Baraka simply glared down the princess. His loyalty to Shao Kahn would not allow him to disobey her commands. Instead, he gave a final glare to Mileena and simply turned away, storming to battle with rage in his heart.
Once Baraka was out of sight,Kitana stepped to Mileena. "Are you alright?"

"Mileena is fine."She took a breath, turning her glance toward Reptile. "You must rest. Muchlay ahead of us. Discussion will take place later."

"Discussion? Whatdiscussion?" Kitana was not sure it would be wise to involve others intheir current situation…if that was the case.
"Mileena was simplytalking to Reptile about moving forward. That is all, sister."

To see the two of them in thegood graces of another was something Reptile had not seen since his joining ofShao Kahn. "The two of you be well." The masked Saurian vanished fromsight, going on about his own personal business.

"Mileena…," Kitanaplaced her hand on her forehead. "We do not yet know what exactly hashappened. Despite our wisdom, if we try to change the lives of others, it couldhave catastrophic results." As her hand dropped, she peered into hersister's eyes. "I know you mean well, but we must try not to act toodifferently than we did before, for the time being."

"Sister, this is ourchance for redemption…!" Mileena took both of her shoulders, shaking herlightly. "We can improve things! We can stop Kahn, we can save Liu Kang,and we can change all for the better! We can be with mother…the two of us.Jade, too..!"

"Stop." Kitanastepped back from Mileena. "Mother is dead, Mileena. The only reason wegot to see her again was because of Quan Chi's plan. If we change things…thatmay never come to pass." She turned away from Mileena, looking toward thecrowd not far off, watching Cage and Baraka battle. "If we get him to doit before his time…it may only aid Kahn.."

"Surely you do not suggestwe wait this out, sister! Mileena wants this to be over so that she canfinally…" She wanted to speak of Kuai Liang, but she did not want Kitanato deter her from it. "We must do what we must to insure Edenia is saved,and that you return to your position as it's Princess. Edenia depends onus."

"…Indeed it does…"Kitana seemed unsure in her words, though before Mileena could say anythingabout it, she saw the battle had ended. "Come." She spoke to hersister, proceeding to walk back to the side of Shang Tsung, where Jade had beenwaiting.
"Very well," Theyheard Shang Tsung speak, "The tournament will resume at dawn!"

The sight of the defeatedBaraka brought a chuckle from Mileena's concealed mouth. She hadn't the leastbit of sympathy for him. Though her eyes locked onto that of Sub-Zero. She hadto at least introduce herself to him at some point.

Kitana's sights remained on LiuKang as he and Raiden approached Johnny. She wanted to see him up close, thoughshe fell in line with Shang Tsung as he trailed along.

Jade trailed behind…purposefully.While the twin sisters maintained their roles, Jade's mind was occupiedelsewhere. She saw the young man, Nido, sitting along the wall to tend to hisinjuries. She saw the impactful shot below the belt Cage gave him – sheremembered it happening once before as well. Though she also knew they hadn'ttruly stared until later on…, she wanted to approach him now. "Excuseme?"

Jade's voice roused Nido'sattention, trying to play it cool as if he weren't in pain. "Aah, what'sgoing on? I'm just…-"

"Taking a breather?"She folded her hands behind her back, leaning forward some as she approachedslowly. "I hear all great champions never neglect doing so." Thoughhe hadn't said such since their first few weeks together, Jade never forgot thefamous excuse. Just seeing him alive brought a fluttering to her heart. To knowthat he meant every word he said, to know that he would sacrifice himself forher…and to know that this was her chance to make things was allmaking her feel delightful.

"Heh, that's right!"Nido chuckled, holding a thumb up. "Nido's the name. What's yours, BrownSugar?"

("I missed that…") She thought to herself, coming tokneel in front of him. "I am Jade. It is a pleasure to meet you,Nido." She placed her hand on his cheek, letting it brush up toward hisdark hair.

"Likewise…" Hesmiled, "…You always get close to guys like this?" Though he didenjoy the treatment, he wasn't sure why a woman like her would do such for him.

"No. In fact, I've neverdone this before." Jade pulled her hand back, allowing her hands to pullher mask down. "I think you are a wonderful person, Nido. I would beappreciative if you stuck around until the end. I know of several quiet placeson this island."

"…Are you asking meout?" It took a minute for him to catch on. "…Whoa, you're reallyasking me out? What'd I do to make this happen?"

Jade chuckled, leaning in toplace her lips against his forehead. "I can see the heart of a lion inyou, Nido. You are a brave and noble warrior. I only wish there were more likeyou." She began to stand up, glancing off in the distance. "…I mustreturn to guarding Shang Tsung. Be well, Nido."

"You be well too, Brown Sugar."
Side Event: #08: Cold Hearted

The night was still young.Mileena left her sleeping quarters after feinting fatigue, to stalk the islandand find Sub-Zero…where ever he may be. She absolutely had to see Kuai Liang.Eventually, her luck led her to find Sub-Zero speaking to the now exiting ShangTsung. It seemed there was an issue that required attention. It had to beimportant – Jade and Kitana were at the sides of Shang Tsung. It was a widewalkway that resided near the pits, with quite the lovely night view.

Once they were out of earshot,she watched as Sub-Zero turned to overlook the bridges over the pit in thedistance. It was the perfect time to say hello. She dropped down and approachedSub-Zero carefully. "…Kuai Liang…?" She spoke with the utmost hope inher voice.
Sub-Zero's eyes narrowed,turning toward the approaching Mileena. "I know not of this Kuai Liang youspeak of." Of course, it was forbidden to confirm the true identities ofLin Kuei to outsiders. "I am Sub-Zero. Who might you be?"

The voice was surely not KuaiLiang. This had to be his older brother that he spoke of…the original Sub-Zero.Yet and still, he was of relation to Kuai Liang…he would be respected. Sheremembered him mostly for his service in the Brotherhood of Shadow as NoobSaibot. This time…, she would not allow such to happen. "Mileena."She introduced herself, standing by his side. "It is alright. I am afriend of your brother." She walked the line of breaking the flow of time,but did not care.

"…I see." He did notbelieve her. He never saw her prior to this his entire life. That was unlessTundra snuck out and met this woman. He faced forward, deeply in thought as thetwo remained silent.

"What is it that plaguesyour mind, Sub-Zero?" She pried.

"The memory of a woman ispowerful enough to drive a man to madness..." Words returned with a hushedtone. "…Perhaps my brother did keep you a secret all of this time. He attimes thinks as I…, and… you do somewhat remind me of…her."

"Mileena reminds you ofsomeone…?"

Sub-Zero took a deep breath. Itwas really none of her business. He only spoke word of it to his sister forsome insight from a female's point of view. Was he right to allow Shinnok tolive, and simply flee? He left Sareena there…without a proper burial. Grantedtheir time together was limited, but maybe he could have done more. "It isnone of your business. It is not my job to converse with the likes ofyou." Bi Han turned, pointing his finger in her face. "Do you take meas a fool? You speak like a child, you dress as a harlot, and you expect me tosimply fall for your trickery, woman?"

Mileena was stunned by Sub-Zero'swords, backing up a few paces. "Wait, Mileena isn't trying to trickanyone…!"

"Your childish charm hasrun out!" Sub-Zero took his combative stance. It was the obvious sign of achallenge, though there was no one to witness it. Before Mileena could evenbegin to run away, Bi Han charged her shoulder first, laced in his own ice. Assoon as it made contact with Mileena's skin, she was instantly frozen in place!

Mileena could hardly breathe,let alone move in this frozen prison. The next thing she knew, she was brokenfrom the ice by a powerful punch across her jaw. Spinning about, she maintainedher footing, though Bi Han's powerful strikes continued to back her up further.The bruises forming along her face reddened with each strike, though it was thelow strike to her stomach followed by a rising fist beneath her chin thatfinally took her off her feet.

Hitting the ground hard…Mileenaknew she had to defend herself. She rolled over as Sub-Zero continued his slowapproach.
"However you know of mybrother, you will tell me…"

Mileena finally got back ontoher feet. "You are not much different than you will end up…"

His eyes narrowed, "Anyhex of yours is lost on me, woman." He proceeded forward, sliding acrossthe ground, though he hit nothing but air as Mileena dropped through the floor.She came down from behind with a kick, then back down in front of him with akick to the face. The blur of motion was hard to keep up with, as shown by thereeling Lin Kuei. When Mileena's Sai came his way, Sub-Zero phased backward toallow the Sai to be slowed while passing through his frozen clone. Theseallowed Sub-Zero to easily side-step and proceed to rush the grounded Kunoichi.

The two clashed, Mileena'soverhand strike was blocked by a stiff forearm and her face was met with thesolid skull of Bi Han, staggering her backward. He jumped in, swinging a foottoward her head that was easily ducked under. With Bi Han's back to her, shegrabbed him by his head and waistband, driving him face first into the nearestrailing along the walkway, cracking the stone solid structure. She couldpractically visualize the resulting fissures in his skull from the impact,though she was nowhere near done with him. Mileena pulled his head up, and withvicious intent, began repeatedly slamming his face against the stone railing,staining it with his blood.

That was until he managed toblock the attempt and send an elbow into her stomach, and then a back-kickright to her groin to keep her backed up. Regaining his composure, Bi Han wentto punch Mileena's face directly in the center, though the shot was deflected.Her palm struck him in the middle of his chest! He staggered back, hitting thenow weakened railing, making it crack further. She charged inward, lifting herleg high up and came down with an axe-kicking motion, though Bi Han moved asidefrom it. Mileena's foot broke through the railing, now leaving enough room fora human body to fall through and toward the pits.

Realizing this quickly, sheturned her eyes to Bi Han. His ice projectile nearly hit, though she duckeddown under it, rolling away from the gap leading to certain death. Her heartbegan beating rapidly as she looked for alternative means of escape. Sub-Zerorushed her, though as she prepared her defenses he repeatedly vanished to leavebehind Ice Clones to surround her every exit.

Every direction, there was aclone of Sub-Zero, waiting for her to touch it and be vulnerable to be castover the edge. She looked up, seeing Bi Han sailing over her, both hands drawnback with the ice building up. Was this the end? As the ice rained down,Mileena dropped through a small gateway and appeared above Bi Han just as hereleased the ice. Her kick sent the Lin Kuei crashing down into his own iceclones, frozen over in mid-air. While falling, she saw the ice that did hit theclones…reflected skywards.

"Oh no…!" She too wasfrozen in mid-air for several seconds!

Bi Han was the first to thaw,landing face first on the pavement. Moments later, Mileena would land harshlyon her spine.
She writhed in pain on theground, trying to find the strength to get up and run away, though it wasuseless as Bi Han stepped to her, stomping her right in the face to keep herdown.

"It is over." Hespoke, reaching down to grasp her by the neck. "Who do you work for,woman? Shang Tsung?" He pulled her veil down so that he could hear herspeak without anything muffling her words. Though aside her bruises andbloodied nose…Bi Han saw something so repulsive that he released her and backedup several paces.

Mileena's sharp teeth and widemouth kept her tongue caged up. Her full Tarkatan features were impossible tohide. She knew she lost her more Edenian features when she awoke in this world,though seeing such a reaction made her already aching heart sink further. Shewas driven to rage.

"Foul beast, you will diehere!" Bi Han's hands drew back, gathering his Kori energy…though when helaunched it, Mileena summoned her Sai and tossed it into the ice while her bodyrolled aside. Though it did not penetrate the ice and go into Bi Han's body, itwas frozen in space where hit.

Frustrated with his miss, BiHan gathered more energy, this time aiming for Mileena's new location!

Mileena thought quickly, andgrasped the floating Sai, using each as a shield when the ice ball came incontact with them. As expected, the ice bounced off, absorbing the energy fromthe frozen weapons and soared back toward Sub-Zero!

"What-!" Were hiswords before he became frozen over once again!

Pulling her veil backup…Mileena quickly made a mad dash away from the walkway, and back into thefading darkness as dawn approached. She fled all the way back to her sleepingquarters, in tears as the thoughts that Kuai Liang would have the same responseto her features rushed through her mind. She should have just cast herself intothe pits…
Side Event: #08: Bonding Process

As Kitana and Jade were returning from their less than effort given 'stopping' of Sonya Blade, they were just happy that the pain they remembered wasn't as bad this time around. Things were going smoothly, thus far nothing had been too different…except this.
Kitana heard the sound of sobbing from behind Mileena's door. She noticed as well that the door had been partially cracked. Was she hurt? "Jade." Was all she needed to say to her guardian before she took action.

Jade parted the door slowly, keeping her staff in its collapsed state until proven needed. She stepped inside…narrowing her eyes in the dark room. She didn't sense another presence, nor the possibility of one being in prior. "Mileena?" She spoke out, flipping on the light switch.

The two saw Mileena sitting on her bed with her knees drawn up to her face. Her veil lay beside her, from the door they could see the bathroom mirror had been shattered, and each of her Sai protruded from the walls. Jade could feel the emotion just radiating off of Mileena.

"Sister? What…what happened here?" Kitana rushed inside, quickly coming to Mileena's aid.

As Jade shut the door and locked it, she proceeded more cautiously toward Mileena. She never knew when she would lash out, and if she did, Jade had a duty to fulfill to protect her friend. She at one time considered Mileena a friend while growing up, until her more sinister and jealous side began to surface. Though this Mileena seemed to have actual emotions again…she seemed to have reformed. Jade tolerated her until she proved unworthy of her short length of trust. She stood at the window, allowing the two space.

Mileena just continued to sob, no matter how Kitana tried to console her. She leaned against her chest, crying as she was rocked from side to side. Kitana's soothing shushes and patting atop of her head progressively wore Mileena's tears down…she soon found herself able to speak—though drew away from her sister. "…Mileena…is…hideous." Her voice shaking, "…Sub-Zero…he…made Mileena feel like a monster…"

This angered Kitana, "Sub-Zero?" He would get a talking to if she got the chance. If she had to, she would extract vengeance herself. She examined Mileena's face. She had taken some damage as well, though she would heal much quicker than she or Jade. "Did he hurt you? Did he to this to you?"

"He…challenged me. I asked him about…Kuai Liang, his brother…"

"Mileena, we cannot break the rules of time! We've not met him yet, we know what happens to this Sub-Zero." The Princess took a breath, glancing up toward Jade, then back to Mileena. She spoke with much patience, just wanting it to really sink in to Mileena's ears. "Bringing up anything of anyone's future could get people killed…including you. You did not tell him of his fate…, did you?"

"No…" She lied, somewhat. "…Mileena just wants to meet Kuai Liang. He…and Mileena were growing close…and Baraka ended that. Mileena will…do anything just to see him again. She doesn't care if it means breaking rules."

Jade completely understood where Mileena was coming from. She had to say something on it. "…When I lost Nido, I felt the exact same way, Mileena." She stepped toward the bed, sitting at the half Tarkatan's other side. Though her features were hard to stomach, she treated her with respect. "I did not truly get to know him until the second tournament. Though instead of waiting, I approached him this evening."

"You did what?" Kitana was outnumbered here – both were breaking the rules?

"Yes," Jade proceeded. "My affection with Nido will not impact the survival or death of the realms. Just his survival years down the line. We will grow together again…, though this time…with more appreciation on my side."

"Does Mileena's need for Kuai Liang impact the realms…?" Her yellow eyes hopeful as she turned to Jade for words of wisdom.

"I…do not believe so. If it is meant to be, it shall pass. Though take into consideration that if Sub-Zero does not die at Scorpion's hand, the other may never have a need to enter the tournament, thus you may never meet."

"It is the same under the account of mother," Kitana added in, "We must insure that the three tournaments take place so that she can be revived. From there…, Kahn must fall, and I will convince mother of her true identity."

"Tanya must never be given any power," Jade added in, "She will be rid of by the Brotherhood once her usefulness has run its course. They must never get the chance to invade."

Mileena's memory was quite clear on these events. Kitana killed her, Shinnok gave her another chance, and the invasion of Edenia happened all thanks to Tanya's betrayal. The power Shinnok had given her…to read Kitana's mind…and her critical mistake that landed her in the Edenian prison. The mistake became a bonus, as it brought her to bond with her sister, and gave her the new life and a chance to meet Kuai Liang…as Kitana. Not to mention the rise of the Dragon King – that was something they had to prevent.

"You are right, Tanya will only cause more chaos…" Kitana placed her hand on her chin…starting to ponder possibilities. One in particular froze her in place.

"…What of the Deadly Alliance?"Mileena could hear Kitana's thoughts. It seemed that Shinnok's gift remained with her. She couldn't explain just how. She saw Kitana's face begin to sink to sadness at the thought of Liu Kang dying.

"…We must allow Quan Chi and Shang Tsung to live at least until mother is back with us. The Deadly Alliance must never form…and the end of all will never come."

"Then, we have a plan." The Guardian smiled, "We will stick together on this. No matter what happens, we are the family we used to be when we were children. Let us hope this time you two can get along? Hm?"

The trio chuckled, and Kitana brought her arms around Mileena, pulling Jade in as well. "Of course we will. We will see each other through, and do what is best for the realms, or friends, and ourselves."

Mileena hugged each of them, though she had a critical question. "…Kitana…, is there any way Mileena can have a normal face again…?"
"Hmm…, yes." She released her, "I will get right on that. We have to first return to Outworld…I believe the mages there can be of assistance."

Jade came to a stand again. "For now, it is best we all keep our masks. It is dawn – we should return to Shang Tsung's side…"

( End Side Event)
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Mileena, Kitana, and Jade stood side by side as the tournament unfolded. Baraka refused to stand anywhere near Mileena, though from time to time, Jade caught Baraka glancing over at the half Tarkatan. Mileena didn't even budge her eyes away from the unfolding action, though she did feel ill whenever she felt those eyes on her.

Kitana found it very difficult to remain in the presence of both Quan Chi and Shang Tsung…though she maintained her composure.
When Jade wasn't surveying the battle, or catching Baraka, she'd search for Nido in the crowd. Often times shooting him a wink or a 'shy' wave to send long distance flirts between the two, and each gesture was returned in kind.

They watched the battles of Scorpion and Kung Lao then Scorpion and Nightwolf. Each one the Specter showed extreme talent as they each expected, as well as a demand to battle and kill Sub-Zero, which Mileena did not mind at all. However, the thing that really got Mileena's attention was Raiden approaching the enraged Scorpion…and calming him. While Kitana and Jade followed Shang Tsung away… Mileena silently approached Scorpion.

"…I saw you speak with the Thunder God, Scorpion." She said, being very cautious and non-threatening with her steps. Scorpion turned about to face her, though said nothing yet. This gave her more confidence that he wasn't going to rip her head off or anything. She remembered this fight from the past – Scorpion went on a rampage demanding Sub-Zero show himself. This time…he was calm. "What…did he say to you?"

Proud, Scorpion looked toward the heavens. "…The Shirai Ryu may live once more." With that, Scorpion vanished in a burst of flames. He left only the charred ground where he once stood.

The Shirai Ryu may walk again? She turned her vision toward the traveling Earthrealm warriors. Raiden was still among them. Had he too…come back to the past? She had to share this with Kitana and Jade…!

NEAR NOON; Throne Room
A storm had been passing over the island. Many of the Kombatants sheltered themselves in the throne room for the proceeding rounds of the Tournament. Kitana and Jade had been standing together, near the grouping of Jax, Sonya, and Johnny Cage. Mileena's whereabouts were still unknown – and it was starting to worry her elder sister.

Jade kept the mood light as best as possible by teasing her! "Kitana," She began, "He is right over there. You should go and talk to him."
"No," She said beneath her breath, glaring at Jade. "It isn't time for that. I'm worried about Mileena…she must be caught in the storm…"
"How's it goin' there, ladies?" The gruff voice of Kano came forward while he stepped between them. "Either one'a ya wanna play a bit of Poker? I already came equip, if yanno wot I mean!" His throaty laugh came bellowing out as the two Edenians rolled their eyes. "Come on, I'm a lover of all shades'a beauty. From Lemon Cake ta Brown Suga~"

Jade's jaw clinched, and suddenly her staff extended to strike Kano right between the legs! "How dare you speak to Kahn's daughter in such a way, fool? Your jesting has been tolerated long enough!"

"Fine, fine! Geez!" Kano coughed, favoring his groin. "I'll…be over 'ere." He motioned to the far side of the room. "Hopin' I don't…cough me boys up."

As Kano limped away, Kitana chuckled. "…That was impressive. You are committed to your role, aren't you?"
"I am not as ignorant as I once was, my friend." She chuckled as well, collapsing her staff.

From the ceiling, a gateway opened up that allowed Mileena to drop through and land gracefully alongside Jade and Kitana. Soaked from the rain, Mileena glistened from head to toe in rain water. "Sorry Mileena is late." As she came to her feet, it became apparent she was holding a scroll.

"It is alright – but what is that?" Jade pointed to the wet scroll, "Something of importance…?"

"Yes. Mileena wrote out…" She looked around as the double doors opened, with Scorpion on the other end, stepping inside. She kept her voice down, "Mileena wrote out what she remembers about this tournament. Scorpion defeats Kung Lao and Nightwolf, two men, and kills Sub-Zero."
"Yes, and?" Kitana remembered these events as well.

"Something happened today that did not happen before." She showed them the scroll of events she wrote down, all the way to Liu Kang defeating Shang Tsung. She pointed to one in particular, that she underlined in her barely legible handwriting. "Raiden spoke to Scorpion. He told him that his clan may live again."

"What?" Jade and Kitana said in unison, quickly going to make Mileena roll the scroll back up so no one else would see.

"That's impossible…, could Raiden have come back with –" Kitana's words were cut short by Scorpion's exchange of words with two Lin Kuei warriors.

"Your inferior clan is dead! Soon you will join them." Cyrax spoke with the utmost confidence in his clan's superiority to the Shirai Ryu.

Scorpion, keeping a calmness about himself spoke in return. "My clan…may walk the Earth once more."

This resulted in Cyrax shoving Scorpion, and gaining the attention of the host, Shang Tsung!

"A challenge!" Shang Tsung announced, "Scorpion, versus Cyrax and Sektor!"

Jade was taken by surprise. She remembered this happening with much more confrontation than a push. When the battle began, Jade's attention was drawn away by a voice whispering in her mind. The voice's words could not be clearly heard, but all other sound seemed to suck away from Jade's ears. As she shook her head, she snapped back to reality. Mileena and Kitana became preoccupied with watching the battle, so she was certain they didn't witness her zone out.

Soon she heard a 'psst' from behind her…and when she turned, she saw Nido waving her down. He wanted to see her now..? "Excuse me a moment." Jade placed a hand at Kitana's shoulder, and proceeded away from the throne room, toward the rainy balcony where Nido was.
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Chapter 2: Some Things ChangeSide Event #10: Nido & Jade

The rain beat down against the outside area of the throne room. Covering her face slightly, Jade followed Nido into a more shaded area of the balcony to protect herself from the rain. The occasional thunder lit the two of them up more than the dim lights outside, insuring the two wouldn't be talking to shadows.

"Nido?" Jade spoke up, approaching him. "You summoned me far sooner than I expected. I cannot stay too long, I've an obligation to watch after Kitana." It wasn't so much an obligation as it was her being a genuine friend, though Jade kept her act up for the sake of appearances.

Nido chuckled, shaking his head. "…It's cool. Just wanted to talk to you a little bit, if that's alright?" Another thunder flash lit them as the sounds of battle inside the throne room raged on.

"Yes, I have time to talk." Stepping closer to him, Jade stepped toward the railing, resting her hands on it. She watched the rain come down, and even the gathered clouds high above in silence. She waited for Nido's words patiently. Just hearing his voice was making her dislike the idea of returning to the original timeline more and more.

"Crazy world out there, huh?" He began. "I just entered this thing to try to get my reputation up. Work's gone sour back home. I used to be the guy they turned to whenever something weird happened. Kind of like a ghost buster." He leaned his forearms on the railing. "I inherited the job, though. My father's father started it after his father started it from his father's own idea. My mom named me 'Nido' because they wanted me to be like Odin." He motioned his thumb back to the large spear at his back.

Jade had long since turned her eyes upon him, listening to his story. She knew it already, though it did not hurt to hear it told to her all over again. Before, she remembered knowing nothing of Norse Mythology, though now she played along. "I had a friend long ago from Earthrealm. He spoke often of this Odin and other mythological beings. It is very interesting stuff, though I personally still enjoy Edenian mythology."

"Yeah? Who was this lucky guy?" He asked playfully, of course.

"It was hundreds of years ago. He has long since passed." That man being him...but the time was exaggerated. Having lost him before was becoming a distant memory as her drive was to ensure it never happened again.

"Sorry to hear that…" Soon things registered with Nido. "Wait, Edenia? Hundreds of years ago?"

"I am from the realm of Edenia. It is the 'Earth' I reside in. It is another dimension which is many galaxies away from your own."

"…So you're like an alien invader or something? How do you travel through spaces like that?" He seemed completely fine with her not being of Earth. It seemed logical enough for a man who dealt with Netherrealm demons as a profession.

"Ages ago travel through realms was discovered after the Elder Gods created the Nexus. Since then it has evolved to the point those with sorcery experience can conjure dimensional rifts that connect two or more places in the universe." She explained, "It is difficult to explain how…but everywhere we go, our energy leaves a signature, I am told. This is exploited by portal users who can teleport to places they have been or even seen. Other than that, I cannot explain how some go places they have never seen or been."

"Sounds like some pretty deep magic." He chuckled, turning onto one of his forearms, though still faced her. "So, I was thinking that you and I could grab a bite to eat or something. Maybe take a moonlit stroll and talk about things aside fighting?"

"I was hoping we could do that tonight." She placed her hand on his shoulder. "I do not wish to rush things, however I enjoy your company, as brief as our meetings have been."

"Yeah…, I feel the same way, Brown Sugar." Nido found himself lost in her eyes. He stared endlessly from one green eye to the other, squinting as if there was some familiarity beyond their meeting here. Jade could see this questionable glance clearly. "Sorry I…" He paused, regaining his composure, "Didn't realize you had green eyes too. They're beautiful."

"Thank you…"

"…Can I see your face without the mask?"

"Surely," Jade obliged, reaching up to pull the front of her mask down to reveal her full facial features. "There we go." She watched him examine her face. She saw his eyes venture from her own, right down to her lips. Her lips parted slightly, allowing a small exhale to escape. Memories flooded through her mind about him. She had such strong feelings, though she knew for him they would be brand new. It was frustrating. She watched his lips get closer. She was leaning into him before she knew it and he to her.

Inching closer and closer, their lips came within an inch of one another when another strike of thunder flashed. They each paused, having their eyes closed, but feeling the near electric intensity between the two of them. Their lips never touched, but the anticipation of it was powerful enough to quiver either bottom lip. Jade had to be strong here and not rush it. She was the first to pull back.

"…Probably the best kiss I never had." Nido joked, "…Hard for me to say I'm not into you, Jade. You've got all of my attention."

"Then keep watching a little longer," She smiled, starting to pull her mask back up. "We will be seeing more of each other. Just be patient with me…, alright?"

Nido grasped his wrist, getting away from the rail. "If you've been hurt by another guy…, I'm not dumb enough to do that."

She paused, turning away, "…I know you aren't." She gave a light parting wave. "See you around, Nido."

"See you around, Brown Sugar." He gave a salute to her, "If you don't mind, I'll keep watching…while you walk away."

( End of Side Event )
( Meanwhile … )"I will have my revenge…, but I will not kill Sub-Zero." Scorpion announced after defeating Sektor and Cyrax in a more than grueling battle.

Mileena noticed Raiden's nod of approval to Scorpion's words. He influenced Scorpion not to kill him. That had nothappened before. "…This is where Mileena feels a shift in time."

"Yes…, this event in time has yet to happen, sister." Kitana folded her arms, lifting a hand to rest beneath her chin. "This does not endanger Liu Kang. Let it pass."

"Will not…, or cannot?"The voice of Bi Han rang out as he entered the throne room."You!" Scorpion retorted.

"Yes, sister…" Mileena narrowed her eyes toward Sub-Zero, "However Mileena will make sure no foul play happens. She is sure someone will influence him." Said as her eyes cut toward the distant Quan Chi.

"…You're right. Do what you must, and I will cover you." Kitana whispered to Mileena, standing in silence as Sub-Zero came closer to Scorpion.

Bi Han locked eyes on Mileena. Immediately, he pointed at her. "You keep this freak away from me. I will deal with you after I defeat this Shirai Ryu ghost!"

"Freak?" Mileena hissed, stepping forward just as Scorpion and Sub-Zero came face to face. She stomped toward Bi Han, ready to finish what they started before.

"Mileena!" She reached out for her sister, but paused. Shang Tsung would probably find it suspicious if she showed too much care for her clone.

"The Shirai Ryu are dead. You will suffer as they did." Promised the spectre, "Stay back, woman." Words of warning to Mileena."To hell with your clan!" Bi Han barked.

Taking acceptation to these words, regardless of Mileena closing in on them, Scorpion yelled, " hell with you!" Just as he grasped Bi Han's shoulders, the two vanished in a burst of flames. Mileena missed her opportunity.

Empty handed, the angered woman growled beneath her mask, starting to stomp her way back toward Kitana's side. There was some chatter among the other Kombatants, though their words were drowned out by Mileena. "…Mileena is no freak." She paused for a moment, realizing Kitana was not offering words of comfort. Looking up to her sister, the distraction was obvious. However when Mileena took a glance in the direction she was looking, she was surprised. It was not Liu Kang she was staring at.

"Who is that woman in red?" Kitana said silently. "She is familiar…, though oddly…I never have shared words with her. Does she die over the course of the tournaments?"

"Not that I recall," Jade returned to them, still drenched from her brief interaction with the rain outside. "She is formidable none the less. Your…father created her. That is about as much as I know."

Mileena took a sniff of the air, focusing her sights on the red clad woman. "She reeks of blood."

"That isn't very polite, Mileena…" Kitana said, glancing at her out the corner of her eye. "However, I am compelled to agree with you. I wonder what she is doing here…, perhaps to keep an eye on us?"

Jade's own history of spy-type work allowed her to draw conclusions of others by their movements. She could tell the woman was watching someone…and through watching her momentary glances, and general uninterested gestures…she was watching Quan Chi. "I'll find out."

At the mention of Quan Chi, he began to stir. He stepped toward the center of the room before the throne. "The battle is over. I will see to I the victor makes his return." He spoke to Shang Tsung, taking a bow toward him to keep up the charade as if they hadn't planned such events.

"Granted," The sorcerer gave a motion of his hand. "Be quick, Quan Chi."

"Sir." Were the bald sorcerer's words as he stood up straight, starting to access his own portal.

"…He will see to it Kuai Liang's brother is killed…" Mileena spoke softly. "…As much as Mileena hates him…" She thought quickly. If she could win Bi Han over, perhaps she could get to the Lin Kuei temple faster? Taking off in a run to Quan Chi, Mileena dove onto him as he went through his portal, before Kitana or Jade had time to react!

"Mileena!"Was all she heard before crash landing in the scorching hot depths of the Netherrealm.

Quan Chi grunted as he picked himself up from the ground. "What in the name of…!" He glared at the kunoichi, "Daughter of Shao Kahn, what do you think you are doing?"

She saw Scorpion standing a ways from the downed Sub-Zero. Good, he had not killed him yet. Pushing up to her feet, she pointed to Scorpion. "You have won. I come with word from Raiden!" She lied, "Your will walk the Earth again!"

"What? What is this madness?" This was not in Quan Chi's plans. He looked to Scorpion, unaware of the bargain he had made with the Thunder God. "Surely you do not believe this woman! The Elder gods would never make such a promise! Kill him!"

"…I will not." Scorpion spoke, much calmer than he had been in recent days. "He has been beaten. The Elder Gods will live up to their words, Quan Chi. I have no further use of you."

"Have you forgotten it was me who brought you back to this plane of existence?" Raising his voice, Quan Chi marched forward several steps, though did not get directly in Scorpion's face. "You will obey me, Scorpion!"

"I will not!" The flames of hell burned hotter as Scorpion's defiance grew. "I have what I desire. I have no further use for this tournament. Have another fool fight for your realm."

The entire time, Mileena got around them to the wounded Bi Han. She crouched, barely listening to the other two warriors bickering. "Here, let Mileena help you." She offered, starting to pull one of Sub-Zero's arms around her shoulders, helping him to his feet.

"…You…" He muttered, shoving away from Mileena. "…I do not need your assistance to stand." Regardless of his words, he collapsed back to a knee shortly after. To his surprise, once again Mileena was picking him up. "…Why do you assist me?"

"Because…, Mileena needs your help." She stated, now watching to see the aftermath of the confrontation before them. If only…she thought of a way back to the throne room.

"Sub-Zero murdered your family! The Lin Kuei destroyed your clan!" Quan Chi reminded the spectre.

If only Quan Chi anticipated Sub-Zero's denial of the event. "…These are lies. The Shirai Ryu are our enemies, this is the truth…" He removed himself from Mileena's grasp, limping forward. "But we never ventured to Japan to slaughter them. In fact, it was you Quan Chi who sent Scorpion as 'back up' when you sent me after the sacred map. This led to our battle, and Scorpion's death."

Scorpion's hollow eyes were on Bi Han…then back to Quan Chi. "You would hire the Lin Kuei after he destroyed my family?""I was setting it up for your vengeance, Scorpion!" The sorcerer held strong to his story.

"You tricked me once before…, you will not trick another before my eyes!" Bi Han began to gather frozen energy in his palms, immediately alerting Quan Chi.

With the chill of Sub-Zero's powers all around, the intense heat of Scorpion's flames, and the deathly glare of Mileena's eyes…Quan Chi decided fleeing was the best option. Turning to run, a rift broke in the air before him, allowing him to leap through and out of the Netherrealm before either could attack him!

Relaxing himself, Scorpion turned fully to face Bi Han. "The score is settled dead even, Bi Han. If a Lin Kuei steps foot in the Shirai Ryu territory with malicious intent, I will kill them. You can be sure a Shirai Ryu will not bother your pathetic clan of criminals any longer."

"The same can be said to you, Hanzo." Bi Han chuckled, amused at the threats of the Spectre. "For now a truce is in order. The Lin Kuei will know of Quan Chi's acts of betrayal, as will the Shirai Ryu. Perhaps you will one day discover your true family's killers…"

"Perhaps." He would get to the bottom of this, that was a fact. To Mileena his gaze now turned. "Had you not come and told me of the Elder Gods word, perhaps I would have killed Bi Han at Quan Chi's request. I thank you."

Mileena smiled beneath her veil, despite she knew she lied to him. Now if only the Elder Gods would actually agree to it, she would be safe! "You are welcome, Scorpion."

Without many more words, Scorpion vanished in a flare. This left Sub-Zero and Mileena alone in the boiling pits of this hellish realm."Woman." Bi Han said, now upgrading Mileena from a 'foul beast' to simply 'woman', "What is it you sought to gain from this? Why is it you desire my assistance?"

"Mileena wishes to become Lin Kuei." She said quickly. She wasn't even thinking, all she knew was that if she became a Lin Kuei, she would have an excuse to see Kuai Liang earlier than normal! She saw the way he looked at her – as if she were completely off her rocker. Resorting to desperation, she placed her fist over her chest. "To be stealthy as the night…!"She bowed forward slightly.

Bi Han paused. "….And deadly as the dawn." He said after a few moments. Where she learned such a thing would need to be questioned…, though he began to recall her saying she knew Kuai Liang. "One does not become Lin Kuei overnight. However…, in return for arguably saving my life…I will give you a map to the temple. There, you can attempt to gain audience with the Grand Master. I will send Sektor and Cyrax with you once this tournament concludes."

"Thank you, Sub-Zero." She took yet another bow, trying to be sure she remained on his good side."Come to my chambers tonight." He paced away from her, examining the hellish scene about them. "It is near the docks. It is impossible to miss."

"First, we must escape…this place." She added in, following closer behind him. "…Have you any means of escape?"

Thinking briefly, Bi Han placed a hand at Mileena's shoulder. "It will take every ounce of energy I have left. I will try." The two of them quickly became encased in ice – and within seconds would be forming into ice back within the throne room. Exploding from the frozen casings, Sub-Zero fell forward, though Mileena remained standing.

Everyone chattered amongst themselves, though Sektor and Cyrax quickly came to Sub-Zero's aid.

"What did you do to him?" Sektor shouted, quickly picking him up to begin carrying him off for medical attention, leaving Cyrax behind. "You will pay dearly for this, woman!"

Though cooler heads prevailed with Cyrax, Mileena did not stick around long enough for anyone to question her. She fled out onto the balcony, and overthe balcony into the rain. She was going to meet up with Sub-Zero with little delay, as long as she could help it."…Jade." Kitana simply said.

Knowing the command, the guardian nodded her head. "Far ahead of you, Kitana." It seemed the matches for the night were over…and as the group dispersed, Jade headed out carefully alongside Kitana. Before long, she broke off from the group, heading into the depths of the island, where she could feel Mileena's energy.

Side Event #11: Inescapable Fate"…I called Sektor off, you should be fine." Sub-Zero spoke as he limped over to his night stand. "Keep this safe with you." A scroll was pulled from it as he turned to limp back toward Mileena. "This was meant to be given to possible recruits. Guard it well."

"Mileena will guard it with her life. Thank you…" She accepted the scroll, taking a bow toward him.

"Perhaps your…gifts will serve us well in the future. Now, be gone. Until you are a proven Lin Kuei, consider this peace between us no longer existant." If his words were simply for motivation or true were very hard to tell.

"Ha. Right!" Opening the front door, Mileena moved like a thief in the night back into the storm. Within seconds, she was completely gone.

This left Bi Han alone, finally. Hobbling to his bed, he sat down. He was still in a lot of pain, and wasn't entirely certain he would survive long with his patched wounds. He could sense Sektor and Cyrax in the distance. They were growing more hostile with one another. He would have to for once and for all shut down this nonsense of the cyber initiative himself.

There was a loud crackle of thunder outside that caught his attention. In his brief distraction, suddenly another energy source appeared in his dim room. "What? Who are –"

He couldn't see his attacker until the last moment… the woman in red. Before he knew it, pain shot through his body as breath left him. The last thing he would see…was red.


( End of Side Event )

( Much Later )

It had been a full day since the three Kunoichi separated at the throne room. Kitana was starting to get worried. She played her part, regardless. She remained at the side of Shang Tsung and his remaining minions. The unveiling of Ermac wasn't as spectacular the second time around for her, but none the less entertaining to know that even with all of his power…Liu Kang would topple him.

Just hearing his name being called out gave her chills. Seeing him alive and well brought back great memories, but being near him was absolute torture. She couldn't tell him her feelings just yet. She couldn't be with him as long as she desired…, and for the sake of his survival, she couldn't try to change things. She was strictly following her game plan as much as she could.

While Liu and Ermac battled, Kitana was given a pleasant surprise.

"Forgive me for being late," Jade whispered as she walked up behind her, dragging along Mileena. "I found this one trying to hitch a ride off the Island. The Lin Kuei thought she killed Sub-Zero."

"What?" The Princess sharply turned toward them. "Mileena, did you? Answer me." A hushed yell was given toward her sister. Had Mileena done it, Kitana would be sorely disappointed in her!

"She didn't. Mileena was with me when it happened. I got it cleared up with the Lin Kuei of her whereabouts. Otherwise I'd be seeing red…right now." She attempted to throw a hint.

Mileena remained quiet. Her stomach turned at the very sight of Baraka nearby. When he saw her coming with Jade, he kept several feet of distance from her, just as Kano had.

"Quite…" Kitana said, not quite getting what Jade was saying. Perhaps it would register later? As Ermac fell and Liu Kang was announced the winner…Kitana knew it was her time to step forward. "Excuse me, ladies." Parting from the presence of Jade and Mileena…Kitana approached Shang Tsung. It was Déjà vu. She stood at his side as they watched the remaining Earthrealm warrior leave the throne room with his allies. "…He is a greater threat than anticipated," She began, "I will ensure he will not reach the final challenge."

With a simple nod of the aged sorcerer, Kitana's 'plan' was accepted, just as before. Now…she would have time alone with Liu Kang. Perhaps not a confrontation as once before…but no less…a meeting.
What should I do to restore my race? Make them out of Model Magic? Bully Shang Tsung into restoring them? Have someone clone me?
Perhaps your people were not all destroyed, Reptile. Maybe they are hidden from you? Go forth and search for them!