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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Mortal Kombat or it's characters in any way. (Duh~!)

This story begins years after Mortal Kombat 4!


Chapter ?:Before the End Began

After FirstSlumber
The sounds of heeled footsteps brought the golden eyes of Mileena to a sudden opening. Her nose twitched,picking up the scent of...spaghetti? Shehad been leaning against the stone wall along the back of her cell, right next to the provided bed and a stone's throw away from the provided toilet. It was a much larger cell than she had last year. Her said 'good behavior' had granted her such a privilege. No longer in the cramped war traitor prison, but a secret cell just a few floors above ground.

The moonlight had poured through the barred stone archway window locateddiagonally from her cell, illuminating her ragged form. She wore a brown cloththat remained draped around her entire body like a dress, with her own personalblack veil worn about her lower face. She searched the darker region of thecell, seeing a candle light just a ways down the hall. The guards watching herbegan to step away from their posts as it became visible who the visitor was.Her 'sister' Kitana.

The azure clad princess held a smile, regal night garment only enhancing herbeauty further in the eyes of the guards. Mileena knew this to be true – Kitana was seen as the most beautiful woman in all of Edenia. The hood of Kitana's sleeping robes had concealed the upper portion of her face, but Mileena could still feel her eyes on her. She searched Kitana as she came to a stop and immediately noticed the large tray she held in her hands. The tray held a candle within its holder, a book, as well as a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

"Are you awake, Mileena?" Kitana's sweet voice came forward, noticing her 'sister' begin to stir once she got closer to the cell. Kitana kept her distance however, starting to lower down to her knees a few feet from the cell— out of arm's reach. "I brought your favorite."

Mileena started to lean away from the wall, crawling toward the bars of her cell. There was an opening just a few inches off the ground along her cell's lower region, just enough to slip meals through. Mileena was excited, though her recovery from slumber was keeping that from being so apparent. She placed her hands on the bars, still sniffing through her mask, wanting to get to that food.

"Let me see, first." Kitana said, starting to move the tray aside.She scooted closer to the cell – at least close enough to make the guards stand a bit closer to protect their princess of Mileena chose to strike.

"...Does Mileena have to?" The feral woman grumbled lowly as Kitana grew closer.

"Yes, you do, Mileena. Let me see your progress." The elder twinadded in, though keeping a near motherly soft tone about herself. "I amsure it is complete by now."

Mileena leaned away from the bars..., reaching up to the corners of her veil to start to pull it down her face. Kitana watched in delight, holding her candle up so she could get a bit more light on her twin's face. As the veil came down,Mileena's cheeks were not as high as they were before. Her nose had curvednaturally, and not as thick in the front. Her lips were a little dry – nothing a little cosmetics wouldn't fix – and her mouth was much smaller than everbefore. Mileena's mouth was normal.

Kitana smiled softly, reaching back toward her tray. Cracking open the book,she pulled a hand held mirror from the pages it was kept between. She placed itface up on the stone floor...and slid it beneath the opening of Mileena's cell."What I say won't matter. You have to see this for yourself." She kept her smile alive, reaching back to close that book up once again.

Mileena's golden eyes went to the mirror, and reached over for it. It had become something of a routine these past few weeks. She hated seeing flesh forming over gaps of her mouth – she looked even worse than before! Though when she lifted the mirror this time...she was very surprised. Her eyes widened as she would gasp – bringing her left hand over her lips. She touched her cheekbones, her jawline – all of it was completely...normal. She had no words– only tears that dropped from the corners of her eyes.

Kitana was happy to assist her. "The mages can truly do a great job when given a task. I am glad I was able to assist you, sister,"Sister being a name she had only been recently regaining with her now frequent visits from Kitana. Since her imprisonment after the defeat of Shinnok, it wasn't believed Mileena could ever reform. She was 'evil',though the Edenian side of her soul could throw that out of balance if shown proper affection, it seemed. "You have grown a great deal these past years. I hope you do not think me a harsh and cruel elder for leaving you locked away for so long."

Mileena's emotions were getting the best of her. Through her entire life she was made to believe she was worthless. Kitana got all the favor, resentment grew, enhanced by her rowdy Tarkatan blood. She did everything for her 'father' Shao Kahn, and still gained no respect. She tried to fit in with the Tarkatans and Baraka..., and still no respect. She spent her entire life trying to get out of the shadows of others, and finally...finally...she found some respect and affection in that of a woman she grew up hating.

"N-no...," She began, "Mileena understands. You did what you had to do to help Mileena. You could have killed her, but you kept Mileena alive." She wiped her eyes, lower lip wobbling as she looked at herreflection a bit longer. Though her sniffles were really just making her stomach growl. She wanted that damn spaghetti!

Kitana bowed her head slightly. This was her least favorite part of the check-up. Also the most dangerous. "I know this part makes you uncomfortable, but let me see your teeth." She dared lean closer to the cell...her guards remaining on standby.

"...Nngh!" Mileena backed away from Kitana, holding the mirror far from her. She turned her shoulder to her sister, frowning deeply.

"Mileena – "

"Nngh!" She pouted deeply like a spoiled child.

"Mileena, show me your teeth or you're not going to get your supper."She took a firm tone, keeping her eyes locked on her.

The feral woman had to make a choice. Either go without food...or go through a process of devolution. Spaghetti outweighed everything. She started to shift back toward the front of the cell, putting the mirror down. She placed her hands on the bars, and opened her mouth up for Kitana to inspect.

Her teeth were all there, all dulled and normal in appearance. Kitana reached in bravely, touching Mileena's chin. She would turn and move her head around to inspect her inner mouth and teeth.

"Alright, they're all there. Now show me your other teeth." She said,bringing her hand back to the outside of the cell. This part was too dangerous.

Mileena grunted as those dagger-like jagged teeth of her's ripped downward over and in between her dull teeth. Her mouth stretched like that of a snake's, tearing that smooth flesh away to recreate that Tarkatan maw of her's. This made the guards cringe. Mileena turned her head about so Kitana could see all of her teeth...then began to let the teeth collapse back into her gums. As she shut her mouth, it began to shrink back to its'normal' size.

"Very good. Your skin seems to regenerate once stretched..." She noted to herself, reaching up to pull back the hood over her head to expose her face fully. She watched as Mileena continued to dry her eyes off for a brief time. Soon the book and candle holder were taken off of the tray, and the food was slid beneath the opening at the bottom of the cell. There was a dull fork placed beside the dish for Mileena to use to eat with. Right away, she dug in with a feverish hunger.

A midst the gobbling, Kitana sat back and watched. "Your sentence will be over soon, Mileena. You have earned your right. If your good behavior keeps up,many good things will be in your future, sister." Though she got no audible response – Mileena was busy chowing down and slurping the spaghetti right up.

It didn't take too long for Mileena to finish. Once she did, she practically licked the plate clean before returning it to the tray along with the fork. She slid it back out to Kitana, now feeling quite full and satisfied! "Mileena can't wait to walk around again freely..." She leaned her head to the bars, once again holding them. "Can Mileena oversee the kitchen duties and prepare spaghetti?"

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Chuckling, the elder would give a nod of her head. "It is quite possible,sister. We will discuss that at a later date. Have you been reading at all?" She asked, now grasping the book she brought with her.

"Mileena has been. It's a little hard reading for so long..."

It was a sad truth. Kitana had found that Kahn refused to educate Mileena as highly as Kitana had been. It explained her odd speaking patterns, and willingness to serve even when it had become obvious she was expendable to her superiors. Kahn kept her under-educated in fear she would rise against him much like Kitana had eventually. Though Mileena's hunger for knowledge had led herto experimentation in battle and ultimately played a part in her at times brilliant schemes.

"Would you like to read a bit more of The Frog Prince with me?" Kitana placed the book across her own lap, looking back up to her sister.

Mileena gave it some thought, "For a little while." For she was still a little tired! She crawled back toward her provided bed, and reached underneath it to draw out the matching book. She moved herself to the corner of her cell, with one shoulder against each set of bars. The moonlight came through right over her shoulder so that she could read. There was a bookmark where she had left off.

"You read a page, and I'll read a page. We'll read just three each, okay? Follow along with your eyes." Kitana said softly, moving alongside the bars with her candle to assist in lighting the way or her to read as well.

The two sisters read together – with Kitana helping Mileena pronounce certain words she struggled reading. Yet another consecutive night ending on a high note for the two of them. Mileena was proud she had finally gained what she wanted; affection, respect, and family.

( Side Event #01: Jade in Outworld )

The bronze-skinned beauty had been pulling her attire back upon her body as she sat down on the edge of a bed. Her trusted staff was leaned against it as well, and snatched up as she came to a stand.

"Lost about an hour on the trail. You sleep well, babe?" Called the voice of a man as he sat up in bed. He was just as dark skinned as she, though his black hair was a mess of short spikes atop of his head. The sheets still draped across his wast, he reached over along the floor to pull up his pair of dark crimson pants.

"Next to you, who wouldn't?" Jade narrowed her eyes back at him, giggling a bit. It was something of an inside joke! "The trail's time period will be fine. We just need to head back to your home in Earthrealm to have this chemical reproduced a lot more than this town could offer." Jade said, pulling a small glass orb from her carrying bag. She handled it with extreme care. "To think Tarkatan essence could be created to make them go mad." She said examining the orb.

"Yeah, well," The man spoke out, once his pants and vest were back over his toned body. "These people live in this world, so I'd think they know what they're talkin' about. We get enough of these babies, then our enemies become our assassins. For now? One for Tanya," He pointed to Jade's orb, "and one for Kahn." He motioned over to his own carrying bag.

Jade nodded, starting to put the orb away. "You know, Nido, we should probably visit Sub-Zero in Earthrealm. The Lin Kuei could serve as body guardson our journey back through here. It may not be wise to trail Outworld like this twice." Coming to a stand, Jade pulled her carrying bag about her shoulders and holstered her staff at her back as well.

"Sub-Zero? Whoa, isn't that guy dead?" Nido had been clearly out of the loop!

"No...dummy," Jade scoffed, turning to face him. "That was his older brother that got killed.We've seen the other Sub-Zero before, remember?" She waited for some kind of visual confirmation that he did indeed remember – if not vocal.

"Uh...I remember the guy being a real prick on the island." He confessed, pulling his spear from the wall it leaned on.

Jade threw her hands up in defeat, rolling her eyes. "When you came here for the tournament after that and got eliminated by Johnny Cage, when we started sort-of dating?" She was annoyed at this point, he forgot the day they met! "We watched Sub-Zero fight Mileena. He beat her and spared her life despite the crowd wanting more bloodshed. Remember, it was our first date immediately after that match?"

Nido tapped his scruffy chin a moment, soon remembering. "Oh! Yeah, I remember!" Though he saw Jade didn't believe him. "Because that prick in the yellow was muttering how he was going to kick that guy's ass. I thought he looked like Sub-Zero..., I just thought his name was like...Freezer or something."

Jade remembered Scorpion being there..., and just leaving silently after seeing Sub-Zero spare Mileena. It was kind of weird. Her boyfriend was still annoying her. "...You and your Earthrealm cartoons." She said at the mention of Freezer, which was awfully close to something he spoke to her of before. "Anyway, that guy is the current Sub-Zero. It's more of a title or code-name than his actual name." Jade explained.

"...So what's his real name?"

"...!" She lifted a finger as to speak, but drew a blank. " ….That's not important. What is important is that we find a way to Earthrealm, get this essence produced more, find the Lin Kuei and enlist them as body guards, and then I can seek out Tanya, and we can finish off Kahn with his own army. Right?"

"Right!" Nido stepped forward, giving Jade a swat on her backside with his palm. "Better get moving then, Brown Sugar." He said as he headed toward the door.

("Augh...I hate that name...")

"-and WHEN do I get to meet your parents?" She complained, following after him just a moment after.

"When you let me hang out and treasure hunt in the desert you own!"

( Side Event #02: Sub-Zero )

A knocking would come onto the chamber doors of the Lin Kuei's newly appointed Grand Master, Sub-Zero. He had sat at his desk, currently writing the certificate that would authenticate the Lin Kuei tournament champion Frost as his new apprentice. He turned his attention away from the paper, and looked over his shoulder. "Come in." He simply stated.

As the doors opened, a pregnant woman would begin to step into the room.Dressed seemingly opposed to the cold weather, but perfectly fine in it. She wore a long white dress over her pale skin, with long black hair frosted at their very tips down her back. "Brother," She spoke out. "Are you sure it is wise to take up a student so quickly? Perhaps you should view more than just her combative skills..."

Sub-Zero nodded, coming to a stand. The scar that ran along his face was visible since he did not wear the Dragon Medallion on his person currently. He had yet to leave his combative attire – as he planned on practicing a bit before he himself went to bed. "Hyuna is perfect." He said with a smile of confidence, of course speaking ofFrost."Her combative skill shows much promise. With a little mentoring I am sure I can mold her into one of the greatest warriors our clan has seen. Could you imagine? More warriors learning the gift we have, Rebekka?"

The younger sister just accepted it. "Yes..., that would be great, Shikai."She spoke to her elder brother, offering a weak smile. ‘Shikai’ was a nic-name of sorts for Sub-Zero. He was named after the fierce beasts that protected Artika. He was still riding the wave of excitement for a role she wasn't sure he was fully ready for. He was always trying to prove himself to everyone,prove that he was as good, if not better a man than the previous leader and their elder brother.

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His hands went to her protruding belly, "How is my niece and yourhusband?"

"My husband is just fine. Still recovering from his match with Frost, but I am sure he will be fine." Her husband had been in the finals with Frost,and was defeated by a powerful kick to the head, no longer able to fight."As for your niece, she's been keeping me up with kicking."

Sub-Zero laughed to himself. "Mother did say you kicked the hardest of the three of us. I guess it is only natural?" He removed his hands, starting to let them hang at his sides.

"I suppose," Rebekka just laughed lightly, looking to the floor and back up to Kuai Liang "I just wanted to tell you something, brother. You don't have to risk your neck for strangers nor prove yourself a worthy protector to any of us. You are a great man and brother, and I just...don't want to see you leap before you think, and get yourself hurt."

He knew she wouldn't hold her tongue on the matter very long. "At times thinking can take away the critical moment of reacting when it comes to life and death. I just take my opportunities before they fade, Rebekka. This opportunity with Hyuna will raise the morale of our clan and – "

"Alright." She would stop him in his tracks. Her eyes already shut in slight annoyance. "I've said my piece. No need to defend yourself."She turned, starting to step back to the door. " Have a good night,Shikai."

Though before she could open the door herself, he had done it for her. It was the only gentlemen thing to do for his sister. "...Goodnight, Rebekka." Though the annoyance in her tone was apparent, he tried to play it as if it had gone unnoticed. Once she left, he closed the door and secured it.

His vision would turn toward the ceiling soon after. "...I am sure that amused you, didn't it, brother?" Exhaling, his feet began to carry him back to his desk.
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That's one amazing intro man. The flow is amazing and I love the relationship between Kitana and Mileena now, and you did a great job of Making Mileena 'Normal' :laugh:

One thing I noticed is that some words are combined likethis <--

Try to stray away from that because it could make it hella hard for your readers to read it, I'm looking forward to more.
This chapter stars mainly Kitana, during the early events of Deadly Alliance!

Chapter ?: Kitana's Plan


Another beautiful day in Edenia. It seemed to never lose its beauty no matter the season, to Kitana. She parted the curtains of her expansive bedroom, overlooking the vast realm her mother ruled. She had done a great job since her return. Much better than Kitana herself could do alone. She stepped out onto her balcony, flowing blue robes wrapped around her form as she overlooked the kingdom. As her hands touched the stone railing, she would turn her attention upward to a flock of birds flying nearly at level with her high leveled bedroom.

It was a beautiful sight – surely a great way to go into the second half of her day. It was nearly around her scheduled time to discreetly visit her locked away sister, so Kitana did not dwell on the beauty of the land in the noon's sunlight. Turning from the balcony, Kitana would head to her bookshelf, brushing her fingertips along the thinner books. She pulled The Frog Prince from the shelf, and turned to her vanity table. With the book being placed down, Kitana started to sort through her make-up and brushes. Perhaps she would teach Mileena how to properly apply make-up to her new features?

She felt very daring today...and very trustful of her sister all at once. Maybe she could spend some time inside her cell with her, and start working on her hair? Mileena had very limited privileges...she was sure she would enjoy something out of the usual routine. Also on her large, elegant vanity had been rows and rows of her jewelry and accessories sitting along shelves and place holders. She was already eying a pair of earrings she eventually wanted to pass on to Mileena. Though something other than her jewelry soon caught her eye – aniPod resting on the far corner of her table. It was a gift from the Champion of Mortal Kombat himself...Liu Kang.

It wasn't that Edenia hadn't developed the technology for iPods - they had many ages ago – it was just that their version of the iPods – The Music Konsumer were formatted entirely different than Earthrealm's still rather primitive format. Even though they were extremely similar in size and look, they were still very different. Besides that, Kitana tended to enjoy Earthrealm's Rhythm and Blues artists far more than Edenian Songstresses or even her favorite Outworld performers. There was one song that truly touched her heart on the list of songs he gave her. She could remember him telling her it would touch her very soul (and with her experience against Shang Tsung, she wasn't very sure she wanted to listen to it.)

As she reached for it, she was interrupted by a sudden knocking on her chamber doors. Politely, she answered the call of the interruption. "Yes?"

One of the Edenian servants had parted the door, stepping inside the large room. Once she gently shut the door, she looked to Kitana. She knew the news she had to share...but hadn't the heart to say it herself. "Your majesty," She began, taking a bow as she spoke. Once in an upright position she continued. "Lord Raiden has arrived. He comes with urgent news. He is in the throne room with Queen Sindel..."

"Lord Raiden?" Kitana was intrigued. What could possibly bring forth Raiden aside of imminent danger? She got to her feet immediately, starting to rush to the door. "Thank you. If you would please, escort me to the throne room." She spoke, allowing her servant the invitation to come along with her.

"Will do, your highness." The woman bowed once more, turning to open the door for Kitana. As the two women moved through the halls and the stairs of the large Edenian Castle, soon they would arrive at the throne room's shut doors.

As the doors parted by Kitana's hands, her eyes would immediately focus on the Thunder God in audience with her mother. She looked back and forth between the two as she stepped further down the walkway. "What is the urgency, Lord Raiden?" Kitana spoke out as the doors closed.

It became painfully obvious to Sindel the servant hadn't the heart to inform Kitana. As her mother, Sindel could not boast to be stronger than that herself. "...Darling..." She began to speak, knowing very well the pain Kitana was soon going to feel. She felt it herself so many years ago...

Raiden's head turned to the approaching Kitana. It was a tough task, even for a god of his stature. The large man did not take a second thought – it was his duty. "Quan Chi and Shang Tsung have joined forces. Their plan has already begun reaching a critical point where Armageddon for all realms is nearly inevitable if we do not act." He took a moment to allow that information to sink in.

Kitana already felt the weight of the situation. Though the forces of light had prevailed over the likes of even her 'father' Shao Kahn, surely the two sorcerers would be bested in the same manner. Though it would be an extreme effort, especially with Raiden's words of an Armageddon. "It is never too late, Lord Raiden. We must contact the other realms. The Champion of Mortal Kombat will be of great assistance,"

She was interrupted suddenly by the Thunder God's voice. "Liu Kang is dead, Princess Kitana."

Sindel leaned forward on her throne. "Raiden..!" She gave him a glare. He could have broken the news to her a little softer than that.

Kitana's entire facade drooped. Her shoulders and posture even lowered. "...Lies. He..." She was looking for an excuse, any reason to justify Liu Kang's death was just a hoax. Some kind of trickery! He defeated Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Shinnok – so many who had threatened the realms! Why would he die now? How was it possible?

Raiden's eyes never left Kitana. It was harsh, but he could not sugar coat this at all. This was a very serious situation. "The sorcerers ambushed him and killed him. Shang Tsung even went as far as to take his very soul." He still could not believe it himself. The pain was obvious on Kitana's well as her rage. "They call themselves the Deadly Alliance. They live up to such a title, as they have also slain Shao Kahn, and continue to destroy every threat in their path. I am rounding up warriors to oppose this threat and end it." He started to pace away from Kitana and Sindel, along the walkway. "What I need from the two of you is to protect Edenia. If all else fails, we will need your military to merge with others to launch an all-out assault."

Sindel, still upset with how the news was broken to her daughter, remained silent for a few precious moments. Kitana had gone without moving, however.

"...We will defend Edenia with all of our might. I will contact Jade to ask her to fight on Edenia's behalf against this...Deadly Alliance." Queen Sindel spoke out. She did not want

Kitana – especially in this emotional state – to go out and fight. She knew from personal experience (at least from what she was told, and faintly reminded of upon her resurrection), that the emotions brought forth by the death of a lover would drive a woman mad. The threat was far too great for Kitana to face right now...Sindel knew it.

"Very well," The god spoke as he paused in his steps. "I leave this in your able hands." Were Raiden's last words as he glanced over his shoulders. Surges of electricity flowing over his white eyes before he vanished into light, teleporting away from the realm.

Kitana's emotions started to get the best of her. She turned her eyes onto her mother and spoke sharply. "I am going to fight." She stood firmly in place, almost challenging her mother to state otherwise.

"No, you are not." Even firmer was the voice of Sindel. The siren-like ability of her's had not been activated, but her booming voice was enough to make even a knight shake in their boots.

"Why is this? My abilities are needed in this battle! I must see to it that Liu Kang is avenged! This is just as much my fight than anyone's, mother!" She did not back down. She stepped toward the throne, her eyebrows lowered and her eyes set on her mother's own.

"Revenge will blind you, Kitana! It already has! You will only get yourself hurt!" Sindel stood from her throne, starting to step down to meet her daughter. "You are my only child, Kitana...I do not wish you to lose you to rage as you once lost me..." She went to touch Kitana's face...though she sharply turned her cheek away.

"I am not," Kitana paused. She was nearly going to say 'I am not your only child' to Mileena's defense. Though this was not the time nor place. She shut her eyes tightly, refocusing her hesitant words. "Going to be lost to rage. I can defeat them. I know this! Why do you doubt me, mother?" She turned her face to look at her mother directly once more.
Sindel's hand had long since dropped back down to her side. Her lips now in a saddened frown – feeling the pain of her child. "When I lost your father, I felt as you do now. Though my only escape was death, which I took upon myself." She explained, though the recollection of such an event was cloudy, the feeling it brought to the heart was something one couldn't forget. "This is a suicide mission Kitana. Please..., do not repeat my mistakes. You are a strong young woman. We must take this threat on as requested by Raiden."

'To hell with Raiden' was what Kitana wanted to say. Though it was not very becoming of a princess. She needed Raiden to get access to fighting the Deadly Alliance..., though her mother would never let her go. "If I stay here, my heart may as well be committing suicide." She spoke much calmer than before...much colder as well. She stood firmly by her words.

Sindel was at a loss for words. Though she managed to vocalize after a moment of silence. "I forbid you from partaking in any of this battle beyond that of Edenia. Do not think me to be harsh, for as your mother this is what I must to to be sure you are not killed. This is my final decision. Understood?"

Saying 'Your words fall on deaf ears, mother', would be what her pride wanted. Though Kitana had respect enough for her mother that she swallowed her pride and looked her mother directly in the face. This was the hardest thing Kitana had ever done, "Yes, mother." She had to lie. Her tears had still been tingling at the backs of her eyes...just waiting to come forward. Though she would shed not one before her mother. "...Forgive me." That was sincere, however. Asking for forgiveness for her back talk, as well as for her lie of acceptance.

The queen stepped in closer, bringing her arms around her daughter in a tight embrace. "It is alright, Kitana. I understand how you feel more than you may realize. Words...cannot truly express it." She placed her hand behind her child's head, stroking at her hair.

Kitana held onto Sindel a few moments longer, and released. " going to rest. This news still weighs heavy on my heart." She stepped back, excusing herself with a small nod of her head.

Sindel only watched in silence as Kitana went right back out through those doors, met by the same servant who escorted her.

Kitana had no words for the servant. She had no words for anyone at all. Being alone was the only thing she needed right now. The emotions were still sinking in, though the denial for this to be the ultimate truth was keeping her tears at bay. Warriors had come back from death before, though Liu Kang would not be coming back. Not as long as Shang Tsung held his soul.

Once reaching her chambers, Kitana simply sat at her vanity table, just looking at her reflection. Her servant did not even dare ask if she needed something – the door was simply shut, leaving Kitana to her privacy. She appreciated this. For fear her words would be so obviously pained that it would raise concern.

She looked at her reflection; the same reflection she stared at with so much joy when she prepared herself for a dinner with the Champion of Mortal Kombat, before the pending invasion of Kahn and his forces on Earthrealm. The one night that she was so very happy to spend some time not fighting. To spend some time with the man who had saved her world and many others through his unyielding spirit. Such a wonderful man he...was.

She was certain they would be wed one day. The day Kahn would be no longer a problem to any of the realms. She counted on this, even often times made small plans in her mind in her daydreams. His kiss was electric to her. Addicting in it's softness and warmth. Haunting every day and night she spent alone and without him. The feeling she would never again regain.

Her lips pressed tightly, cheeks flushing red as her eyes started to release the tears down her cheeks in streams. No matter how strong she was..., she couldn't hold back her tears. She sounded as if she were starting to cough from her refusal to release the tears, despite their downpour. Her mouth opened with a light gasp, now letting her tears go full force. She couldn't stand looking at herself. She was ugly. Hideous. Wounded.

Only her hands could hide her weakened face away as she cried into her palms. Why did it have to end so soon? Why couldn't she be there to help him? Why didn't Raiden assist him? She could...sit and point fingers, but it would change nothing. She had to take action.

The iPod on her vanity was taken up, and applied to her ears as she sniffled. The saddest of the song selections was picked out ; 'Like You'll Never See Me Again'. A song that once reminded her of how strong their love had been, was now the ultimate expression of heart break. She looked at herself through the endurance of the song, watching as the tears fell. Summoning forth fond memories and lost opportunities in her mind. Some memories not fully involved in the death of Liu Kang..., but everything that had built up in her heart was coming and mixing with the vast emotions surging through her being.

She cried for several minutes more..., until she just couldn't any longer. Grasping a tissue from her vanity, she would start dabbing her eyes dry of the black tears. Her mascara had mixed with the tears, making her eyes feel as if they were burning. It added to the now reddish color of her eyes, though it would go away with enough time.

She got sick of the song after several repeated plays, placing the headphones back onto her table. She knew what action she had to take now – she could not simply run into this blindly. She had to seek out Raiden and his group of warriors. She had to seek out Kung Lao, in hopes to honor Liu Kang's memory by defeating his killers together, as the closest friends he'd held.

She had to...

Run away from Edenia

( Later on, after first Slumber )

The sounds of food being consumed at a rapid rate had filled the moonlit private cell of Mileena. She had been sitting on the floor once again, using her razor sharp teeth to rip through the meat of the tender baked chicken she had been given. Once chewing and swallowing, she sunk her sharp fangs back into her gums, using her dull teeth to enjoy the rice that was also on her plate – not touching the vegetables yet.

She even had a small bowl of tea to go with her meal! She lifted it up, chugging it down with an extreme thirst, until it was nearly all gone. Putting it down, she took a refreshed sigh. "...Yummy!" She dug right into her rice, soon consuming all that was left of it. Then...there were only the vegetables. The worst of all of them ; broccoli. "..." Well she was still hungry. Leaving them to be discarded would be a waste."...Nnnggh..." She groaned...starting to use her fork round up a single piece, taking her time with it.

After a while, Mileena would finally clean her plate, shoving it under the cell opening. "All done!" She said, patting her belly in satisfaction. One of the guards came over to collect it, simply walking away without a word. "Hey!" She called out to him, placing her hands on the bars. "Is Kitana alright? She hasn't come to see Mileena today..." She was starting to worry..., had something happened to Kitana? Did someone hurt her? She would kill them!

The guard was preparing to turn to tell her he hadn't the slightest – but it was at that moment the door would open up from the rather secret passage way. Heeled steps came across the stone, as Kitana was seen in her flickering candle light. She held her tray, only this time it held brushes, and a shoebox full of hair accessories.

"Kitana!" Mileena said excitedly, bouncing up and down on her knees before her cell.

"Hello, sister." She said sweetly, looking to the guards. "I will need the keys. Also, please leave us to our privacy." She paused before the guard who was currently giving her an odd look. Was she going to release Mileena early? He did not wish to question the keys were simply placed on the tray from his side. He stepped away from them, taking an unlit candle from the wall to light upon Kitana's own.

After finding his way out now, he would shut the door – but remain on duty inside the hidden passageway.

Kitana waited until the door was shut, before she proceeded to her sister's cell. She could see Mileena was confused – though she was sure Mileena knew she had gained her trust by now. She placed the tray down carefully, and drew the keys up. Unlocking Mileena's cell, she would only crack it open just a little bit. She could see Mileena was serious about changing – she didn't try to make a daring escape. Kitana felt relieved – her trust was justified.

Once the keys were back on the tray, she picked it up and stepped inside. "Forgive me for my...tardiness." She said, stepping over to Mileena's bed to seat herself. She placed the tray aside carefully.

It had become clear to Mileena that something was different – Kitana was wearing her travel robes, as well as her battle attire beneath which she could see clearly.

"What's wrong, sister?" Mileena stood up, and came to sit beside Kitana. She could smell the dried tears near the corner of her eyes. She could feel an awkward vibe coming off of her skin...something was surely wrong.

"Noth-" Kitana tried to lie.

"Mileena can see your thoughts, sister."

"Then you know..."

"Running away? What about Mileena? Mileena wants to fight too!" She lowered her eyebrows, snarling toward her sister – though it was not to threaten her, but to show her she was prepared to fight alongside her sister for the first time since they were young. "Shang Tsung made Mileena into the monster she was. She will destroy him with Kit-"
"No, Mileena." The elder interrupted, "I can't allow you to come with me." She stood firm by her words. "You are"

Mileena's lips fell into a small pout. She didn't understand – she could not read Kitana's now jumbled thoughts too clearly. "...Why is Mileena needed here?"

Kitana reached over, placing her hand along Mileena's now smooth jawline, brushing over it tenderly. "I need you to stall time for me," She began speaking softly. "I left mother a note that I am going to Edenia's sacred temple to pray away the vengeance infesting my heart until I am needed. The cleansing ritual usually takes two months to have exactly two months and a day remaining in your sentence, sister."

Kitana could see her plan was starting to come around to Mileena. "I will need you to pose as me until I return. I will be traveling to find Raiden's resistance, and fighting alongside them. Should I not will have direct access to our growing army,"

"But Kita-...!"

" – No, listen, Mileena." She stopped her short before she could even speak out against her. "I want you to come at them with everything you've got. I want you to use all you have learned and be as ruthless as possible. I need you to promise me you will do away with the Deadly Alliance should we fail."

"…..." Mileena turned her head away from Kitana's hand. She looked out to the moonlight, thinking this over. She swore off Kitana impersonation, but this was what her sister wanted. Mileena didn't want to betray her trust..., but once she was free...? Mileena had plans on coming after the Deadly Alliance herself. She would fight beside her sister! "...Alright. Be careful, Kitana..."

The sisters would embrace. Mileena resting her face against her big sister's shoulder. Kitana shut her eyes, squeezing Mileena tightly. She felt as if she was going to cry again. She pulled back, placing her hands on either side of Mileena's face. "I will. You be careful as well. You are the only thing that will keep mother from trying to find me."

Mileena's lips started to sink. She was...just another tool again, wasn't she?

"I love you, sister. I will miss you more than you will ever know." Kitana brought Mileena back into another hug.

Mileena did not expect that. "...Mileena loves Kitana, too..." She squeezed Kitana tightly, as if she would never see her sister alive again. Once they parted ways again, Mileena had sniffled...almost ready to cry. Though she rerouted her attention to the brushes and the shoebox of accessories that Kitana brought her. "...What's that for...?"
Glancing back, she chuckled. "Oh...I was planning on easing this into the conversation while I did your hair." She looked back to Mileena with a smile. "As well as teach you a few make-up techniques I use. We've a lot of time before I need to leave, I can still teach you."

Like a little school girl, Mileena bounced up and clapped her hands on the bed, squealing! "Mileena loves make-up and hair! Yes, yes! Show Mileena new things!"

Kitana giggled at Mileena's enthusiasm, lightly clasping her fingertips over her lips. "Ha ha ha..., alright Mileena. Let’s start with the eyes..."
Also, as a side is entirely canon that Mileena can read Kitana's thoughts. She was granted that ability by Shinnok during the events of MK: Trilogy. Though the extent of it is never explained (I'd think that would allow her to defeat Kitana...but she got owned again.) So I made it limited, and only when concentrated.

ALSO...I tried to correct some of the stickytext stuff..x.x
Warning: Violence!

Chapter ?: Darkest Hour


It had been a near full day of on-foot traveling. Taking the long routes through the nearly complete wasteland of Outworld. Jade and Nido traveled together, evading Tarkatan guard posts, and hostile Outworld habitats where they could be attacked and even killed by the creatures that dwell within the said areas. Jade knew her way around a lot of places within other realms all thanks to her short-lived alliance with Reptile years ago.

Jade came to a stop, lowering her carrying bag. "Lets take a break," She said with a huff of breath. Reaching into her carrying bag, she would seek out her water bottle – only to suddenly jerk upward when she felt a firm slapping on her backside. "HEY!" She said standing suddenly, sending a sharp elbow right into Nido's jaw with so much force that he spun and hit the ground in a kneel!

"Augh..." He grunted, trying to adjust his aching jawbone. "...Okay, I deserved that." He started to turn to look over to her again, though she still did not look all too pleased at all. "Hey come on, I was just..."

"Being immature? Yeah, I got that." She reached down for her water bottle again, twisting the top off to begin taking a drink.

"Yeah..., guess so..." He trailed off, looking to the ground while he came to a stand. "I'm sorry, Jade. I just thought we were comfortable with one anoth-"

She placed one hand at her hip, keeping her eyes focused on him with a growing annoyance. "We are. That isn't an excuse to openly touch me like that. It's disrespectful." Her tone had become very stern. "I don't know how women react to it in Earthrealm, but I will have you know for certain, Edenian women are not as open to it." She had to get this straight with the American. He had been doing such acts since they began dating!

"I'm really sorry, Jade. It won't happen again." Defeated, Nido just took a soft breath. "Seriously, though, you don't have to get so bent out of shape. You don't mind it anywhere else, but in public..." He started looking around them, holding a hand out toward the nearby wooded area. "Or in the middle of nowhere," The arm lowered down while he stepped closer to her. "It's a totally different story."

"It's not respectful to me as a woman, Nido. For you to be so openly," She was cut off this time.

"Openly affectionate? When we first started out, you didn't mind the affection anywhere. Now I'm lucky to get a kiss on the cheek out here. Are you-..."

"Can I finish what I was saying?" Jade's left hand's fingertips placed themselves along her collar with her wrist bent inward. Her body leaned backward just a bit, as if taken back by his words.

"I'm the one talking, Jade. Can I finish wh-...!"

"No. Because I'm talking now." She took another tone with him. She dropped her water bottle into her carry bag and folded her arms beneath her bust. "This is an issue of respect. You don't respect my reputation, you don't respect me,-..!"

Nido cut in, lowering his carry bag to the ground. "I don't respect you? How is that, Jade? All that I've done for you? For us? I've put my neck out on the chopping block just as much as you have." He shook his head, starting to pace away from her, gathering nearby fallen branches to try to start a small campfire. "If anything? I just think you're ashamed of me or somethin'."

"Oh please." She scoffed. Jade was so tired of that excuse. "When I tell you how I really feel, all of a sudden it's about me being 'ashamed'," She used quotation fingers, "Or 'ready to break up with you'. Please, grow up."

"Really? How you really feel, huh?"

"..." She was nearly ready to start raising her voice at him for being so stupid. "You know what I meant, Nido. Don't even try to make this into a big fight." She stepped over to him, starting to collect sticks and such as well to begin building the base for their camp fire.

"Right." He spoke flatly, starting to withdraw his lance Gungnir. He was just about to use the weapon to get a fire started when Jade suddenly stopped piling wood on, collected her carry bag, and started walking toward the wooded area. "...Where are you going?"

Jade said nothing.

"Jade. Where. Are. You. Going?"

She glanced over her shoulder. "To get more fire wood. Like you care anyway." She left him on that note. Had he followed her, he would be in for an earful, but Jade knew he wouldn't be so stupid.

After walking and picking up branches from the ground and keeping them gathered in her arms, Jade was playing her own words through her head, as well as Nido's own. Maybe she was a little harsh, but she didn't want what happened behind closed doors to be open to the public. That was her business. Maybe she just was too old for him, really. About nine-thousand plus years older, actually.

Putting the thoughts out of her head, she busied her mind with her self assigned duties, not letting her mind drift even for a moment. Though, this would not last long at all.

"Jade...? Ha ha ha..."

A familiar voice hissed into her ear. She dropped the branches, and with a gunslinger's speed she drew her staff into a defensive stance. Her green eyes scanning slowly around her. "...Tanya..." She simply spoke out. "Show yourself!"

"Aw. Show myself? What fun would that be? This is the final act, Jade. You need to overcome great obstacles to finally clash with me!"

As her tone lifted, Tanya's image became visible among the trees. Her glowing white eyes leading the way to her...though she was not alone. Several glowing red eyes appeared all around her soon after. Within a split second, Tarkatans burst from the shadows by the dozen, each coming from a different angle to surround Jade.

"Oh great...!" Jade said as she began to spin that staff around with a windmill like speed. Spinning around quickly she jabbed the staff Backward to catch a Tarkatan right through his throat. Her arms thrust forward to catch the approaching enemy before her right in the chest to stagger him back. The moment got tense, however. She was still surrounded with the sounds of blades ripping through their forearms.

A sharp pain shot through her body as a claw scraped across her shoulder blades in a botched attempt to behead her. "-Auugh!" Jade cried out, now whipping around with that glowing weapon, smacking the Tarkatan's across the face with her Staff in a complete circle. The wound along her back dripping her blood slowly across the back of her green top, and bronze flesh. Panting, she watched as the Tarkatan horde started to rise up, though one jumped above the rest, coming down behind her with his blades projected forward.


The blades sunk in deeply... the dirt.

A cloud of green smoke surrounded the now coughing Tarkatan, as his allies began to sniff around for the whereabouts of the Kunoichi. From above, the feared Razorangs shot from the treetops, severing branches and coming to meet the skulls of two of the twelve Tarkatan, putting them away for good. The blood spew from their craniums like water filled balloons with several punctures.

Jade came down, her feet smashing into the guts of the now dead Tarkatan, forcing the bladed Boomerang to pop up from it's face to be used as a weapon again. In their rage, the Tarkata rushed her, only to find that bladed weapon flying again after her leg swung about, kicking it toward them.

The weapon was sliced out of the air, and their pursuit continued on.

Jade took stance once again. "Nido..! Help!" She called out as loudly as she could. Her eyes facing her attackers. "Come on!" She shouted as she sprung into combat!

Hearing Jade's call, Nido had pulled his Lance from the ground, and began to leave the camp-fire. Though his progress was ended by two Tarkatans leaping out to bar his path. Each one chomped at the air, drooling the foulest smelling fluids from their razor-like teeth.

"Whoa..." He said, stepping backward. "...Hey guys. I uh..., was just going to check on my girl back there. You know how that is, right?" He said, as the two began their slow progression to him, highly amused. He could tell they were going to enjoy killing him. "Of course you don't. I mean, who would want a guy with a mug like yours?"

One Tarkatan growled. "What? I'll have you know my wife and I make love constantly, human!" He shook his fist in a threatening manner toward Nido.

His fellow Tarkatan glanced to him. Each of their blades sinking back into their forearms. "Kaizar, you have no wife! Tarana dated you a handful of times, that's it!"

"Raizar! We're engaged! Do you not keep up with the news of our clan?" Kaizar snapped back, now shoving his brother.

"You speak lies! You always try to make yourself seem like the Alpha male when we get in situations like this!" Raizar shoved him back!

He stumbled, but regained himself, letting those blades shoot out of his arms again. "Brother! I have had enough! I challenge you to Mortal Kombat!"

The other responded with drawing his own blades! "Very well!"

The whole time Nido was...sneaking around them. A smack behind the head of one Tarkatan with the blunt end of his lance, then the other would get the same treatment right to the center of the skull, with enough force to shatter it and knock him out cold!

"...Good talk, guys." He stated plainly, now turning to rush to Jade's aid!

Jade was heard screaming out in absolute pain as she went sailing across the ground, landing spine first into a tree, then falling near Tanya's feet. Jade's staff had fallen to the ground, and in the mix of battle, one of the Tarkatans stole her carry bag, in belief he could have held explosives. He carried it with care, watching as the others began to crowd around the downed Kunoichi.

Tanya leaned down, pulling Jade up by her hair to lift her face from the ground.

"...This is the grand finale, Jade. The final act of our story." She spoke in a whisper. "I told you, Jade. Act Two and Three were flukes. You should have killed me long before this play even began..." She then sent Jade's face back into the dirt, coming to a full stand. "Finish her. Bring her belongings to me when you finish." She said in parting, walking through the darkness of the woods.

The Tarkatans crowded around her pulled her up by the arms.

Jade couldn't defend herself...this

The creature holding her carry bag drew his blade from his forearm...leaning in nice and close to Jade's face. His maw opened, and his hideous tongue came outward to lick along the side of her face, much to her dislike, and amusement to his comrades. Drawing back, he gave a mighty war cry, winding his arm back to deliver the killing blow...when he would stop.

There was the sound of glass breaking not far from where they stood.

Jade's eyes opened up, wondering why the deed had not been complete. She then locked eyes with...Nido.

He was far from where they stood – it was impossible for him to run over in time to save Jade's life, and he knew it. The only way he could possibly save her was through sacrifice. The glass had broken over his chest after he slammed it into himself. The Tarkatan essence was on him...and Jade was dropped. The beasts snarled and turned their eyes to him in a deep craze. Jade's carry bag was dropped. They lost their minds, charging him with all they had in their strong legs.

"Jade! Run!" He called out, keeping his Lance pointed ahead.

"Nido! What did you do?" She remained on all fours, eyes wide in shock of what had just happened. The realization sunk, he would be killed!" No! Run, Nido!" She screamed, collecting her staff and coming to her feet. She had to fight with him.

"Jade!" He shouted again, the Tarkatans were closing in. This was Jade's only chance to escape without them on her trail.

Tears welded up in her eyes, she could not stand this sight. Though if they both died...all of Jade's mission would be in vain. Her hands reluctantly collected her carry bag. She didn't want it to end like this...though when the savage attack began, she turned her eyes away and began to run. No matter how he screamed, no matter how horrible it sounded with flesh being ripped from bone, she kept running.

Her eyes blinded to her surroundings as the tears fell. She didn't care if she found Tanya, she just had to get away from this. Jade ran until she heard nothing that had happened behind. Her legs felt like she had run over two miles these last few minutes, now lost deep within the woods. She slowed down...falling to her knees.

The tears had reddened her eyes, streaming down freely. She felt horrible. So many things left unsaid. So many feelings left unexpressed. Apologies unheard. She would have to live the rest of her life knowing their last conversation wasn't a confession of true love, but an argument born of insecurity and stubbornness.

She cried for several minutes...trying to find the strength to go on and go after Tanya. She would pay.
Side Event: #03: The Deadly Alliance

[Outworld; Night. The Deadly Alliance Stronghold]
The rain had poured down over the battlefield in great torrents. It drenched the kombatants as they did battle against a great horde of Baraka's forces. Lord Raiden fought alongside that of Princess Kitana, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Sonya, and Jax in their pursuit to end the Deadly Alliance. However, even their combined strength was proven to be too little against swarm after swarm of these savage beasts.

Near the battlefield there lay a stone stairway, leading up to the large walkway and doorway to Shang Tsung's palace. The Deadly Alliance stood at the top of these stairs, watching the great battle at the foot of the stairs far below. They wanted to see their victory unfold before their eyes.

Though, Raiden did not wish to allow the sorcerers to get away injury-free. In the heat of battle, Raiden sent a great blast of electricity through the mass of enemies, quickly turning to Kitana with a hand at her shoulder. "Go!" He shouted out to the Princess. "Kung Lao! Assist Kitana! We will keep these creatures at bay!"

"Right!" Lao had just tossed his bladed hat, cleaving through a duo of Tarkata throats. "Come, Kitana!" Kung Lao shouted, once retrieving his hat from the air, placing it back on top of his head.

As Kung Lao went for the stairs, Kitana had just taken a step back from her battle with a Tarkatan. She had to get around it before she could make a safe passage to follow Kung Lao. "A little help...!" She called out, just before a loud robotic sound came near her ear.

The thick metal arm of Jax had shot forward, smashing the Tarkatan's face concave in a single strike! "Got'em! Go ahead Princess!" Jax's deep tone called out, rushing deeper into battle.

"Right!" Turning, Kitana rushed to try and catch up with the Shaolin Monk. Skipping a few stairs in her ascension, she would finally catch up with him on the long, flight of stone steps."We must take them on separately!" Kitana spoke, over the roar of the thunder above. "I will leave Shang Tsung to you, Kung Lao..." Kitana wasn't sure she could, even with Bo' Rai Cho's training, take on the shape-shifting sorcerer. Had he transformed into Liu Kang in a fight with her, she wasn't sure she could fight onward with a focused mind. Quan Chi had a hand in this – she would feel some form of vengeance by ending his life.

The monk glanced to Kitana as they ran, then back ahead of himself. "Then Quan Chi is yours to defeat."

As they got closer to the apex of the stairs, they would see the Deadly Alliance turn their backs and begin to head toward Shang Tsung's palace. The raindrops having drenched Shang Tsung's red robes, and make Quan Chi's pale features glisten in the dim moonlight.

Once at the very top of the stairs, Kitana drew her bladed fans before herself. "Quan Chi! Shang Tsung!" She shouted out to gain their attention. "This ends here, tonight!" The flash of thunder almost drowned out her voice, but the duo of sorcerers

Shang Tsung and Quan Chi looked over their shoulders in unison. The bearded sorcerer seeming the most amused out of the two of them. "...Ah...the brat and the side-kick. It's a pleasure to finally see you two again." Shang Tsung spoke as he turned about fully to face them, Quan Chi still standing off to the side.

"No words, Sorcerer. I challenge you!" Kung Lao pointed to Tsung, "To Mortal Kombat!" His eyebrows were deeply lowered. Each of his eyes burning with an intense hatred that was boiling deeply within his soul. There was no peace here, death was a guarantee.

Though Shang Tsung's amused features dropped a bit, more into annoyance, Quan Chi would now be the one amused. "Hahaha! So, the two of you wish to challenge the Deadly Alliance in a battle to the death?" He took a step forward, with those dual blades of his drawn from his back. The moonlight reflecting so beautifully from the razor sharp weapon "Scorpion may have made this an even fight, but now he is dead! You stand no chance, fools!"

Shang Tsung placed his hand at Quan's shoulder, taking a brief glance, only to face the opposing kombatants once more. "They have a chance, Quan Chi." His words puzzled his fellow sorcerer, but he continued. "Give them hope. It will feel much better when it all slips away from them. Just as it did Liu Kang..."

That did it, " Enough!" Kitana shouted out, running across the drenched stone walkway, screaming as she rushed Quan Chi. She saw Kung Lao pop up in the corner of her eye behind Shang Tsung, kicking him forward with great impact, though that split second of her attention being split nearly cost her.

The sword of Quan Chi swept through the raindrops, just barely missing Kitana's throat. Surprised, she stumbled backward as he progressed. Her eyes were on his eyes, looking for any sudden movement that would give away his next target on her body. She watched his opposing arm slice through the air once more while he progressed, doing his best to behead her.

Though Kitana was far too agile for such a quick death. She ducked beneath the arm, slicing her fan across the stomach of the pale warrior, drawing a red gash across his torso. She felt satisfaction when he stumbled back away from her to gather himself. With this opening, Kitana jumped to Quan Chi with a solid kick to his jaw with similar impact to that of Liu Kang's own.

The harsh blow forced Quan Chi to spin and fall to his front, dropping each of his blades. With those out of the way, Kitana could do more damage. She didn't allow him to breathe – her fans flew to the space between his hand and separated blades, making him think twice about regaining those weapons. Perhaps it was a mistake, but Kitana had no time to think. "Sorcerer!" She cried out, taking to the skies again, coming down with her knee aimed for Chi's prone body.

Though a sharp pain zipped through her leg when she found her knee meeting nothing but stone, breaking a bit of her skin to create a cut along her right knee. Wincing from the pain, Kitana turned her head to seek Quan Chi, soon finding a foot smashing right against her face. "Auh!" Kitana called out, though as she fell to the side, she felt another sharp pain impact her face from the ground.

A large green skull ripped through the ground and sent her flying upward. She could feel the cracks forming along her jawbone from the sudden impact, her vision going in a flash of green. As her body arched backward, her long hair came into the possession of Quan Chi. The yanking of her roots made her scream out once more, sailing back over to the stairs.

If she fell down these stairs, she was surely going to die. Her balance training taught her to tuck her knees inward to redirect her weight and the gravity around her to take control of her momentum. She landed just a half of an inch from the first stair's curve, right on her feet, each arm of her's wiggling about to maintain her balance. Her heart thumping a mile a minute when she saw Quan Chi rushing her head on.

Her head and torso moved about to avoid Quan Chi's attempted punches to her body to push her over the edge, though one blow landed right against her chest. Kitana reeled backward, reaching out of desperation to grab Quan Chi's shoulder armor, threatening to pull him down with her should she fall! As she hoped, Quan Chi struggled to stay on his own feet, ultimately giving her the momentum to get back into the safe zone. Kitana shot her body forward, crashing her forehead into Quan Chi's own. The collision made her vision spark black for a split second, and the apparent pain shared between them making them each share a grunt of discomfort.

Quan Chi had stumbled backward while Kitana remained on the very edge of the stairs, preparing to step forth.

"Try this!" Quan Chi said once his footing was regained. His hands moved rapidly in the torrent of rain, white figure becoming nearly invisible in the sudden flash of lightning. Quan Chi fired a green skull Kitana's way, that split off into a trio!

With her eyes wide, Kitana ducked down and folded her arms inward to avoid the projectile sailing over her head, and grazing over her shoulders. Yet another Skull came in low, and Kitana sprung up, leap frogging over the projectile, now safely away from the stair edge. Though she would be shocked to find a barrage of green projectiles zipping directly for her torso and legs in succession! She bent backward to begin a back flip, letting the first projectile sail over her body. As she flipped, she pushed her body upward to avoid the impact on the ground. Once again on the edge of the stairs, Kitana glanced back for a split second, leaning backward while a much larger skull came her way. She arched her spine elegantly, leaping back and placing her palms on one of the stairs while Quan Chi's energy sailed into the stormy atmosphere.

In a kneel, Kitana looked about herself along the stairs for some form of a weapon. Perhaps a rock or – no! The Sorcerer stood at the edge of the stairs, finally spotting her! "You cannot escape me!" He announced, gathering energy to fire a row of three skulls down onto her.
Her agility saved her once more, as she took to the skies while Quan Chi's energy did significant damage to the upper stairs. She landed beside him, right hand swinging in a high arc to the back of his neck. Though she swept her hand through the air, Kitana looked down as Quan Chi ducked under her arm, going to aggressively spin his foot toward her face.

The Edenian princess made sure Quan Chi hit nothing but raindrops, and find the princess crouched down behind him. She waited for his turn before her fist arched up, scraping across his torso and right beneath his chin! "Hah!" She cried out, watching Quan Chi soar into the air, and come down into the settling debris of the stairs, falling down them.

She had vanquished Quan Chi – now to focus on Shang Tsung and Kung Lao! Seeing the two still going back and forth in combat, Kitana made her way to her fans, still embedded in the ground. Though when she reached them, a great wall of emerald green bones ripped from the ground, barring her path. Somehow, the sorcerer had managed to survive his fall, now leaping Kitana's way from the stairs.

Though as he landed, she turned sharply with a fist digging deeply against his solar plexus. All the aggression, hatred, and pain she had felt from Liu's death felt as if it all escaped into that single blow. She let Quan's feet touch the ground, though a second punch would impact his face. It left the scar of punishment on his white features, the same kind of scar they left on her heart with their actions. Her knee came up, cracking against his chin, forcing out dollops of blood from his mouth and nostrils.

As he fell onto his back, Kitana lost herself to rage. She mounted him, wrapping her hands around his throat. She squeezed with all her might, knowing very well she could rip his head from his shoulders. She watched him struggle – reach for her head and neck, but she kept them away. He tried clawing at her face, but to no avail. Kitana's eyebrows furrowed down deeply as she watched his face grow blue from lack of air.

She could feel his life slipping between her fingers. The rain beating down over her body, as her own tears started to stream down her face. This felt good. This release of anger. "I rot in the netherrealm.." She whispered, applying more pressure, hearing Quan Chi choke on his own blood and the rain beating down on him. "You used my sister..., conspired with Shinnok and turned Tanya on killed..." She felt his motions of his hands growing weaker. "Liu killed the only man I've ever truly loved! Why? For power? For personal gain? Do you not know that Shang Tsung nor yourself can be trusted?"

Kitana pounded Quan Chi's head to the pavement forcefully. "He would have betray you as soon as this was over...,as you, with him!" She barked out, applying all her weight against his throat. His eyes were starting to glaze over as he struggled to breathe. "Goodbye, Quan Ch-"


Kitana's mouth suddenly dribbled blood that would splatter down against Quan Chi's body. Her eyes wide as the pain wasn't immediately apparent, due to her pumping adrenaline. She looked down, seeing a curved blade beading with her blood, ran through her torso. She looked to Quan Chi with wide a second blade ripped through her chest.


Kitana screamed out in pain as her hands loosened from Quan Chi's neck. One of his skeleton minions had finished her off...and she never saw it coming. She was lifted from the ground with each blade ran through her...then dropped to the side in a pool of her own blood. Coughing, Quan Chi came to a stand, holding his bruised throat.

"...You little ..!" He shouted, kicking Kitana right in her waist as she was laying face down. Quan Chi stood over her, lifting her up by her long, wet hair. His hand on her crown, and the other on her chin. He pointed her to the still combating Kung Lao and Shang Tsung. "Such a shame for such a fantastic body to rot here..." He whispered down to her, rubbing his face against her hair. "Perhaps I will make you my doll, in death. I've desired this body far too long." He gave a deep snarl, forcing her to watch the battle a few moments more, until Kung Lao realized what had happened.

"-Kitana!" Kung Lao shouted, but it was too late.

Everything for Kitana went black after a sudden snap rang through her ears...

Side Event: #04: Failure of a Friend [ Shortly after Kitana's death, Raiden's defeat, and Onaga's rise]

The great blast over the horizon had gotten Jade's attention. She had gotten word from Raiden where the fight would be taking place, but Jade was very caught up in finding Tanya to finally extract her revenge for her betrayal and for the death of Nido. These bottled up emotions made her a living wrecking ball, though she maintained her stealthy ways.

Bodies and body parts of Tarkata lay strewn across the ground while she progressed toward the now ruined palace of Shang Tsung. She arrived...too late. She saw the body of Sonya Blade laying with several puncture wounds on the ground, and Johnny Cage's own form over her's, seeming to try to protect her. Jax was also along the ground with his fist driven through the torso of a Tarkatan, though he had bled to death from several wounds on his body. Jade walked carefully...eyes wide and watering from the carnage left of her allies. She couldn't look any longer. She turned her eyes to the stairs, drawing her staff in the case there were any enemies left. She emerged up the stairs at a fairly quick pace..though she slowed at the very top.

There in the rain lay Kitana...bled out with her head twisted beyond it's limitations. Kung Lao lay not too far off with a blade protruding from his spine. Heartbroken, Jade felt her ultimate failure sink into her heart again. Several people had died because of her neglect. Her childhood friend...gone without a goodbye. A friend she could have protected if her ego and anger had not gotten in the way.

"Kitana..." Jade whispered...kneeling down beside the body of her friend."...I'm so sorry..." She hung her head...doing her best to keep her tears at bay. The ground shook. Jade's eyes were drawn away from Kitana, and to the massive figure approaching. She hadn't the slightest idea of what it was, though it did not seem very friendly at all. Moving with the wisp of the wind, Jade hid herself in the shadows of the ruins...watching with the silence of a mouse.

She saw the large dragon-like figure approach the bodies...holding a large golden amulet in his hand. Within lights overtook Kitana and Kung Lao's bodies...fixing their wounds and righting their bones. The bodies of, Jax, Johnny Cage, and Sonya were also brought before the massive figure, being floated up from the foot of the stairs.

"...My soldiers." The booming voice spoke, "We will meet within the Living Forest as our attack begins. You will spare no one." He ordered, as each of the Earthrealm warriors, and Kitana nodded obediently. "I will await you there." He said in parting, massive wings propelling him upward while his 'soldiers' began to move with urgency away from the temple ruins, on route to the Living Forest.

"'re alive again?...What are you doing...?" Jade said to herself...silently moving from the shadows of the ruins. They were going to attack something...or someone? Jade could not allow this, though she stood no chance in fighting them all. She did not wish to kill Kitana or their friends!

She had to do what she did best – track them in stealth...

Side Event: #05: The Deception Begins
[ Not long after Onaga's return ] ; EDENIA, Night

It was a long count down...but Mileena was about two days from the end of her sentence. She remained well behaved, and hopeful that her sister would return in due time. Though...she was having nightmares. She kept seeing Kitana getting hurt...she kept seeing bad things happening. She found herself trying to connect with Kitana's mind in her sleep, and nothing truly came of it. She was worried...and despite her desire to end her sentence early to search for Kitana, she kept her word. She would leave not a day early, but on time.

Though a sudden scent of blood filled Mileena's nostrils. Her yellow eyes bolted open as she sprung to her feet. Her body went against the bars of her cell, looking around frantically. "Guard! We're under attack! Run!" She called out, though the man protecting her private cell in the secret passage way was not there. Where was he?

Mileena panicked – until the door swung open. The guard held the keys in his strong grip, slamming the door behind him. "Lady Mileena! We must get you to safety!" He announced, trying to seal the door up. Though before he could make many actions a thick spike ran through the door, invading his facial features and right back out the other end.

Mileena's eyes went wide in horror, backing into the further reaches of her cell. Her heart pounded in her chest, it was Baraka. She knew his armor's foul smell of blood. The door was broken open, and there he the torchlight and still as hideous as she could remember; Baraka.

"Mileena!" His deep, animalistic tone barked out to her. Approaching her cell, he made short work of the lock keeping her caged in. "Come! We've been seeking you to join us." He gave a motion of his head to his former 'partner' in crime, though their relationship was usually more 'off' than 'on'. He noticed Mileena wasn't moving from her position in the corner, so Baraka proceeded inside. "Woman! I said come with me!" Baraka barked again, sinking his blade back into his forearm, just to swat the back of his fist across her jaw, sending her spinning into the wall with a cry of pain. "Do you defy me!"
Mileena hissed at Baraka, turning about, wanting to protect herself, but she had no leverage. Even if she killed him, she was so overridden with fear and emotions that she would be less than formidable against an entire horde of Tarkatans. "Don't touch Mileena...!" She barked back at him, though it gathered her another set of knuckles against her face. She staggered into the opened bars, stumbling to fall on her backside on the stone floor.

Baraka stood before her, letting those blades erupt from his thick forearms.


"You have two choices, Mileena. You either join Onaga's forces with me, or you die!"

Mileena was feeling horrible. She was out of her cell, and now being forced to join those she swore to never assist again. Mileena wanted to resist, though death would solve nothing. She would die before her real life ever could not do that. She had to rot this alliance from the inside-out. Though she had so many questions...what happened to the Deadly Alliance...? "M-Mileena will join!" She held her arm up to shield herself from potential cuts.

Baraka still didn't trust her. Though one of those arms sucked the blade back in. With the said arm, he reached out, pulling her up by her ragged dress. "Come. We will meet Onaga!"

Mileena was sure the magic spell keeping her features beautiful would fade soon due to her betrayal. She felt awful inside. Though she was glad her veil was still covering her features. As Baraka lead her through the secret passageway halls...members of his Tarkatan horde would be pulling the now shackled Queen Sindel. In passing, they locked eyes.

"...Kitana..?" Sindel spoke weakly, as they passed one another. She was only attacked with a club as a result of her speaking from one of Baraka's men.

Mileena looked away, not being able to bare the sight of Sindel being attacked. Not only that, but for the fact that she was hoping to meet mother the correct way. Even if things were fixed, she was quite sure Sindel could never come to trust her.

Mileena just needed time to plan...
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Chapter ?:Further into Deception


"Bring her before me." Onaga's commanding tone rung through the throne room.

The very deep tone was enough to draw Mileena's yellow eyes from the ground. She refused to look up, all while Baraka dragged her along.

"Lift your head, woman!" Baraka barked. Mileena refused to do so and became unresponsive to his tightening grip. "Then you shall greet the ground first!" With all his strength, Baraka tossed Mileena to the ground, nearly flat on her face.

She grasped the floor, her hair like curtains on either side of her face. She coughed, pushing herself up onto one knee.

"You are worthless...!" Baraka shouted, a single blade erupting from his forearm. He held it high above his head, prepared to strike Mileena down once and for all for her blatant disrespect to his master!

"Stop." Onaga commanded, stepping down from his throne. His lips tightened against the other, glaring deeply into the eyes of his faithful soldier. "Step away from her!"

The command was obeyed without delay. The razor mouthed creature however still had his eyes on the floored kunoichi.

As she looked up from the ground, Mileena got herself to her other knee. She couldn't attack Onaga. She would die in vain, and not be able to assist Kitana nor Sindel. Had she attacked Baraka, she surely would have been killed by Onaga in the process. She may not have been very book-smart, but Mileena had gained a reputation from being the ultimate opportunist.

"Woman." Onaga addressed her, "You are commanded to pose as Princess Kitana. You will lead the Edenian Forces. Keep them busy..., I've much energy to regain and I will need time."

Mileena remained at her knees, gazing up at Onaga so that he could see her face. She looked him in his eyes. As imposing and as threatening as they looked to others. Mileena saw nothing but cowardice. Though she needed this coward to escape with her life.

"You will accept, or I am afraid a painful death is in your immediate future..." His throat rumbled toward the end of his words, having heat building up behind those talon-like teeth.

"Mileena accepts." She spoke after a moment of silence. Coming to her feet, she shut her eyes tightly, focusing herself. "I am Princess Kitana. Edenia will not stand for this threat. We will prosper and rise to the occasion." Her voice was spot-on with Kitana's. Though Mileena had a hard time speaking this way naturally, emulation was her best friend. Understanding was a bit tougher.

"Haha...very good." The Dragon King was pleased, stepping back to sit at the throne he had conjured up for himself upon his arrival. "We will stage the 'defeat' of my army in your favor Kitana. From there I trust Edenia to you and your abilities. Keep them away from my growing palace...lead them to their deaths." His sight shifted to Tarkatan leader. "Baraka."

"My lord?"

"You will work with her. Formulate plans to lead the Edenian forces to crushing defeats."

"Yes, my lord."

It was just then, the black and gold clad woman stepped inside the throne room. The devious Tanya was all smiles to see the scene unfolding before her. "Well, well. If it isn't the actual likeable Kitana!" She gave a small clap of her hands. "Maybe this time you won't get fooled into a cage..."

Mileena growled, trying to hold her tongue. Though the foulest of thoughts were already filling her mind about Tanya. Even when Mileena hated everything Kitana stood for, she never enjoyed Tanya's company. Even among the darkest of souls, there was always someone who was just an asshole.

"Baraka, always good to see that handsome smile.." Tanya shot a wink to the warrior, who seemed to share the same displeased expression as Mileena. The woman just rolled her eyes, "Tarkatans." She muttered beneath her breath, "My lord, the portal to Outworld is ready. The prisoners are all locked away, and we have Sindel very well guarded."

"Very good." Onaga gripped the ends of the throne, getting to his feet. "Baraka. Escort Kitana to her new quarters."

"Yes, my lord." The faithful Tarkatan scooped Mileena up from the floor, gripping her arm as tightly as his grip would allow. "Come!" He barked at her, dragging her along with him into the halls. Regardless of her importance to Onaga's plans, she was still just Mileena to him. "What has come over you, woman? Do you not wish to become a true Tarkatan warrior?"

Mileena was silence, she kept her head down. She just wanted to get back to 'her room', so she could think.

"This is why the females are not allowed to fight alongside the men! Your emotions will always be your downfall!" Baraka marched hard, going directly to Kitana's former room. Once allowed in, Baraka shoved Mileena inside with all of his might, casting her onto the floor. He proceeded inside, drawing a blade out from his right forearm. His rage was once again taking control of him. Weren't the women the ones with emotional issues? "Do you not wish to be a true Tarkatan?"

She had to lie, or risk actually killing Baraka. "Mileena does!" She hissed, pulling herself onto all fours, starting to gain her footing to get onto her feet.

"Show your face! You do not wear the once beautiful face you possessed!" He reached in, grabbing her about the throat. Despite how she thrashed and tried to keep him away, he cast aside every effort to hide her features away. Though one of Mileena's kicks into the side of his ribs forced him to break his grip on her neck!

As she dropped back to her feet she tried to get distance between the two of them, though that was easily thwarted once Baraka's left hand got a full grasp of her hair. Screaming, Mileena was held off of the ground, her feet dangling. She began to struggle, but stopped once the sharp tip of Baraka's arm blade touched her lips. The razor slid past her lips, resting against the corner of her mouth. She froze, even in knowing she could regenerate.

"Now…to make you beautiful. You hideous waste of space…." He growled, his eyes reddening, nostrils flaring with excitement. Was this an aphrodisiac for him? The terror he saw in her face had his blood pumping, his teeth were grinding as his grin grew wider. Though while he started to cut at the corner of her mouth, her pained scream was dulled by the entry of one of Baraka's soldiers.

"Sir! We've been infiltrated!"

"What?" Baraka drew his blade back, dropping Mileena down to the floor. "Do not come to me! Handle it!" He started toward the door, now with both blades of his arms drawn forward. "Out of my way!"

Mileena sat upon her knees, holding the side of her slightly torn mouth. Though it bled, the flesh began to connect together again, though it was painfully slow. "…Baraka…" She hissed to herself. She would get rid of him once and for all…one day.
Side Event: #06: Rescue

Tarkatans fell like zapped flies along the guarded 'secret' halls. Blood pooled along the sides of the floor, as the quick Kunoichi made extremely short work of her foes with bladed boomerangs. She wasted no time breaking through the door using the torso of a Tarkatan at the tip of her staff. As the door came down, Jade spun her weapon about, expecting more of the Tarkatan Horde inside. Though she was shocked to see just who was protecting Queen Sindel.


Granted her body was still damaged from her death, though her eyes and bodily aura were radiating green. She was possessed – this was not her friend. Jade had a split second to decide what her actions would be. Her loyalty was with Edenia at all times, so this made the possessed princess an enemy of the realm.

"Release Queen Sindel!" She spoke out with authority in her tone, though she knew this would only rouse Kitana to attack. Once the enslaved Princess put her guard up, Jade held her ground. She knew her bladed weapons were out of the question – as well as the fact more Tarkatans were well on their way.

"Jade! Please leave us! Do not harm Kitana..!" Sindel reached between the bars, hoping to reason with Jade!

The kunoichi quickly responded. "My queen, I cannot do such!"

Kitana only hissed and snarled, incapable of human speech. She was devoid of her former life, and only obeyed Onaga's will! She charged her friend wildly, spinning her fans with a force that would lift Jade from the ground! However, when Kitana went to follow up, she would be shocked to find that Jade came prepared with a bag of tricks!

The green clad Kunoichi launched a small orb from her palm that exploded on contact with Kitana's face, creating a burning haze that made the possessed princess collapse to the ground screaming in agony!

Wasting no time, Jade landed and rushed Queen Sindel's cage. She broke the lock with several jabs of her empowered staff. Forcing the door to swing open. "Come!" She grabbed Sindel, had she been willing or not!

"But Kitana..!" Sindel wanted to save her daughter as well!

Jade, as loyal as she was, was far too motivated to leave here with at least Sindel alive. She was the Queen, afterall. She swatted Sidnel across the face with the back of her right hand to slap some sense into her. "Kitana is dead! Edenia cannot afford to lose you with her!" She yanked Sindel along, racing through the bloody halls. As she erupted from the secret passage, she heard the roaring of Tarkatan forces on rapid approach.

Jade looked left and right, seeing the nearest window was close to the throne room. "Hold them off!" Jade rushed the window and stopped right in front of it. Repeated jabs broke the window down eventually, letting her see just how long the drop would possibly be.

Sindel on the other hand, still in awe that she had been struck by one of her subjects, turned her anger elsewhere to be more constructive with it. As the Tarkata approached, she took in a deep breath. Releasing a scream that rattled the entire castle's foundation, and painted the walls with the horde of warriors blood. This of course roused the Dragon King's full attention!

By now, Jade had broken the window down fully, prepared for their quick escape. "My queen!" She called out to Sindel, motioning her over quickly!

Though the Queen's ears were popped from her own voice, it was difficult to catch Jade's words. Though she turned to see the green kunoichi move her hands toward the newly crafted exit.

Stomping into the hall, the great Onaga snarled in anger to come to realize Sindel's escape. "Stop them!" He barked out to the Tarkatans who kept their skulls – Baraka being one of the few. Tanya froze in place at Onaga's side, meeting eyes with Jade.

Though Jade's soul burned with anger, she turned to grasp Sindel as they sprung from the window. Using her energy, Sindel propelled them through the sky at increasing speeds, soaring away from the castle where even Edenia's best ranged weapons could not touch them!

"We must escape to another realm!" Sindel announced. She hoped Jade had an escape plan fully in mind!

"To Outworld! The portal I snuck in should still be open!" Jade's stealth allowed her to track Kitana's possessed body down to the Edenian Castle. She was thankful she arrived when she did… "It was not very long ago!"

"My daughter…what…" Sindel's confusion was apparent, "What has happened to her?"

Jade's voice began to trail off as her sadness played on her exposed, lowering eyes. "What once happened to you, my queen…what once happened to you…"
Side Event: #07: Weeks later

It had been two weeks since the escape of Sindel. 'Kitana' had her orders directly from Onaga to help train and prep the combined Edenian, Outworld, and Earthrealm forces to their crushing defeats at the blades of the Tarkatan horde. She was to only lead them in the right direction when the army was full enough to do significant damage to the resistance once they were all killed.

Mileena had everyone fooled. She wasn't even sure herself how she pulled it off in the emotional state she was in. She wasn't even aware of the possessed warriors that Onaga controlled…especially Kitana.

Though tonight, in the wilderness, Mileena didn't retreat to a quick sleep. Knowing her guards were protecting her tent, she still didn't feel safe sleeping without her veil. She wasn't sure when the magic holding her face together would run out. She wasn't even sure if the mages realized it was her…or if she was to betray them.

Though a lot had been on her mind. She sat up in her tent and grabbed a piece of paper that was lofting around her war strategy notes. She began to write…as best she could…

"For the last few weeks one of the soldiers has come to visit me. He is very polite and treats me a little different than I thought I would be treated. Everyone else is quick to hail me and quick to say nice things. They only obey because of my status.

Though one of Earthrealms warriors that joined the army that I am in charge of is very special to me. He sat down and talked to me about the weather and said some funny things that made me laugh. He helped me feel better after feeling very stressed doing this job my feet were hurt because we walked so far to meet up with the rest of the forces and he gave me a foot rub it was nice.

He told me that I didn't have to call him Sub Zero because that is just a code name I thought it was his real name ha ha. His name is Kuai Liang but when he became grandmaster they called him Shikai which is the name of the brave ice king that led his people from corruption. He said he doesn't like always having other people’s names which is funny because I feel the same way now when I used to like it a long time ago.

I feel a little strange, but I have to write this down because I want to remember it if anything bad happens and I don't want it to im tired of running in circles. I am happy I get to call him Kuai Liang or just Kuai because it makes me feel special. I wish I could tell him the truth then maybe we could still be friends. I really like him though he is always at my side when I need him and he is very involved in the cause. I don't want to see him die. Baraka wants to finally meet for the army extermination. I can't let him hurt Kuai Liang. I have to get him out of danger.

As long as I am Kitana, he will talk to me, and that's all I really want. He doesn't hurt me or hit me or give me reason to want to betray him I feel like im a frog and he is a princess or prince because I cant imagine him wearing a dress ha ha.

Well I need some rest. The big battle is very soon. When I read this again it will be because I hid it somewhere safe and hopefully I can show Kuai what I wrote to tell him the truth how I feel because it makes my tummy feel strange when I see him sometimes like butterflies are in it and I don't eat bugs.

Ok goodnight


As she began the process of folding up her paper, when she heard a voice outside of her tent that made her sit up straight.

"Is the princess awake? I must have a word with her." Shikai – Kuai Liang's voice was heard.

Before her guards could answer, Mileena quickly hid her note beneath herself as she sat. "Y-Yes! Allow Sub-Zero entry!"

"Yes, your highness!" Quick to agree, the guards parted ways to allow the Lin Kuei Grandmaster his entry into 'Kitana's' tent.

Mileena remained seated, tossing her blanket over her legs so that it seemed natural for her to remain seated. "Kuai, to what do I owe this visit?" She cleared her throat – it was sounding a bit more like her normal tone at first!

"I heard rumors that a Tarkatan tried to ambush the camp. I came to be sure you were alright." He took a look around, inspecting the place from where he stood to be certain she was in no immediate danger, or hidden dangers. "You wear your veil to bed, Kitana?"

Nervously she chuckled in response. "It's a measure to keep bugs from it." Resting her hands neatly in her lap, she proceeded. "I am fine. I was unaware of such an attack." Though this was telling her Baraka's men were getting impatient. How could he just attack like that? "We should move by morning. More could come."

"Indeed more could come. I think we should move now." He came to kneel before her, resting his forearm across his propped knee on the same side. "After that ambushing Tarkatan was defeated, I took a few of my warriors, Master Bo Rai' Cho, Li Mei, and several of the Edenian and Outworld soldiers from the camp to the far southern end where the enemy came. We found a good number of soldiers waiting. We destroyed them all without casualty. We followed the methods you covered in their training, along with some of my own command..." He trailed off, feeling as if he'd underminded her authority. "Forgiveness for my actions, Kitana. I simply had to act to protect you and the others."

Mileena's eyes were even wider now. The attack Baraka planned was over? They killed the extermination squad? Unless they killed Baraka with them…she would be in major trouble. "…We will leave, then. I will need some time alone to consult with the gods. Move forward and I will meet you near the Beatle Lair. We will progress with our plans…to Kahn's fortress." She felt a rush of adrenaline. They defeated the Tarkatans under her methods of attack? In combination with Kuai's? She truly had a successful outcome…and it was hard to believe! "And it is alright. You did the right thing, Kuai. I am thankful for it."

"No," He said reaching out for her hand. "No thanks is needed." He placed his other cool hand atop her knuckles. "You are always welcome, Kitana. My loyalty to you is…slowly exceeding its boundaries."

"Kuai Liang…" She was stuck by sudden bashfulness. She looked away from him, feeling those butterflies return to her stomach. Though she had to be in control. She had to be strong. Kitana wouldn't be swept away so easily, would she? "We must keep this within boundaries. We can't let emotion interfere…with…our goals forward." Maybe this is what it felt like...what Kitana felt whenever Liu Kang was near.

The longing.

The trust.

"We both are tired to pretend someone we are not, Kitana. We've spoken of this."

The fear.

"You know you are not one to be able to shoulder burdens alone, though you must appear to be. While I have grown tired of being a tribute to those before me, rather than be myself." He lowered his eyes to their clasped hands, then back up to her eyes. "Kitana…, I am not saying this because of your loss of Liu Kang…, to be honest I never saw a bond between us in our past meetings. There's just something about you that is very different when you allow yourself to be yourself…and I…enjoy it."

Mileena wanted to enjoy his words, but the more he said, the more he hurt her heart. Had he fallen in love with Kitana? When she would reveal herself…she knew he would denounce all emotion toward her. "Enough, Kuai Liang." She spoke out, restraining the pain in her chest best she could. "…I must…collect my thoughts. We…can speak on this when it is over."

"…Yes, we can." Bowing his head apologetically, Kuai Liang released her hands softly. "…I am sorry…if it is too soon, Kitana. It was foolish of me to say such things."

"Only fools would lie," Words tasted bitter on her tongue, "Your words…are very appreciated. It is…just a tough time for me. Though I am glad you could be honest with your emotions with me…" She paused a moment, retracting her hand. "Rally everyone to move forward. I will catch up in due time. If I am gone longer than an hour…, I know you'll come for me."

Placing his fist over his armored chest, Sub-Zero nodded. "I will come for you. I will try to ease my worries until then." His fist came back down while he came to stand. Once up, he took a glance over his shoulder to the folds of the tent. "I will get ready. You should hurry to complete your prayers where it is safe. If something goes wrong, just yell for me."

"I can handle myself, Kuai Liang."

"I know this." He stated with a chuckle. "Be safe, Kitana." His fist once again came to his chest as he bowed forward slightly. "Be stealthful as the night."

He taught Mileena this early on. She returned the gesture, bowing her head forward. "…And deadly as the dawn."
Chapter ?: Everybody Dies
The Evil Forest; MILEENA

Into the night, 'Kitana' went. She separated herself from the others almost as soon as Kuai Liang went out to inform them of the averted Tarkatan attack. They had their orders; to rendezvous with the Thunder God Raiden, and take their orders from there. 'Kitana' on the other hand…had something to fulfill of her own. She had to make sure that no Tarkata under Baraka's direct order was left alive.

Though her sense of smell was not as keen as a full blooded Tarkatan, she could pick up on their scents, knowing when one was at least in the area. Though in this case…it was two. She clutched the handles of her Sai in each hand, progressing deeper into the forest. Though the stench of death was ominous, she maintained her confidence to handle the situation. Was Baraka among these two beasts? She had yet to find out. They all smelled similar, to her.

She stopped in her tracks…sensing that she had been in danger. One was on either side of her…possibly preparing to attack. Narrowing her eyes, she focused in on each of their scents. In her head, she quickly ran simulations of how she would attack in such a formation – and before she knew it, the two warriors rushed from either side of her. They sprang into action with their blades held high. An annoyed sigh left Mileena's lips when she recognized just who they were. She simply vanished from sight, dropping down from the treetops to drive her heel into the back of the left Tarkatan's skull, driving him headfirst into the other's skull.

After the two fell to the ground, Mileena stood victorious over the two, with her hands at her hips. "Kaizar! Raizar! I demand you deliver a message to Baraka! That is…if he still lives…"

"Augh! I told you! She has some trickery about her! Some kind of magic!" Kaizar groaned, rubbing his forehead.

Raizar wasn't so sure. Though he knew his brother really drove the idea home on Baraka. "No. She is still the same. My skull would be in fragments had she used a spell…"

"Spell? She doesn't need a spell! If she did it again, your head would pop!" Kai sat up, glaring at his brother. "Look at her! She's a witch! Shang Tsung's abomination!"

As soon as Kaizar finished speaking, Mileena kicked him directly in the center of his face in anger. Each of her sai were drawn soon after, while the Tarkata rolled around holding his nose. "Listen, idiots! Does Baraka still live?"

"My tooth!"

"Silence, Kaizar!" Raizar looked back toward Mileena, then her sai, then her breasts, then her face. "…What?"

"Idiots!" The bottom of her Sai handle would then crack over the top of Raizar's head! "Does Baraka still live?"

"My head!"

"Shut up, Raizar! I'll answer it!" Kai said, favoring his broken tooth along the front of his mouth. "Baraka lives. What is your message, witch?"

Rai groaned as he sat up, holding his head. "Never start with the head…the victim gets all…fuzzy…" He muttered beneath his breath.
"Shut up! Both of you!" She drew each Sai beneath each of their chins. "Tell Baraka Mileena will meet him at Beetle Lair. He has half an hour to respond, or Mileena shall take her new army and take Kahn's fortress in the name of Edenia! We will negotiate further plans at the lair…" She narrowed her eyes at them. "And tell him Mileena has a list of those to be spared should we reach an agreement! Should any of them be harmed or killed, Mileena will destroy the Tarkata as a race! Understood?"

"Yes, it is understood, Tarana." Raizar shook his head, "I mean, Mileena."

"How dare you speak my girlfriend's name to such a woman!" Kai shoved his brother as they sat side by side.

"I thought she was your wife! Besides, I'm fuzzy in the head…"

"I challenge you to Mortal Kombat!"

"Both of you, SHUT UP!" Mileena yelled at the top of her lungs, loud enough to send the flesh eating vultures in the tree tops scattering.

Evil Forest; BARAKA
( Minutes Later)

"So…, Mileena desires to meet, then?" Baraka spoke as Raizar knelt before him. His brother was off with the medics to pull the rest of his broken tooth and tend to his busted nose as best they could. "It seems she thinks me to be a fool…"

"General Baraka, " Raizar spoke up, "I do believe Mileena does not possess any special magic. Though I do not think it wise to meet with her in person. She said she wanted to…'discuss' who would be 'spared' shouldyou reach an agreement."

This proposal had gotten Baraka's attention - -though he thought the same initially at any rate. "We need our finest negotiator on duty in my place. Did any of our espionage survivors bring any vital information on her camp?"

"Sir," Raizar nodded, "They come in great numbers. Though we out number them by a minor margin. The Lin Kuei Grand Master has seemed to grow rather close with her. We have recorded a number of visits to her tent."

"What?" Baraka leaned in, growling toward Raizar. He grasped him by the throat, bringing him to a stand. "Has he been making love to her? Has he touched Mileena?" He shoved the warrior back toward the ground, drawing a blade from his right arm. "Tell me everything!"
Coughing, Raizar tried to gather his wits as the warriors camping with them began to gather. "No sir! Nothing of the sort was reported! The survivors only reported visits. Though he seemed to be courting her, sir…"

Baraka's blood boiled. For years he had despised the Lin Kuei warrior for dishonoring such a man as Noob Saibot. He also hated that the Lin Kuei under Sub-Zero's rule had a tendency to kill his soldiers in combat. Now he was trying to take his woman? He would kill the both of them for such an act!

"Send Slauda. Kill Mileena. Send some men to attack the rest of Mileena's forces!" He looked around at all of his Tarkatan soldiers. "Three Million Koin to the man who brings me the head of Sub-Zero…. Ten Million alive…" He glared down at his blade…having intentions of slowly dissecting the warrior.

"Sir!" They all spoke in unison, saluting their general as he turned toward his younger warrior among them. "Slauda. You know your mission. Give him my spare armor. Now!"