Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

Searching for one old image that I post, with sub-zero and scorpion-like DJ's but... it's gone, and I saw this old discussion and just wanna add that when I saw the game for first time I was knowing that they got inspired for Sonya from Cynthia Rothrock. I'm 99% sure of that.

^Yeah, MK1 had that "Big Trouble in Little China" and "Enter the Dragon" feel to it.
Rayden and Shang Tsung= Big Trouble in..., Liu Kang = Enter the Dragon, Johnny Cage = Bloodsport,
Kano = Terminator, Sub Zero (name only) = Running Man, Sonya in alt. costume = Red Sonja (lol, probably not)

Anyway back on topic,
I think having Goros' legs a bit longer then on the stop motion puppet was a good call.
Even some images in the game have Goro with longer legs, like his statue in the Warrior Shrine:


They are slightly different other then just the legs, even tho' both images are cropped from
the pictures of correct aspect radio. Here's another picture of Goro stop animation puppet,
not sure if this one's been posted yet:

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Ah, on one hand, it's good because we can see how amazing can be this game but on another hand, it's sad because all the work that invested here ... other people gather their applause like some shitheads like " Team Eyeballistic " .. who da F are they ?

Yeah it's unfortunate. I really wish it could have gone another way. But that's in the past now, I believe our next game is going to be better than any MKHD remake ever could. It's going to be a game lots of fans of the original MK and Killer Instinct games will cherish.
The version that everyone loves to play (GameMaker) was the earliest version we'd built so it has lots of bugs. The Unity version is the more complete and less buggy version. So yeah you'll definitely find some bugs in that GM version. The Unity version should be just about flawless but not as fun since it's only Sub-zero vs. Ermac(Subzero).

However there is some fun to be had if you do Sub-zero vs. Ermac (CPU). We're proud of the AI we had built for that.

Hey all,

I was playing this game online with my buddy and co-host FataLKaDe (yep, playing it online!) and we managed to pull off this really cool glitch with a frozen Scorpion. Check it out!
Hey Everyone,

I think it’s been nearly 6 years ago that I joined this forum and replied to past posts to give input and help the project. I can see you’ve come along way since then and hope you find the success you were looking for in building a MK HD remake. I’m saddened the project hasn’t received the full support of Warner Brother’s and curious to see how this might develop in the future. Reading over every post over the last few months trying to catch up with where you are all at on the project has definitely left me a little brain fried for sure. I hope it’s not dead in the water no matter what.

Since you’ve started your own company I hope to see great things from you guys. I would be happy to help in anyway I can if you are still 100% working on a complete HD remake for MK1, MK2 and MK3 ultimate or if you are working on something even better.

In the meantime I put a Mortal Kombat Cinematic Universe Fan Casting page up. See link below.

This is by no means official, but would love to get as much community feed back as possible.
If you are interested, please up vote/ down vote actors for each role or add suggestions for actors you think would be a better fit for each role. All I ask is to please imagine if you were casting for a big budget series of Mortal Kombat films. Imagine who would you like to see in each role, how those actors would balance with each other on screen and what you want to see in the story. I’m hoping if we get enough support that this might be something that can be sent to Ed Boon, NeatherRealm Studios, Warner Brothers, James Wan and Greg Russo.

Thanks for all of your hard work over the years.

If there is anything I can do to help further the project please PM and I will respond right away.

Best regards!

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Hey guys. A google search lead me here and man this thread is impressive. I was wondering if you guys knew who this guys was or if anyone had a comparison pic like the other pit bodies. Thanks