Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

because I’m also very sad about the end of this project, they should launch nonprofits to show the job well done after all moo and free ... many others are doing projects without any problem but the same as the one they started has no equal ... many fans are waiting for this beautiful project to come back at least they finish Mortal Kombat 1
here to pay my respects i followed this thread for a long time... my only means of internet was a psp lol i used to refresh and see the new assets the boys were working on... had no idea there ended up being actual convos with WB wtf!!! deserved tho there was so much hard work done looking forward to seeing what comes next from this team <3 good to see yous are still working
Nice that you came with petition at least. I got chance to discuss over lazy MKHD makers on several forums. I hope it won't be allowed by WB, since we don't need MK with plastic graphics and wooden physics.