Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

]{0MBAT I meant to ask have you made any progress identifying the original object that was digitized for the statue of the bald bearded guy in a robe in the MK2 Wastelands?

I've always been particularly fascinated by that statue and would love to have a better look at the original piece. It has such an otherworldly and sinister feel. Though I wouldn't have the first clue of where to start looking for it, other than I guess asking the MK2 team if they remember what it was or where it came from.
Well I haven't managed to track down that robed bearded wizard statue from MKII's Wasteland, but judgment_fist found a 3D model of a statue in one of the games, and extracted it for us to view it more easily. Now it's pretty different from the one found in MK2's Wasteland, but it seems like it might have been inspired by it. Check it out. I have high hopes we'll find the original some day.

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I know your are not releasing more images and info about the project here. And that you created a studio. Does this means you're going to a legal path, meaning you cannot use Mortal Kombat name and content? So, you're making another game based on MK and this project of an unofficial remake is dead?

I legally can't comment on this until early 2019.
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calactyte has addressed the issue, the project isn't dead it's still progressing, but updates are no longer being made public. all will be revealed in time. better to take a long time and do it right than rush it and end up with a mediocre product.
hello friends, I always follow here you would like to know if it is possible to post at least one video? how is the progress of the project because the post is a long time in stand by
Hey everyone, I love kitana, meelena and jade outfit in MK 3, so sexy, but when losing head, their body only stand. Can someone make some gifs of their body falling sprites like Sonya in MK1 does?
Hey guys,

Today I managed to track down the exact image of the moon used for Mortal Kombat 3 (in the Graveyard and Bell Tower stages). Here’s the original, hig-def image used and the MK3 sprite they used, and the original for comparison.


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Here is an enhanced version of the original HD image, Photoshopped by JustMKollum to resemble the MK3 one we love so much!


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So the project died........

game over..

Ok, so I've constantly seen you post negative comments regarding the current state of the remake, it's NOT dead, give it time, we got one more month until 2019 so hopefully we can get some news update about it