Mortal Kombat: Escaping Hell

Hey Toxic remember this story!?

Just thought i remind you :laugh:

I've got so many other projects that this one got left on the back burner for a while. However, due to a severe case of writers block on my main project, I will be working on this story and one other for the time being.
awesome news. Cant wait to see what ermac dows next

y u maek spelling mistake!!!!!1!!!!!11!!!1

I'll start the next chapter right after I finish the first chapter of Mass Effect Prime: Fusion Protocol.

Mass Effect Prime: Fusion Protocol is a new crossover series between Mass Effect and Metroid.

You can read it here.
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i forgot about this story had to read chapter 2 to understand the storyline again :laugh:

Toxic please continue this :)
Heh, remember when I said I'd continue this after the first chapter of MEP:FP? I do. Turns out that I lied. I honestly don't know when I'll get the next chapter out. However, I do have quick interlude revolving around Quan-Chi for you to read. Enjoy it in all its briefness.


So... He survived. The tattooed sorcerer grimaced as the projection in front of him displayed the warrior who had arrived not long ago. This would complicate matters. It is my own fault, he criticized himself. My own fault for sending Scorpion instead of someone more... reliable. Lately, the specter that was once Quan-Chi’s primary assassin had been harboring doubts. He hid them of course, but Quan-Chi could see all that went through his creations heads, and Scorpion was no exception. He is nearing the end of his usefulness, the sorcerer admitted to himself, and though the specter’s loss would indeed be a blow to Quan-Chi’s forces, he was not irreplaceable.

Maybe this intruder dealt with him for me... It would certainly make one of his tasks easier. The projection flickered, and a new image was displayed, Scorpion’s limp form splayed across the screen as it lay slumped against a stalagmite. For a moment, Quan-Chi thought him dead, or whatever passed as death for an undead wraith, but a sudden twitch of his arm indicated only unconsciousness. Judging the scene before him, Quan-Chi quickly decided that whoever this intruder was certainly knew their way around combat. He would make a good servant once dead. A suitable replacement for the last one.

“Moloch!” he called out, his command immediately bringing the large oni before him. “I need something taken care of. Go to the Lake of Fire immediately. You will find Scorpion there, unconscious. You know what to do.”

The oni grinned wickedly before exiting the room, heavy footfalls echoing off the nearby walls as he marched towards his destination. With it’s target wounded and unconscious, the massive oni would be more than capable of the task assigned to it. And if he failed... Quan-Chi laughed, a dark and bitter sound, as he considered the prospect. The sorcerer had the brotherhood of shadow for a reason. His problems would take care of themselves. There was no reason to become any more involved than he already had.

Besides, he had much more pressing problems that needed to be taken care of. A flash of light later, and the sorcerer was gone. It was time to begin his own project.


Not much, I know. But I'm having so much fun writing my other story, that it's hard to write anything else. Hopefully it'll keep you satisfied for a little bit at least.