Mortal Kombat: Escaping Hell

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Chapter One: Part 3

Raiden listened thoughtfully as Ermac finished his story. It made sense, but there was one thing that the telekinetic warrior hadn’t explained. “I believe your story, but I don’t think you’ve told me everything. What does King Jerrod have to do with this.”

“Jerrod?” Ermac began. I-” Raiden cut him off.

“Both Sonya and I heard you say his name before you woke up.”

“Oh...” Ermac had wanted to leave that part out. It sounded far-fetched to say the least, and he wasn’t sure how is guide would feel about being revealed. But now it seemed like he had no choice. “He’s... He’s my guide, I think.”

“He’s your... guide?” Raiden asked, completely baffled. How could a long dead Edenian king be Ermac’s guide? he asked himself.

“He was one of the souls inside of me," Ermac explained. "When Shao Kahn’s control was broken, he beat the other souls in the battle for dominance. When I woke up in the subway station he... spoke to me.”

“But Jerrod’s been dead for centuries! Shang Tsung only created you recently.” Raiden felt a pang of guilt over his use of the word 'created'. If his story was true then Ermac was no longer just a weapon created by Shao Kahn's sorcerer. Still, he had to get the point across. “Are you sure it was him? Not someone else? I don’t see how-” Raiden didn’t get to finish his last sentence. A deep, almost booming voice cut him off.

“Raiden, I am the true Jerrod,” the voice stated, his voice echoing across the rooftop.

Gasping in surprise, Raiden looked around the area. The voice had come from Ermac, but he knew it wasn’t Ermac speaking. “Jerrod?” he asked, his tone respectful. “How are you speaking through him?”

“Ermac did not lie. I am one of the many souls inside of him. I have taken control of his body for the moment, to discuss things with you.”

“What manner of things?” Raiden asked.

“My family.” he stated, a hint of desperation evident in his tone. “I need to know what happened to Sindel and Kitana.”

* * *

If there was ever a question that Raiden had not wanted to answer, it was this one. How do you tell the disembodied voice of King Jerrod that his wife had slaughtered most of Earthrealm’s defenders, including their daughter? Then he had to tell him that Quan-Chi was now in possession of their souls, and had corrupted them for his own gain. All while Jerrod was in control of an exceptionally powerful telekinetic warrior. The prospects were unsettling to say the least. After a long period of silence, he finally answered. “They were killed by Shao Kahn, along with the other Earthrealm defenders,” he confessed, purposely leaving out Sindel’s involvement in their deaths.

“I see...” was all Jerrod replied.

“You don’t sound surprised.”

“As a result of his connection with Shao Kahn, Ermac had many memories of his invasion of Earthrealm. But I had to know for sure.”

As Jerrod finished speaking, a long period of silence ensued, everyone waiting for someone else to speak. Finally, Sonya, who had been quiet until now, spoke up, her words directed at Raiden.

“Aren’t you going to tell him about...” she paused, searching for the right words, “about what happened... after?”

Raiden sighed. It was a subject that he had wanted to avoid. It caused him enough pain as it was, and he hadn’t had family among those that had fallen. He didn't want to image what the news would be like for one who did. But Jerrod had heard Sonya, it was unavoidable now.

“That’s not all, Jerrod. Their souls... Quan-Chi has them. Has them in the netherrealm.”

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“No,” Jerrod protested, disbelief apparent in his voice. “That’s not possible! How could he have gotten their souls? Someone would need to have taken them by force and the only one who could have done that is Shang Tsung, who would’ve kept them for himself.”

And now I have to tell him anyway... Raiden thought to himself. All that time spent dancing around the issue of Sindel’s involvement had been utterly pointless. I knew I would have to tell him sometime. No point in avoiding it for any longer. Taking a deep breath, Raiden began to speak.

“Kitana was killed with the rest of the earthrealm defenders as a result of one of Quan-Chi’s spells. The spell was one designed to resurrect Sindel and corrupt her mind. Her mind was wiped of her past memories, making her believe that she had always served Shao Kahn. When he ordered it...” Raiden paused, not wanting to continue. Strengthening his resolve, he spoke again. “When he ordered it, she killed them all without a second thought, taking their souls through a device given to her by Kahn himself. In the process, Sindel herself was also killed.”

Jerrod wanted to protest against Raiden’s speech. To deny everything he’d said. Yet he couldn’t. Not when he knew it was true. Even in death, Shao Kahn had still managed to steal everything from him. Still, he couldn’t give in. There had to be a way to bring them back, to free their souls and bring them back to earthrealm or the newly freed Edenia. “Can’t the elder gods bring them back?” Jerrod asked.

“No,” Raiden answered. “I’ve already petitioned them. All they said was that we would have to find a way to free them on our own. I’ve thought about sending someone in to try and free them, but with the netherrealm still hostile, anyone we send in would be attacked on sight. With our strongest warriors corrupted to serve Quan-Chi it would be impossible to free without a large scale invasion. As much as it pains me to admit it, I can’t see any way to get them back.”

The earthrealm defenders are effectively enemies of Quan-Chi and can’t be sent to the netherealm with any chance of living. We can’t use force to get them back, but infiltration... “What if we infiltrated the netherrealm?” Jerrod asked Raiden.

“Who do we have that could get in without being detected?” Raiden asked, intrigued by Jerrod’s idea.

“Nobody from earthrealm could get in undetected, and the residents of outworld aren’t likely to help us, but there is someone you haven’t considered.”

“And who is that?” Raiden asked, still intrigued.

“Ermac. He’s been a dedicated servant of Shao Kahn for his whole existance, excluding the few hours he’s been awake since Kahn’s death. The only people who know of his change in allegiance are you, the woman beside you, and the souls that reside inside of him. If he offers to join Quan-Chi, it is doubtful the sorcerer would ask many questions.”

The idea is sound... Raiden admitted to himself, and it is far better than anything I’ve come up with. But I’m still not sure if I trust Ermac. “So you will control Ermac and take him to the netherrealm?” Raiden asked, hoping the answer would be yes.

“No,” Jerrod responded. “Ermac is no longer a puppet to be controlled by those stronger than him. He will have to decide for himself whether or not he wishes to help us. However, I have a feeling that he will say yes. He wants to prove his allegiance to you.”

“I suppose it’s the best chance we have of getting your family and the defenders of earthrealm back. I can open a portal to the netherrealm for you, but you’ll need another way to get in, to provide an excuse for Quan-Chi. Fortunately, the leaders of the special forces have been constructing a portal to the netherrealm with my guidance. Tell him that you got in that way, after that you’ll be on your own.”

“Very well. I’m releasing control over Ermac’s body, and will not be retaking control again. Give me a few minutes to explain our plan before trying to talk to him.” Jerrod released control over Ermac’s body, and withdrew into what was effectively his conscience. He waited the few seconds it took Ermac to regain control, before speaking to him. “Ermac, I took control over your body for a short period of time in order to convince Raiden that you were no longer an enemy. During that time a number of things were revealed to me, and we came up with a plan that would not only prove your loyalty to the forces of good, but would weaken the netherrealm, and substantially boost earthrealm’s defenses. However, we weren’t sure if you would be interested in volunteering.”

“Why do you need me?” Ermac asked.

“Because you are the only person who could safely infiltrate the netherrealm without attracting to much suspicion.”

“You want me to infiltrate the netherrealm?”

“Yes,” Jerrod answered.

“Without any help from the other realms?”

“It is not an easy mission. It will be excedingly dangerous. That is why no one is forcing you to go. You are your own person now Ermac. You are no longer bound to the servitude of Shao Kahn. You can make you own decisions without them being forced upon you by others. I will not take control of your body again, no matter what decision you make. It is understandable if you do not wish to undertake this kind of mission mere hours after being freed from Kahn’s influence.”

Ermac pondered Jerrod’s words for a few moments. I can make my own decisions, regardless of the opinions of others. The will of others no longer dictates my actions. Raiden and Jerrod are asking me to go down there, not forcing me, and they’ll let me go my own way if I don’t go down. With these realizations in hand he made his decision.

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This is really interesting. It is very well written. Can't wait for the next part. Keep up the good work!
Here comes the last part of chapter one. Enjoy!


“I will go,” Ermac told Raiden, slightly surprised by the forcefulness of his own words.

“You will?” Raiden asked, trying to keep the surprise out of his voice. I hadn’t expected him to agree, let alone agree so quickly. “If I may ask, why do you want to help us?”

“For all my existence, I have been controlled by Shao Kahn, forced to destroy anyone who opposed him. I’ve done bad things, things I regret doing, but I can’t change that. Now, I finally have the ability to make my own decisions, to atone for the things I did under Shao Kahn’s control. This freedom is a luxury for me, and now that I can finally make my own decisions I want to make sure they’re the right ones.” Ermac had never felt more confident then did as he finished his speech. Every word he’d said was true, and if Raiden didn’t like his answer than he'd would just have to find another way to get down to the netherrealm and free the earthrealm warriors.

Wow, Raiden thought to himself. I had expected a simple answer, something like “It’s the right thing to do,” or “Jerrod asked me to.” But he truly wants to do this, to do the right thing and make up for his past actions. I guess Jerrod was right, Ermac is the right person for this mission. “Very well Ermac, you can take some time to prepare, I’ll open the portal when you’re ready.” As Raiden finished speaking, he heard Sonya quietly whisper something to his ear.

“Are you sure this is a good idea Raiden?” she asked.

“His words are truthful. Ermac is trustworthy and will be an asset to the defense of earthrealm.” Raiden spoke loudly so that Ermac could hear him.

“I guess... but what if you’re wrong?”

“I’m not. He wants to help, and he has Jerrod in their with him to act as his guide.” Ending his brief conversation with Sonya, Raiden looked towards Ermac. “Don’t you have anything you need to get ready?” he asked him.

“No, I have everything I need. I can leave as soon as you open the portal.”

“Then wait no longer.” With a wave of an arm Raiden opened a glowing orange portal in the air beside him. “Go through here and find Quan-Chi. You will need to gain his trust before you can try and free our warriors. And remember, you entered the netherrealm through a prototype device built by the special forces.”

“I will get them back,” Ermac stated, determination in his voice.

“If anyone can, it’s you. Remember, I have complete faith in you, but once you're in the netherrealm, you will be on your own with only Jerrod as your guide. Neither I nor anyone else from earthrealm will be able to assist you.”

“I understand.” With those words, Ermac stepped through the glowing portal, travelling vast distances in seconds. Suddenly, a bright light appeared in front of him and Ermac found himself in the most hellish place he could ever have conceived. And he was not alone...

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I've been somewhat enjoying your story toxic but I have to say... I think you missed the ermac image intention lol...

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I've been somewhat enjoying your story toxic

What's this "Somewhat enjoying" business? My story is completely perfect!

Nah jk I know it's starting off a bit slow but I have to build up the story. I promise there will be a lot more action in the next chapter.
I have been reading lol. But I'm just being honest man. I enjoy it enough to keep reading. But it's not a page turner lol. Like that one story where you are still up at 2a.m. when you gotta work at 5a.m. but you still want to know what happens NEXT!

Your writing is well done. keep it up. To be fair alot of stories don't become page turners until like half way into it lol.