Mortal Kombat: Escaping Hell


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It’s very difficult to feel comfortable when you’re standing on what is essentially a tiny stone island surrounded by fire, lava, and piles of tortured corpses. Even more so when a group of humanoid demons are slowly advancing towards you, crude weapons tightly gripped in their hands. It’s on that Ermac was worried per se, but he had intended to keep a low profile, and a fight against hordes of common oni wasn’t a great way to start a stealthy infiltration.

Maybe I can talk my way out of a fight, Ermac thought to himself. Stepping forward, he tried to make his voice as intimidating as possible. “You will let me pass. I have business with the sorcerer Quan-Chi.” Finishing his statement, Ermac listened as the wretched creatures quickly argued among themselves. After a few seconds of guttural growls and snarls one of the oni finally stepped forward, puffing his chest out in an attempt to look imposing. Unfortunately, dressed in what barely passed for rags, is succeeded in coming across only as comical.

“You are not from Netherrealm!” it shouted, more in snarls then actual speech. “Sorcerer not see other-realmer’s!”

Why can’t anything ever be easy? Ermac asked himself with a sigh. “If you don’t take me to him then I will find him myself.”

“You not find Sorcerer!” the oni growled. “We kill you first!” As the oni finished it’s threat, the rest of the pack charged forth excitedly, obviously ecstatic at the chance to rip something apart. Watching as the horde of demons charged towards him, Ermac braced himself for the coming battle.

* * *

“Master,” the yellow clad ninja began, “it would appear that a warrior from earthrealm has made it to the netherrealm.”

“How did he get here?” the tattooed sorcerer asked.

“It would seem that a portal was opened from earthrealm to our own. The warrior is currently engaged in a rather one-sided brawl with some common oni.”

“It is obviously one of the earthrealm defenders. When he defeats the oni I want you to finish him.”

“As you wish.” In a burst of flames the yellow-clad ninja vanished, re-appearing next to the stone island where the warrior from earthrealm was preparing for his first fight in the netherrealm.

* * *

The first oni quickly reached him, thrusting forward with it’s crude spear in an attempt to impale Ermac’s side. Easily sidestepping the weak attack, Ermac grabbed the end of the weapon and quickly snapped it in half. The owner of the weapon had just enough time to stare at the now useless shaft of his weapon lamely before a brutal stab buried the missing spear-tip deep in it’s eye, killing him instantly. The quick death of their comrade did not deter the horde in the slightest as they continued to charge forward, focusing only on the warrior in front of them. Another two oni reached him, both swinging wildly with their own weapons. Dodging the unbalanced swings, Ermac quickly dashed forward, grabbing both monsters by the neck before telikinetically throwing them into the approaching horde at breakneck speeds, tripping up many of the lead troops.

Too easy, Ermac thought to himself. They’re nothing more than animals. As their numbers quickly fell, the demons realized that charging in a straight line wasn’t working. Using their limited intellect, one of them came up with the ingenious plan of attacking all at once, as a team. It was something never heard of before in oni society, a highly experimental tactic, but the tried and true method of charging, tiring, and overwhelming their opponent with sheer numbers wasn’t working. The oni quickly fanned out, attempting to surround the warrior in front of them. Confident that they had him surrounded, they charged once more, all converging towards a single point while swinging their weapons wildly. Their new tactic was infallible. Even Ermac couldn’t defeat so many demons at once. Seconds later they were upon him, weapons swinging wildly as the crude weapons bit into flesh, blood spraying in every direction.

Meanwhile, Ermac was standing on another rocky island, watching as the demons mercilessly slaughtered their own ranks. As the oni had developed their new strategy, it had suddenly occurred to him that he could just teleport somewhere else. When the demons charged, they mistook the bright green of his teleport as another attack, and wasted no time in hacking into the already gone warrior. It’s been at least half a minute and there are only four of them left. Have none of them realized that I’m not even there? He was about to go back to the island, if only to put the stupid creatures out of their misery when a voice behind him nearly caused him to jump.

“They’re stupid creatures, aren’t they?” The voice had a bitter edge to it. One that radiated of great sorrow, great regret, and most prominently, an unsatiable need for revenge.

Turning around, Ermac quickly identified the figure in front of him. Dressed like a ninja, and clad entirely in yellow and black, the man was holding a kunai spear in one hand, while holding a curved blade with the other. As he sighted the new arrival, only one name came to mind.


I know you're all probably wondering why the hell it took me so long to get 850 words out, so here's your answer. I mentioned earlier that I was juggling a bunch of stories I think? Well as disappointing as it sounds, this one does come a close second to that one in my priority list. But don't worry, I'm finishing this chapter before going back to that story. So anyway, there's a post reply button down there that's getting very lonely and is in desperate need of a hug. By hug, I of course mean a click of the button, a typing of a response, and a pressing of the submit button. Now... look out for the next part for even more fighting!

Oh, and I know next to nothing about oni, so I took some creative liberties. From what I read they were basically the netherrealm version of vorcha, so that was my inspiration. If I screwed up too badly please let me know.

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Good update Toxic, the fight scene was quite well written and descriptive!:)

Also here is a brief explanation on all things related to the Netherealm if you wish to strictly adhere to the Mk lore.

The Netherealm is usually accessed through the nexus. However sorcerors and deities can teleport there via teleportation and using alternate portals only know to them. For a being to enter the Netherealm in his living form, he must be corrupt and his soul must be tainted, without which he cannot exist in the netherealm. The portal from the nexus leads directly into the city of Nekros.

The city of Nekros was built by Shinnok during his reign in the netherealm along with Quan chi, the Brotherhood (clan of half demon, half human hybrids) and other sorcerors. The city was built to replicate the cities in earthrealm. It is here that the Brotherhood of the Shadow, sorcerors and those loyal to shinnok made their base. The city also serves as a safe haven for sorcerors, as the evil taint of the netherealm does not consume their life force nor drain their powers as long as they are within the walls of the city. The city also protects them from the unruly oni who resides beyond the walls of the city. The 'Festival of torture' is a famous festival celebrated at the city, where the inhabbitants watch as they burn dead bodies.

Outside the city, the Netherealm consists of many layers and sections (about 20 layers). All deceased souls and entities who have committed major crimes are banished here, into various layers depending upon the severity of their crimes (1 being the lowest and 20 being the highest). Demons, Wraiths and Spectres are the native species of the netherealm, and they usually torture the souls of the dead for eternity. Sometimes, the souls of the deceased are so corrupt or if they had died with extreme emotion and a unquenchable thirst for revenge, their souls atune to the darkness of the realm and they get reborn as demons/wraiths/spectres. A few notable inviduals include Scorpion, who had died a vengeful death and got resurrected as a spectre with the help of Quan Chi. He is known to have been resurrected at one of the deeper layers due to which he can withstand the torturous nature of the realm. However the exact layer where he got resurrected isnt specified. Other individuals include Noob Saibot and Drahmin ( formerly a warlord from outworld) both of whom were reborn as a wraith and Oni respectively at the 17th plain of the Netherealm.

Across the various layers of the city, structures known as 'Soul stones' were built by Sorcerors millenia ago. The soul stones helps those sorcerors and magic users to replinish their power as their power gets drained away slowly outside the city of Nekros. They usually keep their power intact by travelling from soul stone to soul stone. However no soul stones are present beyond the 4th plain of the Netherealm.

Iconic locations at the netherealm include the bridge of immortality, chamber of dismembering, Shinnok's spire and the prison of souls.

The prison of souls and chamber of disemebering are located within the city of Nekros. The Brotherhood offers dead bodies to the Oni who reside outside in return for their agreement to stay out of the city. All those souls who have been wrongfully claimed (that is they are not meant to be in the netherealm and instead, ascend to the heavens) are kept prisoned in the prison of souls. The Chamber of disembering is a torture chamber where those who defied shinnok or quan chi are sent into the chamber for disembering and are then released outside of the city walls for Oni to feast on. Other notable individuals at the Netherealm include Moloch (Oni), Sareena, Kia, Jataaka (all three of them are demons, now serving the brotherhood. Their prolonged existance in the city of Nekros gave them a more human like appearance), Reiko (an army general at outworld, joined the brotherhood after Shao Kahn's fall) and Ashrah (a former member of the brotherhood who defected and now slays its members with her heavenly sword so that she can ascend from the realm).

The only known mortal who was able to venture deep outside the city of Nekros and return back alive was Shujinko. His acts during his time with the Lin Kuei tainted his soul enough to venture deep into the realm.

Taven too had ventured in the realm. However his half god like status allowed him to venture freely. Raiden too have entered the realm on various occasions.


Hope this helped, and maybe it will help you more, further into the story. :)
^ Not a nerd, A BOSS.

Finally you update your other other story. I enjoyed the read and hope more to come. Also Epic cliffhanger for the win.
@F jinko

Well Ermac was evil for a while there under kahn's command and he's probably got some very tainted souls in his body too, so I think I can make that work. I guess we can also say that he's just outside the city, and A's such the realms life force Draining environment thing isn't too affective. thanks for all the info though. That'll help out a lot.
Another update, another fight scene. Who's fighting? Click the spoiler button and find out in the next installment of "Mortal Kombat: Escaping Hell!" Also, comment and review. You may not realize it, but even just taking the time to tell me you liked it encourages me to write more. If you tell me some things I can do to improve the story than that's even better. For us writers feedback makes the world go 'round. With that out of the way, I present to you:


“We don’t get many visitors down here, especially from earthrealm. I’d be interested in knowing how you got down here, but Quan-Chi doesn’t like people from earthrealm, and asked me to take care of you.”

Well he’s intelligent at least. Maybe I can talk my way out of this one. “I’m here to see Quan-Chi for... business matters.”

“Business? Not that you’d succeed with your attempt, but I’m supposed to prevent assassinations.”

Well he took that the complete wrong way.

“Now,” Scorpion began, readying one of his blades in front of him, “Why don’t you come stay here permanently?”

With a sigh, Ermac readied his powers, creating a glowing veil of green energy around his body. He braced himself, waiting for the chance to dodge the inevitable spear throw. He was not disappointed.

In a flash of steel, the kunai blade shot towards him, covering the distance between them in less than a second. However, that split second was all Ermac needed. His speed enhanced by the energy coursing through his veins, he was able to barely sidestep the approaching weapon, grabbing on to the trailing chain as it passed him by.

Surprised by the maneuver, Scorpion was unable to resist as he was yanked forward by his own weapon, and left off-balance. A flurry of punches and kicks greeted him, leaving him somewhat dazed as he brought his arms up to block. The damage done was only superficial though, and Scorpion was far from being out of the fight. Ducking down, he attempted to sweep his opponents legs from under him, before canceling his attack and sending a kick towards Ermac’s chest.

Ermac, expecting a low attack was knocked onto his back. He had attempted to jump the leg sweep before realizing, too late, that the attack had been but a feint. His back on the ground, Ermac did the only thing he could. He teleported.

The sudden disappearance of his opponent took Scorpion by surprise, and he was still scanning the area when a loud crack reverberated throughout the cavern. Glancing up, Scorpion was shocked to see a pointed pillar of stone crashing down towards him. Without thinking he did what any person would do; he ran like hell.

With a shattering crash, the natural torpedo obliterated the stone platform that had served as the two warriors battleground, blasting fragments of stone all around, and leaving a few chunks of rock as the only remnants of the stone island, now replaced with a massive fallen stalactite. Standing on top of the stone pillar was none other than Ermac, now scanning the area for any sign of his foe. Huh, attempting to blow up the cave ceiling did work, and I guess it took care of Scorpion too. Now I just need to figure out how to get to Nekros. Suddenly, a brief feeling of pain stabbed through Ermac's body, reminding him of one of the other dangers of the Netherrealm. I’m not that far from the city, but I can still feel my lifeforce draining. I can’t have any more distractions. Suddenly Ermac noticed a presence growing behind him. Another horde of oni was gathering behind him, leaving him with only one direction left. “Well I’m not going that way,” Ermac said to himself, speaking out loud.

“You’re not going this way either.” The sound of a familiar voice chilled his blood.

* * *

Ermac was lifted off his feet, as Scorpions familiar figure emerged from a fiery portal, kicking him in the chest and knocking him backwards. Wasting no time in getting back up, Ermac hastily throwing a telikinetic push at the ninja. It worked, but the attack lacked focus and only managed to throw him a few feet backwards. Still, it was enough time for Ermac to shake off the surprise from Scorpions previous attack and regain his senses. He must have teleported at the last second, Ermac thought to himself. Or maybe he just can’t die, I’m not really sure. Either way, I can’t stay out here much longer. With Scorpions element of surprise gone, both opponents were now on equal ground, each cautiously circling the other.

Suddenly, a glowing ball of energy shot out of Ermac’s hands, rocketing towards Scorpion. Easily sidestepping the projectile, Scorpion laughed, and Ermac noticed just in time the flames suddenly shooting up from the floor beneath him. Instinct saved him, as he lifted himself into the air, barely avoiding the rising flames. However, as he focused on avoiding the flames Ermac’s mind failed to take note of the flash of steel approaching him.

The blade hit him in the shoulder, embedding itself in the limb. Suddenly Ermac was yanked forward, lurching towards his opponent before landing in a heap in front of him.

“I expected better,” was all Scorpion said, as he pulled out a sword and swung it downwards for the killing blow. He had already won, now all that was left was to finish his opponent. Another victory for the Netherrealm... or was it?

As his hand guided the blade downwards, it slowed, encountering invisible resistance as it carved it’s deadly path. Before he could react, the blade had come to a halt and then changed directions. His own hand was being pushed towards his body, carrying the blade with it. He tried to drop the weapon, but the invisible force applied pressure, keeping his fingers clamped around the blade. He was helpless. He felt the blade touch his body, and he knew that it could easily cut through the armour-less apparel he wore. Then, just as the blade broke skin, it stopped. He had just enough time to wonder why he wasn’t dead before he was shot backwards with incredible force, crashing into a stalagmite and falling into unconsciousness.

Look out for part three tomorrow! There might be even more fighting! (Or their might not, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what's going to happen in that scene)

EDIT: Fixed the lack of italics during thoughts and made a few edits for ease of reading.
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Great update Toxic. The only question I have is when Ermac was talking to himself after he knocked down the pillars, why didn't you add something to clarify that he was doing so? After he said "Huh?" It would have been helpful to add a phrase like "As Ermac thought to himself." To let the reader know that he was thinking. That's the only thing I wanted to point out
Great update Toxic. The only question I have is when Ermac was talking to himself after he knocked down the pillars, why didn't you add something to clarify that he was doing so? After he said "Huh?" It would have been helpful to add a phrase like "As Ermac thought to himself." To let the reader know that he was thinking. That's the only thing I wanted to point out

Yeah, I just remembered that copy/pasting to TRMK removes italics and stuff. I'll fix that in a bit, but I'm really late for something right now.

Glad you like it though.
Time for another update! It's a shorter one but it's also the end of the chapter, so... yeah. Enjoy.

Chapter Two End:
* * *

Picking himself up off the floor, Ermac grimaced. The mental tug-of-war over Scorpions sword had taken a toll on him. His head was screaming, the torrent of pain reminding him of the dangers of over-exerting his powers. Still dazed, Ermac stumbled over to Scorpions limp form, trying to decide on exactly what to do with his now unconscious assailant.

He attacked me first, Ermac told himself. That gives me plenty of reason to kill him. Killing one of his best warriors probably isn't the best way to gain the trust of Quan-Chi. Add to that my overused powers and killing him really doesn't seem like that good of an option. Reaching his decision, Ermac left Quan-Chi's servant where he had fallen, alive but unconscious, as he set off again for the gates of Nekros.

Another stab of pain, though weak and quick to pass, reminded him of the deadly atmosphere of the realm he now walked. His steady walk quickly turned into a run as he desperately tried to escape from the place sapping his life-force. Thankfully there were no more oni to impede his progress, a sure sign that the city was near. It was the only place the denizens of the Netherrealm dared not venture.

Just a little bit further, Ermac told himself as he ran forward. I will not die here, he repeated to himself, despite the fact that he wasn't actually in any danger of dieing soon. It would actually take at least another hour before the life draining effects of the hellish realm really took hold, but that knowledge did little to soothe the mind when ones body could feel it's life being sucked out from within.

As he ran forwards, Ermac noticed a gradual change in his surroundings. They seemed like they had been worked more, less natural. Almost there, he told himself as he crossed a bridge that was definitely not a natural construction. Then, as if appearing out of nowhere, the city was there. Twisted spires impaled the air above them, their imposing figures leering down at the outsider, daring him to come closer. A massive gate, equally imposing with the many spikes jutting out of its stone walls, blocked the entrance to the city. The flaming corpses impaled upon them are certainly a nice touch, Ermac thought to himself, both intimidated and disgusted by the horrifying display.

The bridge across was no less intimidating. Spanning over a wide river of lava, it was constructed of both stone and what looked to be... corpses? Sure enough there were even more bodies smashed between the rocks.

Do they build anything without dead bodies? Ermac asked himself, disturbed by the site in front of him. Just ignore the 'decorations,' he told himself. Get across the bridge, get through the city, find Quan-Chi, and mount a suicidal rescue mission. The faster you get all that done, the faster you can leave this place. Putting on a facade of confidence, though whether it was for himself or anyone watching him he wasn't quite sure, Ermac took his first steps across the demented construction before him.

Suddenly, Ermac stopped. He could here a low rumbling noise and it seemed to emanating from the bridge. Last thing I need is for that hellish thing to drop me in a pit of fire, but how else can I get across? His headache had died out, but that didn't mean his powers would be safe to use yet. If the bridge starts crumbling then I'll have them ready, but I don't know what I'm going to find in the city. Quan-Chi could very well challenge me to a duel. If that happens I need to be ready to fight. Ermac took one last look at the demonic platform beneath his feet and sighed. It was going to be a very long mission. A very long, dangerous, uncomfortable journey through what was quite literally hell.

But I was chosen, Ermac thought to himself with pride. Chosen by the thunder god himself because I'm the only person who can pull this mission off. The gods are with me, earthrealm is behind me, and Jerrod is guiding me.

I will pull this off.

* * *

So that's the end of chapter two. It was pretty awesome right? If it was you should leave a comment tell me how much you like it and what you liked. If it wasn't then PLEASE take the time to tell me what I could do better. I know I'm not the best writer out there so I like to take every opportunity possible to get better.

Oh, and I've been posting this story on as well. However, the copy that goes up there as been edited after hearing your guy's responses so it's of a slightly higher quality level then the one that gets posted here. I'd edit the one here but it's annoying as hell to format in italics and the like. For that reason I will leave you with the link to the more... complete version both here and in the main post.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


Link to version
Oooo nice Toxic d^-^b!! You fixed the itlatic problem from last time, wrote a short but really descriptive story and had me interested the whole way.
Oooo nice Toxic d^-^b!! You fixed the itlatic problem from last time, wrote a short but really descriptive story and had me interested the whole way.

It's got a long way to go yet, but I'm currently working on ch.3 of my other story, so this one is on hold until that is done.