Mortal Kombat 11 rumours

To each their own.
I enjoyed the hell out of Jacqui and Takeda, both in story and gameplay and I'd like to see them return.
At least in Takeda's case, I found it interesting that he grew up learning from Hanzo and his backstory of how he and Kenshi (his father) escaped was pretty well told, imo.
Despite not being a Scorpion fan, I found it interesting that he found someone to pass the torch to much like he would have passed the torch to his own son, had he not been slaughtered by Quan Chi all those years ago.
It's faker than fake. The message is supposedly James Fink ( Even uses same Neegan avatar) - I reached out to him and someone is faking as him and spreading this stuff around.
It seems more of a list of asked characters for DLC and some from 6 and 7. The fact be known anyone of us can make something up similar to this. Also if it looks to good everyone will say fake or its to good to be true. So instead he makes this and gets a ton of attention.
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If the leak is true then NRS is playing it way too safe. 4 games in a row that are almost identical? A 1v1 fighter with a cutscene storymode. Didn't Ed make a poll and MK11 was dead last, with KP3 and SM2 kicking its ass?
NRS will continue with the fighting game series, there's no surprise there.
Whether or not they will slip in an adventure game is up for speculation though.
But we're definitely not going to see a KP3. MKX is over and done with.
I think 4 years is enough time to get majority of MK fans ready for another fighting game. Also the Competition stage is giving fighting games a lot of attention. Seeing how NRS was with MKX, I'm sure they will be more then ready to jump back in with another MK when Injustice 2 starts to fade away. And as long as fighting games seem to be keeping there attention as they have since this console gen started, they would be silly to not stay cashing in on it.
He lost me at Salina... sounds an awful close to Sareena.
Calling it a fake. But we'll just have to wait and see.

Salina is a dream goddess. Jade saw a mysterious woman from the dream realm. Therefore, Salina is the mysterious woman in Jade's MK9 ending! :)
They have killed so many characters from MK4-MKA era in MKX comics for some reason so I'm pretty sure we''l get all remaining ones in MK11 (if not in main game the nin DLC's): Li Mei, Frost, Onaga, Nitara, Taven, Deagon, Frost, Blaze, Sarena, Kira (they killed Kobra according to Erron Black' qoute but kept her - a significant thing!), Shujinko and even those three Orderrealm boring guys from Deception.
If Raiden really did end up to be the main antagonist, I don't care how garbage the game is, I will still buy it.