Mortal Kombat 11 rumours

Majority of those "artworks" in Deviantart are from people who I would appreciate never meeting in real life. Those people scare me more than those who have created Overwatch porn.
Funny how all the overused-must-be-there characters are males... No Sonya, Kitana or the most important poster girl Mileena in that list...

Don't know if that was directed at me or not, but I wasn't posting an option of who I think the top 4 characters are, I just listed the 4 that people always want in MK or are always demanding, either via social media or over just in general, the last quarter century.
Over the last 25 years, those 4 are the ones people always want in.
After those 4 that people always clamor over / demand, if I had to throw in a wild guess, would probably be Kitana, Mileena and Reptile (aka the female ninja ying-yangs of MK -akin to the ying-yang relationship between Sub-Zero and Scorpion, and specifically the green "ninja" Reptile as lots of people debate his looks as well).
You are a Scorpion-fan, I'm just gonna ignore this comment. Lol. Popular-character-wankers are gonna hate on original characters, that is always the case. You probably are a Wolverine fan too, and hate mystique...

Scorpion is an original character, that's why he's popular. Sorry to break your heart.
Funny how all the overused-must-be-there characters are males... No Sonya, Kitana or the most important poster girl Mileena in that list...

Watch freaking deviantart, there are 10.000 more artworks for Mileena, jade and Kitana than there are for Scorpion and sub-zero.

It's a video game, kid. A video game made by males for males. Males prefer to draw females because of tits and ass, because they're not gay. It's that simple.
Funny how all the overused-must-be-there characters are males... No Sonya, Kitana or the most important poster girl Mileena in that list...

Watch freaking deviantart, there are 10.000 more artworks for Mileena, jade and Kitana than there are for Scorpion and sub-zero.
Then why are Scorpion and Sub-Zero ALWAYS among the first characters konfirmed (or in the case of MKX, THE first characters konfirmed) when a new game is announced?

This has nothing to do with gender. It has to do with whether or not you are Box Office, and nobody in MK is more Box Office than Scorpion and Sub-Zero. That's why I specifically said MK is the Scorpion and Sub-Zero Show starring Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

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It has a lot to do with gender. Males will always be more popular than females because that's the target market. Unfortunately for the brainwashed, females do not make 52% of video game nerds. It's more like 5%.
Pulling out "statistics and facts" from your ass does not make anything you say legit.
Feel free to provide some actual official sources to support your statements.
If not, all you say is just bullshit. Not that it surprises anyone...

Scorpion is obviously inspired from Ghost Rider... it's no secret that the MK team made their characters based on pop culture back in the day, and then put their own flavour on them.

All this is a whole other topic than what this thread is about, so you guys should probably go someplace else if you wanna continue this conversation. Depending whether or not the mods care at this point...

Btw, I'm gay and I prefer drawing female characters... and it's not because of their tits and asses, mind you.
The first game is basically Big Trouble In Chinatown + Bloodsport. What's your point? No video games had a yellow-clad Japanese undead ninja from hell. 2 + 2 = ?

Go draw whatever you like, still doesn't change that you're a minority, nor whatever I've typed. Unless AutisticArt somehow turned 50% gay you'd have some ground to stand on. MK, just like most video games, are targeted for primarily straight teenager males. Take a seat, backseat moderator :lol:
It also doesn't mean that only straight teen guys are the only ones playing these games, and both NRS and WB know this.

There's nothing wrong with diversity and also listening to the minorities who support the product.
But I guess as a pasty white, balding, straight guy, you don't really care about others like that.
Understand the concepts of "majority" and "minority" first. Nobody claimed here anything about "only straight teen guys". I actually work in the industry, that's how products are built. We don't build software for Internet Explorer 6-10 because they're old relics of the past, with a single % as its userbase. IE11 is still a broken piece of shit, and it's discontinued, but as there's still a minority that refuses to upgrade, we address. LAST. It's only feasible if it returns something of a value, otherwise it's a waste of time.

But I guess personal attacks is all you have left when facts keep kicking that pwetty face. Look at that subtle racism tho, "pasty white" :lol: And the baldphobia! So offensive, I'll have you reported to the PC Police!
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You've never given me reason to actually try and be nice to you. On the contrary, you've been a homophobic asshole since day one. So I don't really give a f#ck about you.

MK9 was "a game made for horny straight teens", with the pornstar costumes for the female characters whose tits were twice the size of their heads, and so many people complained about it... And NRS made some changes for the better, imo. They still had some trouble with making female character models, but their costumes were less Halloween pornstar costumes and more creative, but still beautiful and sexy.

The people who complained might have been minorities, but NRS listened. Because they are good people and didn't just shit on them, because they aren't the majority. You might be in "the industry", but you're not with NRS or WB... thank the lords for that.
Nobody claimed anything about only minorities not liking a video game character (Mileena). The minorities thing was to address your whinge complaint about "Funny how all the overused-must-be-there characters are males...".

My point is mathematics. Your point is "muh feelings". Btw, short-sighted? I love my females for sure :) Unlike you.

Btw2: angry nerd before Rhizodus. Keep using words like "homophobic" which are so overused these days that it has no tangible meaning. And I joined this god forsaken forum much earlier than you, so how could I be "homophobic since day 1"? Thanks for sharing your feelings towards me tho, cupcake.

Most video games are made for straight men first, since simply statistically they're a majority which translates to $$$. You cannot make money off a minority as a triple A product.

I don't really give a shit about your MK9 rant. Majority complained about over-sexualized fictional video game characters, while minority loved it. NRS listened to the majority of complaints, not minority. Personally? I don't care. As mentioned before, they could be either wearing burqas or running around naked. It's a video game.

Their boobs weren't even that big but what the hell do you know about them titties :)
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A fire character with a skull as face... where did I see that before... Add a motorcycle and voila, not so original anymore.

Mileena is original, there are very few pretty looking women with such a horrible mouth underneath their veil. Not sure where they stole that idea, as most other characters are clearly inspired by other characters, real world actors , gods and mythical beings.

Are you serious?
Mileena = original?

Just about every MK character is derived / inspired from some other form of fiction / art.

Raiden and Shang Tsung are purely derived from Big Trouble in Little China.
Johnny Cage is purely derived from John Claude Van Damme
Liu Kang is derived from Bruce Lee.
Scorpion and Ghost Rider wouldn't surprise me.
Sub-Zero was likely dervied from Captain Cold, given that that comic book character was created in 1957,

Hell, even Goro isn't original as there is a multi-armed Hindu god, whose name I can't remember for the life of me right now. Vishnu?

Even Mileena isn't technically original, as shes just a clone who's part Kitana and part Baraka (Tarkatan).
You misunderstand love for getting your dick hard over it.
I don't need to wanna wank to something to understand it.
And by day one I meant from the moment you started addressing me. I don't care what the word means to you, it doesn't change how your behaviour is and trying to hide behind some meagre justification instead of owning up to it just shows how much you don't understand, and most likely don't care either. Which is sad, because I'm not here to start fights with people and I'd prefer if we just got along and had fun talking about Mortal Kombat... so when someone like you insists on being an asshole to people you disagree with, whether it is because of something MK-related or just because you have something against them due to your bigotted mindset... it's just sad. Stroking your priviledged ego just makes you look more ignorant than ever.

By the way, if we're going to talk about statistics of who plays these games and who the majority is, then it would be a good idea to look here:

And more MK specifically, this is the closest thing I could find:

So it gives us a clearer picture of who buys these games... Horny teens, not so much. Mostly guys though, sure.

Yet again, NRS has proven that they are willing to represent minorities into their roster. They are still minorities, sure, but they are part of it now. They are not ignored. And NRS listens to them. ♥
There were a lot of strong female representatives in MKX's story mode. Even the main hero was a female character. That's a commendable step for NRS, considering how male-centric these games are.

So to spin it back to the main topic again...
I don't worry much about MK11 when it comes to representing minorities. Mileena might not be in the game, but that doesn't mean there won't be awesome and strong female characters in it. I'm personally rooting for Jade to make a return.

Mileena = original?

Kitana and Mileena have that Psylocke and Elektra inspiration about them. So she's as "original" as everyone else on the roster, really.
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Kitana and Mileena have that Psylocke and Elektra inspiration about them. So she's as "original" as everyone else on the roster, really.

That's my point, though.
If you want to be technical about it, no character in MK is "original."
Even Ferra / Torr took inspiration from Mad Max's Master Blaster.

It's what NRS has done with them, that makes them original to the franchise.

MK's Frost vs DC's Killer Frost? Come on.
To me, Frost is unoriginal not because of Killer Frost or other characters from outside the franchise, but because she was presented as a "female Sub-Zero" whose special moves looked like past Subbie ones... like they gave her his past moves that he didn't get himself in MKDA.

At least Killer Frost had some cool moves (pun intended) that weren't copy/paste from Subbie, other than the slide of course.
I agree on the Sub-Zero / Frost influence thing, perhaps that was a bad example, but I just meant that if you really wanted to you could draw comparisons between anything in MK and previously existing fictional characters from other franchises / media.
Yeah, completely agreed.
So when discussing a character's originality, it's not all that important HOW original a character is, but rather where they take inspirations from and how well the developers put their own spin on them to make them different.

Takeda, for example... He's trained by Hanzo and has the same abilities as his father, Kenshi, and it's showing in both Story Mode and his gameplay, not to mention his costume is heavily inspired from modern ninjas like Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive, as well as Raiden from the Metal Gear series. But even so, I personally feel like he's his own character, due to how NRS has presented him. He's nothing like either Hanzo or Kenshi personality-wise, being more lighthearted and casual in his approach, and most of his gameplay is pretty original as well, other than the obvious Hanzo-moves in his Shirai Ryu variation, and even then he plays differently than Hanzo.
The first paragraph is basically emotional vomit, full of contradictions. "Privileged ego", get that dick outta your ass already, and stop labeling people you've never met with words that make no sense. :lol:

You want to have a conversation about statistics? Fine.
This picture gives a very good representation. Turn on any convention, turn on any game, (most)streams right at this moment and you'll see this exact picture. But if actual studies is what you're looking for, instead of shitty blogs and notorious gamefaqs, here you go:

Nobody here typed that NRS ignores minorities. Do you know what they DO though? Design their product around majority first because that's what is going to earn them the big buck. Like any sane corporation/business would do. Unless you're willing to pull a Ghostbusters or a Marvel and bomb your entire profits, you're not going to pander to minorities at the expense of alienating majorities.

Regarding MKX, some people said that there was definitely pandering, you included in your last post. For me I didn't give a shit, I just wanted a functional game. And if I2 is to be taken at the face value, we're slowly going back to the MK9 days.

(Also it's funny how this topic is so important to you; yet you have an avatar and signature of basically MK9 model :lol: It's not even double standards anymore, it's triple standards :lol:)
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