Mortal Kombat 11 rumours

I didn't know about Kittelsen involved in the game story, I imagine because MK11 must be seconds after MKX.


Talking about rumours, that scene of Liu Kang and Kung Lao Shaolin Monks style smells like tag team to me.

Also, Kronika and Geras. If they are not enemies as the leak said, can't see why both would be split.

So far Kronika and Kitana are the only characters that I saw in the videos that I'm really excited about.

Skarlet is the only one out of the first 7 that I'd most likely play as.

I hope those 7 (or the classic 6 characters) will be in a demo.
If it's animated then they better don't nerf the gore just so they could appease to the kids.

They won't do that since there is a market for serious adult animation. I do want a Netflix MK animated series in a similar vibe to Castlevania or have it air on Toonami (A late night block own by WB).