MK: Pitch Black

Noob: Hpmh. You are pitiful.
Sub-Zero: No Your're WRONG!
Noob: :|

It's funny cause I was just about to pester you about this story. Nice update :top:
Noob: Hpmh. You are pitiful.
Sub-Zero: No Your're WRONG!
Noob: :|

It's funny cause I was just about to pester you about this story. Nice update :top:

Hah I wasn't thinking about that when I wrote this, but in some of the earlier chapters Scorpion says that to Li Mei. Also, I know I hadn't updated this for a while, but I still wanted to give it a proper ending, so expect some more soon.
Looking up from his bloodied medallion Sub Zero was now face to face with the specter that was once his brother. The elderly shaman's skull was pierced by Noob's clawed hand and spewing blood, he whipped the corpse into the far wall of the grandmaster's chamber. Sektor picked Sub Zero up by the throat with his bloodied hand and pinned him against one of the walls.
"You thought you could banish me? You may have taken me from my body but you cannot destroy the darkness."
"I just wanted honor for my brother, you defiled his soul!" Sub Zero shot a spike of ice from his hand, piercing Noob's armored chest.
"Gyahh!" Noob cried out as he dropped Sub Zero. Sub Zero delivered a knee to his face and froze him solid. With a burst of dark energy the ice around him shattered.
"My turn." Noob delivered a powerful kick to Sub Zero's jaw and a blast of raw power sent Sub Zero flying upwards, shattering the roof of the grandmaster's chamber. Teleporting into the air above him Noob coated his fist in dark energies and smashed his hand into the chest of Sub Zero. The Lin Kuei grunts looked on with awe as they saw Noob and Sub Zero barreling back towards the ground.
"What is going on out here?!" Frost emerged from the training chamber with Cyrax. Before the foot soldiers had a chance to answer her Sub Zero and Sektor impacted the ground, the shockwave spread through the entire Lin Kuei fortress. A crater was created at the focus point of the impact and Sub Zero lied in the center battered and broken.
"Any last words fool?" Noob gathered purple flames on his arm charging for a final blast. Sub Zero clutched his chest which had a gaping hole in it, his vision was blurry but he could make out a familiar figure.
"Huh... H-Hanzo?" Noob quickly snapped around and caught a dagger to his chest and was yanked up out of the crater.
"We have unfinished business." Scorpion stood over Sektor and drew his katana, slicing a cut into his own hand Scorpion dripped his blood on the katana's blade, and it became engulfed in flame. Noob stood to his feet and summoned a sword of his own, comprised of shadow energies.
"I'll consume your soul this time!" He rushed forward and their two blades clashed together. Meanwhile, the great gates of the Lin Kuei fortress was blown off it's hinges by an explosion. Outside the gates Kano stood with a rocket launcher in hand, and the Black Dragon forces behind him. Next to the Black Dragon forces a giant portal opened, Smoke and Mileena were the first to emerge with the Tarkatan hordes spewing in behind them.
Snow descended gently at the Special Forces encampment, and Jax stared puzzled into a device in his hands.
"Sonya come over here." Jax motioned with his hands for her to come to him.
"What is it?" Sonya asked as she entered the tent Jax was in.
"Do you see this?" Jax handed the device over to Sonya.
"What the hell? Even our largest bases don't use this much power. Where is the origin?" She handed the handheld contraption back to Jax.
"It's coming from the Lin Kuei HQ. Do you think we should inves-" Before he could finish his sentence Jax was interrupted by a sudden and powerful earthquake.
"There is no way that was natural, there hasn't been an earthquakes in this region for over 200 years." Sonya said after the tremors ceased.
"Then we better get over to the Lin Kuei base. Lets move out men!" Jax shouted as he revved the engine of his snowmobile.
The chamber of the Lin Kuei grandmaster crumbled around them as Noob and Scorpion clashed blades. Sektor slashed the chest of Scorpion barely scratching his chest, and Scorpion countered with a flaming backflip kick. As Noob stumbled back Scorpion threw his signature spear at him, Noob evaded the spearhead and created a lash of his own made of darkness catching Scorpion throwing him forward. Scorpion was launched into Noob's blade which pierced his gut. Blood filled Scorpion's mask as he coughed and Sektor delivered a high powered punch to the back of his skull knocking him to the ground. Noob lifted his leg up high and smashed it down on Scorpion's back shattering a number of bones.
"Still alive? Good. I want to take my time with you." Noob said as he swung his sword, flinging the blood off of it. Scorpion gripped his blade and used it to push himself back to his feet. Not far away in the crater, Sub Zero tapped into the power of the Dragon Medallion, patching the hole in his chest with ice. Noob raised his blade high in the air swinging it down to Scorpion's head, but was unexpectedly stopped. A blade of ice penetrated his back causing him to drop his sword, Sub Zero retracted the ice blade and went for a second swing. Sektor quickly teleported behind Sub Zero to dodge the strike and delivered a kick of his own. As Noob's leg collided with Sub Zero, Noob became frozen solid and Sub Zero shattered it with a quick uppercut. Using dark energy Noob smashed Sub Zero through one of the last walls standing. Noob turned to engage Sub Zero but was quickly reminded of his other adversary by the kunai stabbed into his chest from behind him.
"Let us battle in our true home!" Scorpion shouted as the two disappeared in a burst of flame. Sub Zero was now able to witness the carnage around him as the Lin Kuei soldiers did their best to hold off the Tarkatan hordes flooding in the gates.
Sick update, The Tremor reference was so godlike :laugh:

Wasn't really a reference to Tremor the ninja, it was more a reference to the last update when Noob smashed Sub Zero into the ground. The impact sent out a shockwave that took a while to reach the Special Forces who were maybe a mile or two away from the base. :)
well you also got paul bryan feng wei hell even Asuka if you count her tekken 5 ending

Bryan is

A helicopter crashed directly into him and the dude came out unscathed.

Paul is strong but he's not smart lol

Asuka got really mad :laugh:

"Don't play dumb with me...YOU PERVERT!"

And nice update Wraif!