MK: Pitch Black


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Sub Zero could now see the chaos around him. His clan members clashed blades with the Tarkatan forces. The ice he used to stop his bleeding had now melted, and flowed with his blood onto the snow. His vision turned blurry, and faded to blackness.
"Grandmaster! Dammit answer me!" Cyrax stood over Sub Zero and tried to wake him, but it was no use. He tore a piece off of Sub Zero's uniform and wrapped his wound with it to lessen his profuse bleeding. Cyrax attempted to put pressure on Sub Zero's wound as he felt a hand grab him from behind, before he could react he was thrown through a solid stone wall.
The Black Dragon thugs had opened fire on the Lin Kuei on the other side of the fortress, but their fire was quickly redirected. Kabal tapped Kano on his shoulder and yelled out,
"Special Forces on our six!" The Black Dragon were now focusing their fire on the Special Forces moving into the area. The Tarkatans tore into the Lin Kuei's defenses as the Black Dragon covered them from the now present Special Forces. In the realm of the dead another battle raged, Sektor ripped the dagger from his chest and elbowed Scorpion in his face.
"You are in my plane now." The broken off pieces of armor regenerated on Noob's body, and he summoned his dark sword once more. Scorpion drew his second katana and slashed towards Noob. Their blades clashed and each clenched their grips tightly.
"You may hold the amulet, but this is not your realm!" Flames burned from behind Scorpion's mask, turning the cloth into ashes and revealing a charred skull. Noob pushed his blade forward and broke their stalemate, Sektor grazed Scorpion's chest with the slash. Scorpion knocked Noob back with a flaming kick, and followed up with a roundhouse kick.
"I've had enough of you. Time to die." With insane speed Noob dashed forward grabbing Scorpion by his head, they rocketed through the air and collided with a jagged mountainside. Scorpion looked down and fell to the platform in front of him, his chest was left with a gaping wound from the sharp rock he collided with. Noob laughed as he saw the soul flowing from Scorpion's body. With his sword in hand Scorpion made a final dash at Noob piercing his chest with his sword. The blade pierced the spot where his heart would be, where the Amulet of Shinnok was housed.
"What have you done?!" Noob felt the amulet shatter within himself, as the souls he had claimed exploded out from him. Scorpion held his head high in his final victory, with his soul disconnected from his body he had lost his immortality. With the amulet destroyed Noob found himself teleported back to the Lin Kuei base, in Sektor's original body.