MK: Pitch Black

"Is this really necessary? I saw him take out an entire Special Forces outpost." Kano said grabbing Kabal's shoulder.
"I'd like to see his skills first hand." Kabal shrugged Kano's hand off him and proceeded towards Sektor.
"Enough talking, If you want to see my skills, let me show you them." Noob announced pointing at Kabal.
"Agreed." Kabal said, dashing at high speeds towards Sektor. Kabal's hookswords clashed against the katana's blade, Noob slashed downwards, his blade glancing off Kabal's respirator. Sektor bent backwards as he saw a blast of purple light approaching him, barely dodging the blast, as he recovered Kabal was already in his face. He swung his hookswords horizontally, slicing the head off of who he thought was Noob, but it was merely a shadow clone. Sektor brought the pommel of the blade down on the back of Kabal's skull, drawing blood from his head. Kabal used his blinding speed to quickly do a 180 kicking the sword out of Noob's hands. The katana flew across the room, sticking into one of the walls. Kabal swung his swords, Sektor dodging them by a hair. His hookswords came down quickly on Noob, who grabbed them with each of his hands and bent them downwards. Kabal looked down at his ruined swords, throwing them to the ground. Now disarmed, he cracked his neck and raised his fists. Noob approached bringing his fist downwards, Kabal aimed for an uppercut, connecting with Sektor's jaw, as his strike hit Kabal in his temple. They both stumbled backwards, Noob recovered quickly teleporting behind Kabal sweeping him off his feet. He raised his foot high, and brought it down quickly, Kabal rolled out of the way of the strike, and Sektor's foot left a large dent in the metal floor. Kabal jumped to his feet and used his super speed to deal out several heavy kicks. Kabal threw out a hook at the same time as Sektor, their fists cracked together. Kano stepped in between the two,
"I think you've proven enough, you two ought to stop before one of you kill each other."
"Hmph. I was just getting warmed up." Kabal said lowering his fists.
"Does this mean you will help us?" Sektor said.
"Let us talk in private, follow me." Kabal walked over to his chair pressing a button under his desk. Steel doors behind them opened up, and the trio proceeded inside. The room was a luxury bedroom, with many odd machines next to the bed, and another door.
"I'll be right back." Kabal said disappearing into the adjacent room. As he came out, he held something in his hands, a white helmet. He handed the high tech helmet to Noob.
"What is this?" Sektor asked curiously. He examined the helmet, it was bright white with a black dragon printed on the back of the neck.
"A present for ya. We studied your Lin Kuei cyborgs for quite a while. We even attempted to create our own units. Eventually we scrapped the idea, but I kept this helmet. It has some useful tools, thermal vision, a device that will allow interrealm travel at will, and a cloaking unit. Consider the black dragon your allies, we will help you attack the Lin Kuei, they're is a communicator built in the helmet as well. Just say the word." Noob waved his arm over the helmet, scanning it for any malicious software. Sektor opened his casing of his head, pulling his helmet off showed the grotesque skull lying under, colored black by a sludge of darkness. He clicked on the new helmet, his dreadlocks coming out the back. The shadow engulfed the new helmet, changing the white to black, and stripping the paint from the dragon symbol, making it a metallic silver. The new helmet looked sleeker, and the features would prove useful.
Inspiration for his new helmet. Couldn't find any high quality pics, but I really liked Sektor's alt. from Armageddon.


Also, sorry about being late with this, and not posting 2 chapters this or last weekend, I just been busy with IRL stuff.
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In a cloud of shadows Sektor teleported away from the Black Dragon headquarters. Reappearing in the Netherrealm, the AI of Sektor asked Noob,
"What is our business in the Netherrealm?"
"Tie up a loose end. My master, he has to be here somewhere."
"Your master?"
"Quan Chi. Scorpion does not have the ability to destroy his soul. Like us, he is immortal to physical damage except great sources of mystical energies. He must have him imprisoned somewhere, I think I know just the place." Noob proceeded through the plains of hell, he passed by two oni, attempting not to provoke them, he did not have time for them.
"Look at this! He looks tasty doesn't he?" The smaller masked oni said, looking over to the hulking demon. The large oni replied with a grunt and started sluggishly approaching Sektor. With a sigh, Noob drew his pulse blade and teleported behind the smaller oni, quickly decapitating him.
"Pathetic." He said punting it's head into a pool of lava, and the skinless body collapsed to the ground. The gigantic demon spun around to see his friend headless.
"Drahmin!" He incoherently roared.
"Time to deal with you now, I suppose." Noob jumped on the oni's back cutting swathes through it's thick flesh. He attempted to grab Sektor off his back, but he had already teleported to the ground. With a dash forward he sliced through the oni's leg lopping it off. Noob sheathed his pulse blade walking away from the crippled demon. He proceeded towards his destination until he saw it on the horizon. He layed his hand on the large stone door with the scorpion printed on the door. Energy swirled around his hand and obliterated the door with a blast of energy. He proceeded into the lair, and there he saw Quan Chi. Bound by chains connected to a massive stone structure.
"Noob Saibot... my only loyal soldier...." Quan Chi wheezed.
"Master, I shall destroy these chains that bind you!" As he grabbed hold of the chain, his hand shook as the warding magic of the chains blasted him back.
"It is no use, but you may be able to save me yet..." Quan Chi said to Noob, who was leaned up against a pillar.
"I shall free you, just tell me how!"
"Shinnok's Amulet, it was seperated from me in Scorpions attack. Search my lair, it will be there. Quickly now." Noob took a knee in front Quan Chi, then quickly ran out of Scorpion's Lair. He saw Quan Chi's castle in the distance. The hike there took several hours, and Noob proceeded into the castle. He walked the thin strip of ground leading to Quan Chi's throne, looking down at the spiderweb of energy. Lying next to his throne, he saw the amulet. As he picked it up, the green gem glowed.
As he clutched the amulet walking out of Quan Chi's former lair, he heard faint sounds near him. Turning around he saw nothing but the vacant entrance of Quan Chi's fortress.
"Was that you?" Noob spoke out loud.
"No. I was in standby mode. I did not hear any noises. Perhaps it was nothing." The electronic voice echoed in the back of his head. Disregarding the noise, he continued back to Scorpion's hideout. Curiously he looked down at the mysterious amulet he held. Staring into the gem he heard the noises yet again, more distinct this time. His vision blurred, looking down at his hand he saw an unfamiliar sight, skin. The hand holding the amulet was that of a human, with silver bracers. As his vision returned looked at his hand once more, black, mechanical. The cryptic messages confused him, but he continued.
He was almost there now, he could see the entrance he had made. He looked into the pool of lava next to him, his vision went black, in the darkness he saw a pool of water. It was the only thing in miles of shadow, approaching the seemingly endless pool of crystal water he saw the silhouette of a man. The only visible features were his eyes. Blue. He tried to look down to see his own body, but the demonic voices screamed in his head, shifting the crystal waters to a bubbling pit of tar. Noob collapsed to his knees, the screaming was unbearable. The demonic voices faded down, finally a single voice cut through the screams. It was a language he never heard, yet oddly understood.
"I know you." He said staring down into the bright orange pool.
"What was that?" The mechanized voice hummed.
"Nothing." Noob continued into the lair of Scorpion. He layed his eyes on Quan Chi, whose expression turned ecstatic. Noob reached out to Quan Chi, but was sent stumbling back by the invisible field of energy. Looking up from the ground, he saw Quan Chi moving his mouth but Noob heard nothing. The ringing in his ears faded into the voice he heard before, this time it was multiple voices. They all said different things, yet they were the same. Shifting his eyes to the amulet, the shimmering gem flowed with energy, the green flow of raw power entered Noob's very being. The green gem changed to gray, empty. He shifted his eyes to Quan Chi, and began trudging towards him, as if he was possessed.
"Now, free me. We will slay the dog Scorpio-" Quan Chi was stopped by his blood flowing out his mouth, looking down he saw Noob's arm pierced through his abdomen. Quan looked back up staring into Noob's eyes.
"It wants souls. Your soul." A legion of demonic voices emerged from Sektor and Noob Saibot.
"But.. I... I was the one chosen by the amulet..." Quan Chi choked up blood as Noob retracted his hand from his stomach, dragging his soul out with him. Quan's soul flew from Noob's hand to the Amulet of Shinnok. The gray gem shifted to a deep purple, and the bronze changed to a metallic black. He let the amulet go, and it hovered for a moment before attaching to the right side of Noob's upper chest. Purple energy swirled around them as a cocoon of pure blackness fell over them.
Emerging from the shadow, their body was changed. The cybernetic body of Sektor changed to a more demonic visage, fitting for the holder of Shinnok's Amulet. His fingertips evolved into razor sharp claws, his entire body layered with jagged, sharp, plates of shadowy armor.
I took heavy influence for Sektor/Noob's "Demonic" form from this armor from Skyrim. (Daedric Armor), picture the red glow parts a dark purple and the rest all black.

Behind the Lin Kuei fort Sub Zero sat meditating. The rain was heavy, changing the snow covered ground to a sleet. Sub Zero cupped the Dragon Medallion in his hands, and the cold chill surrounding him grew frigid. The ground below him froze solid, and the falling raindrops turned to ice before they hit the ground. He rose to his feet and looked up to see one of his fellow clan members looking over him.
"I've asked you not interrupt me during my meditation, you know it could dangerous Cyrax." Cyrax nodded then spoke,
"There are guests here, from the Special Forces. Jax and Sonya." Sub Zero began walking back to the Lin Kuei headquarters and approached Jax and Sonya, who were just outside the main gate.
"You sure this source about the Black Dragon base is legitimate?" Jax looked over at Sonya.
"Positive." She replied.
"So Sektor wasn't lying." Jax said as he saw Sub Zero.
"We still can't discount that he might be working with him." Sonya said aloud knowing Sub Zero was out of earshot.
"What seems to be the problem here?" Sub Zero said gesturing towards the duo.
"Lets cut to the chase, how many cyborgs do you have left in your clan?" Jax crossed his arms as he asked assertively.
"Cyborgs? The only one left is Cyrax. All others were killed." Sub Zero said, clearly a bit confused.
"And what of Sektor? If we were to check into one of those buildings he wouldn't be in there?"
"Sektor is dead. I saw to that personally." Sub Zero said with an aggressive tone in his voice.
"Is that so? Show him." Jax pointed over to Sonya who pulled a handheld screen from the dufflebag she had on her back. On the screen was Sektor being interrogated by Jax.
"What is this? This can't be right...."
"That is footage of Sektor being questioned. Right before he destroyed station number 2." Sonya said tucking the screen back away in her bag. Sub Zero's face turned grim.
"I was right...." He clenched his fist tightly "Dark forces are at work here. Sektor was dead. In pieces."
In the Netherrealm's depths the great cyclone of lost spirits was in front of Noob. Drawing his clawed hand from the soulnado, he held a single soul.
"I've felt a bit of a gap ever since I've bonded with this body. It felt incomplete." The soul he held belonged to Sektor. The soul circled him, then entered his being.
"That.... Feels better." His relaxation was ended by static, then the voice of Kano.
"Hey mate, the Special Forces aren't too happy about us blowing up their base." He let out a hardy laugh, "They sent in a whole army at us, they must have found the base. You think you could help us out?"
"I'll be right there." He heard gunshots on the other line, and Kano replied,
"Great, see you soon."
"I am eager to test these new abilities." Sektor thought aloud, as purple flames engulfed his hands.
In a cloud of darkness Noob appeared in the Black Dragon base. The lights inside the bunker flickered before dying once he arrived.
"Damn generators must have stopped working." Kabal said, turning around to greet Sektor, "Well.... You look... different."
"My appearance is not of any concern. What is the situation here?" Noob Saibot questioned Kabal.
"Right... We are holding the Special Forces off at the sewer entrance. Kano is on the front lines."
"Anything else I need to know?"
"They want to try to negotiate, we are at a cease fire. You are going to be our negotiator." Kabal grabbed a pair of hookswords from his blade rack.
"Speech isn't my strong suit." Kabal walked toward the exit chuckling, Sektor followed until they were outside. The night was dark, the only light were the few street lamps the Special Forces were stationed near. Sektor took a knee behind the sandbags the Black Dragon set up.
"Good to see you made it mate, I like the new look. They got about 150 men by my estimate, plus helicopters, and some APCs." Kano leaned against the sandbag cover. Kabal took a seat on the other side of Sektor, holding a radio.
"Get up there, find out their terms." Kabal patted Noob on the shoulder. He started to walk towards the Special Forces negotiator, until he was surrounded by soldiers with automatic weapons.
"Who are you? The mascot?" The negotiator said smugly, "I don't care who you are actually, I'm just happy you Black Dragon are willing to give up." The shadow around Noob's feet spread to the street lamps, they began to flicker.
"What are your terms?" Some of the soldiers surrounding him seemed unsettled by his malefic voice.
"Hand over Kano and Kabal. We will take the bunker, and the rest of you can go free." Sektor hesitated, then heard static through his communicator.
"Kill him." Kabal's voice came through.
"Well? Do you accept our terms?" The negotiator took his aviators off.
"Feel the embrace of darkness!" Noob viciously brought his palm upwards connecting with his chin. The lights on the street lamps exploded the blast from his palm flung the negotiator high into the air, sending him into the blades of a helicopter, shredding him. The soldiers surrounding him opened fire, then anxiously waited for the dust to settle. When the cloud had cleared Sektor was nowhere to be found.
"Where did he go?!" One of the soldiers yelled out, and his answer was quickly answered as they heard an explosion above them. He had punched through the helicopter above him, stood on for a moment, then jumping a great distance to the second helicopter, and carried it downward to an APC on the ground.
"Fire!" Kabal yelled out, as the Special Forces were facing away from their barrier. The bullets of the thugs ripped through the Special Forces, as on the other side Sektor ravaged them. The soldiers fired all they had at Noob as he powered up, an aura of purple and black flames grew around him.
"I shall feast on your souls!" Noob yelled out as he ran towards them at great speeds. In the blink of an eye, the 20 or so soldiers who stood in a line firing at Sektor found themselves sliced in half, their torsos sliding off of their legs. The battlefield was painted in blood and darkness, as the remaining Special Forces fled for their lives.
Kabal and Kano looked at Sektor with great shock, just watching him slaughter a small army of Special Forces. Noob walked towards them calmly and said,
"Deploy your troops to the Lin Kuei headquarters we strike now." At that same time an avatar of himself appeared before his other allies, delivering the same message. Meanwhile in the Lin Kuei fortress Sub Zero was greatly perturbed with the news of Sektor and the mysterious deaths. Frost slid the door of his chamber open,
"Master, excuse my intrusion, but someone is here to see you."
"More visitors? Did Jax and Sonya even leave yet?"
"I believe they are camped a few yards away from the fort. Shall I send your visitor in?"
"Yes send them in." Much to his surprise the Elderly Shaman that had helped exorcise Noob Saibot stepped through the door, a grim expression on his face.
"The darkness, I can feel him...." The old shaman collapsed as he entered the chamber, sweating heavily.
"What is this you speak of? Darkness?"
"Something extremely powerful is approaching, I felt his presence as soon as he entered the realm, it's aura is black as night."
"Shadows.... darkness... it couldn't be..." Sub Zero looked down as he clutched the Dragon Medallion.
"You mean, you never knew? I gave you too much credit." Sub Zero tried to look up but all he saw was blackness, then in a flash of purple flames Noob appeared.
"Wha- What are you?"
"Don't even recognize your own brother? Hmph. You are pitiful, you and your clan. Don't worry, the Lin Kuei will be reduced to nothing soon enough."
"Bi Han? No... you aren't him just the spirit of darkness that corrupted him!"
"I'll be there soon brother.... Expect a grand entrance." He felt the frail hand touch his arm as he snapped back into reality,
"Are you okay?" He was still looking down at the medallion, and was reassured by the voice of the shaman.
"I'm fine."
"That's good, you will need your strength for the-" The shaman's voice was cut off by a sickening crack and the medallion Sub Zero's eyes were locked on became splattered with blood.