MK: Pitch Black

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Yung: OH SHIT!!!
*Black Screen, 27 hits, No K.O. but you know Yung's dead*
Smoke looked down at the blade lodged in his stomach as his jet black blood spilled on the ground. Li Mei twisted the blade and pulled it out, leaving a gaping hole in Smoke's lower body. Smoke fell to the ground and began to bleed to death, or at least that is what Li Mei predicted. In reality, the wound in Smoke's stomach was healed nearly instantly, his nanobots stretching from one side of the wound to the other. Li Mei's jaw hung open, as Smoke announced,
"You will pay for that." She attempted to stab at him once more, but Smoke teleported behind her sweeping her off her feet, plucking her out of the air and smashing her face into the ground. Smoke picked up her naginata and impaled it into Scorpion's calf as he tried to rise to his feet. Li Mei stood up and put her fists up, Smoke assumed his smoke form phasing through her and smashing her head into the ground with a suplex, she tried to push herself up but Smoke kicked her in the face making her fall again.
"Stay down." Smoke said strolling away from the two and vanishing into a cloud of smoke. Scorpion yanked the naginata from his leg and stood wearily, looking at Li Mei who was still on the ground coughing up blood. Scorpion stood next to her, delivering a vicious kick to her ribs with his leg that wasn't wounded, he planted his foot firmly on her chest making it difficult for her to breathe.
"Li Mei, you're pitiful."
"NO YOU'RE WRONG!" She shouted back at him, "He was a fearsome warrior, he was able to defeat you!"
"I would kill you, but I'd rather not waste my time." Scorpion said as he disappeared in to burst of flames.
"Death row? Then we don't have much time left." Noob said talking through the high strength bars.
"Not much time? Well they're probably gonna interrogate you first" Kano repeated, "Why, You got an appointment or something?"
"No, I mean to plan an escape, listen they left one of my weapons, you'll know what to do." Noob said quickly as he saw the guard approaching from the corner of his eye.
"Come on big guy, follow close." The guard said opening Sektor's cell. As they walked past Kano there was a clunk but the guard disregarded it and kept walking to the interrogation room. He opened the door and Sektor sat down in the chair, after a moment Jax walked in slamming his fist on the table.
"So Sektor, you think a fancy new paintjob will stop us from recognizing you? We've lost enough men to your bastard Lin Kuei then I'd like to count."
"I'll have you know, the Lin Kuei are no longer under my control."
"Ha! You expect me to believe that?"
"Believe, what you will, you'll get nothing more from me."
"Hmph. Well Sonya and I have a mission to go on. You'll be dead by the time I return, so this is goodbye. Take him to the chair." The guard began pulling Noob from the room.
"Mark my words when you return, this base will be in flames, you're men slaughtered!" The guard escorted him to the execution room, a metallic chair sitting alone. Sektor looked towards the guard and spoke to him,
"This is your only chance, free me now and I will let you live." The gaurd burst out laughing
"Wait you're serious aren't you?"
"Wrong answer." He kicked the guard twice in the face knocking him to the ground where he snapped his neck with a powerful stomp. He grabbed the keys undoing his handcuffs, restoring his powers and weaponry.
"What the hell were those things made of?" Noob thought out loud. Jax was just out of the parking lot speeding away when the alarm began blaring. As Sektor left the room he was greeted by Kano holding his pulse blade.
"Where the hell didya get this thing?" He said tossing the hilt back at Sektor. They fought through the base dispatching the guards hastily. They were just about at the front door when Kano said,
"Just a minute, I got a loose end to tie up. This, b*tch betrayed me, telling the Forces the location of my hideout, how 'bout I give you the honor of dispatching him? As brutally as possible." Noob nodded as Kano picked up a video camera laying on a desk proceeding the minimum security cells. The one prisoner was a man that was depressing to look at, wearing all tight leather and a constant dumbfounded look.
"K-Kano?" The man stuttered.
"Yes it's me. Didn't think you'd be seeing me again Jarek? My friend got's something he wants to show you," Kano pulled out the video camera aiming it at Jarek.
"Kabal's gonna love this." Noob began gathering white energy in his hands, Jarek was whimpering, aware of his impending doom.
"Come on Kano! It does gotta be like this!" Jarek whined, as the ball of energy reached critical mass.
"Finish him." Kano said dryly as Noob projected his high powered ghost ball at Jarek. The energy swirled around him at blinding speeds as his blood curdling shrieks filled the room. The high speed blast first began tearing off his skin, then his flesh as his blood covered every inch of the cell, him screaming the whole way through. As the energy and screaming subsided, Jarek was nothing but a blood soaked skeleton.
"Li Mei, you're pitiful."

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As Kano and Sektor left the parking lot of the Special Forces base, they continued in to the bustling city, receiving many puzzled looks.
"Keep following mate, I know these streets like the back of my hand. You get to see the Black Dragon headquarters, a luxury few get to have." They continued down a street that seemed out of place, it was populated by burned down buildings. Kano opened the manhole lid,
"Hope ya' don't mind getting a little dirty." Kano turned his head and looked back at Noob, who was drenched in Jarek's dried blood and let out a chuckle. They continued down to the inner workings of the underground, until they encountered a thick steel door. Kano banged loudly on the door, and a voice spoke from the other side,
"What's the password?"
"Open the goddamn door, or I'll gut ya'." Was Kano's response.
"Sorry Kano, I didn't know it was you." The Black Dragon recruit whimpered opening the large door. They continued through the high tech bunker, to the main chamber. Kabal sat on his specially made chair that connected to his respirator.
"Kano? I had heard you were captured, I assume you were killed. I guess I shouldn't have underestimated you."
"I woulda been dead, if it wasn't for my friend here, bloke is a real savage." Kabal folded his hands looking at Sektor more closely.
"Hmm, from the looks of you I'd say you were Lin Kuei, but the Lin Kuei would never help the Black Dragon. And what of Jarek? Wasn't he captured along with you?" Kano burst out laughing pulling the video camera from one of his pockets and approaching Kabal. He showed the video of Jarek's execution and proceeded to say,
"Jarek was the rat. He might have even leaked the location of our base, but it doesn't matter now." Kabal sprang up from his seat.
"Doesn't matter?! The Special Forces could be kicking down the door at any moment!" Noob stepped up closer to Kabal,
"I made sure there were no survivors. Those who dare cross me, deserve that much. I saved your Lieutenant, and destroyed your enemies I expect a favor in return." Kabal turned his gaze from Kano to Sektor.
"Hmph. The Black Dragon only assist the powerful." Kabal snapped his fingers and a servant presented Noob with a silver katana with a black dragon imprinted on the handle.
"What is the meaning of this?" Sektor said holding the katana with one hand.
"Your test." Kabal said drawing his hook swords from his back.
Looking down at the silver twisting serpent on the medallion in his hand, Sub Zero let out a long sigh. He put his hood up, and clicked his mask into place. He slid on the black and silver helmet, and equipped the rest of the cryomancer armor. He swung the door to his chamber open, and his foot left an impression on the ground covered by snow as he stepped out. Frost planted her daggers into the dummy she was practicing on and turned to him.
"You're leaving master? Alone?"
"Yes, the disappearance of Sektor's corpse lead's me to believe the Netherrealm may be involved. Do not fear for me Frost, as long as I hold the medallion I will be safe." He left through the main gate, he traveled for almost three days before reaching his location. His greeting was less than comforting, a brash young monk was guarding the gate.
"Your kind are not welcome here, assassin!" The young monk sensed a presence behind him, and felt a hand touch his shoulder.
"Let him through." The voice was peaceful, not demanding. The monk turned around and took a knee.
"Master Liu Kang.... I...." Liu smiled
"It was nothing, now, I would like some privacy with this assassin."
"O-of course." The monk bowed and scurried away.
"What brings you here Kuai? You know the White Lotus do not know you like I do."
"There has been a string of strange events at the Lin Kuei headquarters, and I fear the worst. The forces of darkness are gathering, I can feel it. This may be the calm before the storm."