her voice is not that unusual to me. I've watched some old 50s Japanese movies before and I'll tell you, I had to cover my ears whenever I heard a women talk, because their voice is 1000x grittier than Mileena's.
Courtesy of Mizore:


LOL nice! I'm in love with that gif :laugh:
I hate Mileena, but she has THE BEST scream in all of MK9.

Which is a compliment because most of the characters are just like "Oh I got my arms ripped off, ouch, kinda"
Yes she does have the greatest scream.


It still makes me cringe to hear it, mainly because i rarely hear it ;)

You get it? Because because i win alot with her soo soo i dont hear it haha :D

In bed... its a different story though..
As much as I hate to admit it, Mileena does have a lot of personality.
They even gave her a good scream in MK9.. sounds like someone is really murdering her.
That still doesn't make up for the fact that I hate her concept.. but it dilutes some of my distaste for her.
I didn't hate her till MK9.

I loved her role in Deception as the Kitana impersonator.
And she was a lil sexy.
The kind of chick that shows you a lil leg.

MK9 Mileena is the drunk chick at the bar who leans back on the bar stool and goes spread eagle.
^ That was funny :laugh: yea, they kinda did go overboard, But thats cool because like tabb said that adds to her personality :D
I also don't like her intelligence.

If she was girly like or something, cool.
But this chick is borderline retarded.

And I want her and Baraka to have a love hate rivalry again :mad: