I don't know where I talked about this to BBBLP, lol but I loved/hated MK9 Mileena.

How savage she was, was great. I liked her facial and hairstyle, and her outfit, because it reflects her. Her personality set her apart greatly from Baraka.

But the whole childish crap was annoying. She could have been maniacal and psychotic, but without being so childish. Get what I mean?
Actually, that's almost exactly how I feel about MK9 Mileena, haha except the outfit part

I liked her MK9 alt a lot better
There's one thing I'm wondering: if the big reward for competing the Challenge Tower is Flesh Pits Mileena, couldn't they have the decency to cover her face?

Regardless, Mileena is probably my favorite female MK character. Her personality, savagery, and general appearance are why I like her. I know I'm gonna get flamed for this, but I like the childish aspect of her personality. I find it makes her more creepy, being how she acts like a sadistic child. I think it also makes sense given how she was just recently created, so her mind isn't going to be that developed.
MK Deception was the best Mileena ever.
Her MK9 default and alt are weak ass clones of her D costumes.
MK9 Mileena had the best costume.

It was designed perfectly, looking less elegant and more savage than the MKD one.

Because that's what she is, a monster.
Believe it or not, I like Mileena because of her teeth and monstrous personality with that sluttiness. And of course that teeth defines her as a MANEATER. ;)
Mileena doesn't want to be a monster though. Her whole story is about how she hates Kitana for having what she wants, beauty
I don't agree. MK9 has enough underdeveloped lapdog characters.

Besides, if they stay true to Post UMK3 stories, she'll mature out of it

I like Mileena, i dont have a clue why she gets hate from ppl. But anyway i would prefer to see her over Kitana in MKX. Seeing her bcome the "Empress" of Outworld, i think would be an interesting look. But even if thats not the case, i still think she should be in the game.
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