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  • My code is 0473-8763-9986 >:]

    Hopefully I will have Revelations by this week-end.
    I got my 3DS now, but I don't have revelations yet. I'll PM you my friend code thingy when I get a chance to..

    being super lazy right now. I don't want to get my 3DS out :laugh:
    Da Fuq?! You're not on my friends list :O

    I'm getting ORC tomorrow and wondering if I could make a appointment to play with you tomorrow :laugh:
    People think that Sheva was a useless character, I personally think she played a key role in RE5. But that's just me though. Got a 100,010 with Business Sheva in mercs reunion like a boss 8)

    I'm a sucker for strong female protagonist, Jill for example. Survived the Raccoon city incident, breached Umbrella's HQ and A co finder of the BSAA. :love:
    EXACTLY! That's what makes him so badass.. he's a mysterious Umbrella agent who's has a cool nick name "Mr.Death" :rolleyes:

    Why do you like Jessica?! :puke:
    ... Now I'm hyped to play the game since you explained it like that, Veltro is badass.. people say he's another Hunk Wanna be but he's cool in my eyes... Dat T-Abyss virus 8)
    Yush! Raid mode all day, I'm going to use BSAA Jill (my baby :love:) What was your reaction to the ending? Don't tell what happens <_<

    Heard the storyline was sick as well, Dont spoil a thing! :mad:
    Rawr! I'm a Lion.. RAWWRRRRR. I'm getting a 3DS soon just for RE:Revelations

    I can watch Jill and DAT ASS while fighting off the ooze B.O.W.S like a boss 8)
    Gold= Xbox live membership :laugh:

    o-o smothering.. sounds.. dirty, but Idk you're usually online around 12AM EST o.o I'm tired by that time <_<

    Give me a quarter :(

    Add me on XBL God dammit, we needz to play Mercs mode RE5 =D
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