Kano Reveal Trailer


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I don't expect anything else for a while.
I'd say the Kano trailer is meant to hold us over for another 2 or 3 weeks.


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I don't see the relevance of that tweet.
He said we might have a video in our future yesterday, and we got one today. How does that imply we'll get more?


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To all who are wondering why his left eye/human eye is glowing...

It's fixed in the official trailer on youtube. It's the cybernetic eye that glows:


TYVM for this.

Like I said, it was just a bug. You can tell they actually recaptured footage of his Fatality off a newer/different build of the game for the official trailer because Kano doesn't appear sweaty like he does in the original trailer.

Sweaty Kano:

Not Sweaty Kano:


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I thought I'd share this just to see more people go nuts over it. I'm liking the amount of likes he's gotten so far.

I don't think I've ever appreciated this character until now. I've never played as him in any game that he has been in, but for some reason, this trailer of his just made me like him a hell of a lot more than I ever had. To say that is a lot for me because I used to just despise this character. I thought he was a dull boring baldcake (that was my nickname for him as a kid, don't ask) and now, I found myself actually having a tear brought to my eye to see how much they've made him into something that I actually dig.

They really did an awesome job with him. You know, I'm appreciating more and more with the variations because it's finally allowing the developers to do more with the character and with that said, so far it's been showing that they're finally a full character. What I mean is, they're not restricted to having several moves out of a bundle that they can possess. Now, with having three different variations, they can have what they've always been made to be like, despite that you have to play through three different variations to experience that.

But, look at me ramble on... :p