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Jungle stage looks awesome. Not sure if it belongs to Kotal Kahn or D'Vorah, or maybe even Kano. I wasn't impressed by Kano at all on the leaked screens, but he is pretty badass in-game. I might actually use him in MKX because his variations are sweet. He has lasers like Fulgore, and I also love to use parries.

Some things I noticed:

- Kano is a traffic light with Green, Yellow, and Red. :rolleyes:
- He looks really top heavy and too bulky. He doesn't look bad, but he would look much better if he was slimmed down a bit.
- Ed Boon says that the jungle stage was once home to a now forgotten Outworld race. MAYBE REPTILE???
- Has D'Vorah always had sharp and pointy teeth?
- 1:15 looks like he has a low in the 2nd hit of the string.
- His knife moves can juggle for combo. I think between that and upball, he will be high damage in the corner.
- 1:25 looks like he has a low starter that ends with a hard knockdown.
- 1:55 I guess he doesn't have a rising knee special like [MENTION=4889]BBBLP[/MENTION] wanted.
- 2:32 why does his left eye glow during the Fatality? I think he should only have laser power with his right eye.
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I asked this on another site, despite that we've seen characters already blowing holes in their opponents in fatalities, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Kano using a WASP knife for his second one. Doesn't necessarily need to explode a hole, I mean, John Stamos guest staring in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit... they could look like that, just having their guts and such splatter everywhere.

I think his x-ray is really cool. I don't get what's the problem with x-rays now. So they show like a super powerful combo. They're not fatalities, nowhere near them. So Kano breaks your rib cage by impaling a knife too hard into their chest and then breaking their spine... That's cool.


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I know this may seem like an odd thing to be excited about, but I am so happy to see the body shape of Kano. A realistic portrayal of a buff guy.

Goodbye to this sh**:



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[MENTION=2298]Immortal Reaver[/MENTION]

Yeah d'vorah always had the sharp teeth just look back at the gameplay video when cassie was shown off for the first time

Plus you were already beaten to the punch with the traffic light joke by yous truly


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Except that Kano is not a bodybuilder, and would never have that size that he has in MKX.

It makes perfect sense for Kano to have the body shape that he has in MKX. He is a big shot criminal and a fighter. There's more than enough reason for him to work out and buff up. Basically, my point is that I'm just happy to see that they've figured out how to design a muscular male body in a way that isn't obnoxious and silly. Gives me a lot of hope for character models in this game. Right now my only complaint is Cassie's neck, which I hope they will fix.


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Reptile's race isn't from Outworld

I think Kano looks great. His body size suits his Bulldog fight style


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I used kano briefly in mk9, I love the commando variation. I like being able to counter reminds me of that Russian guy from DOA


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That's Kal Drogo with cybernetics man! I'm really liking how Kano is looking and playing. This trailer really blew me away as far as graphics and movement goes too. More so than the other Gameplay videos I've seen.

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I'm surprise they didn't have Kano against Cassie. I guess those two will have a major role in the story, so they don't want to spoil it.


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Im digging his eye lazer from mk3 is now part of his moveset but im worried at the same time that shit like kenshi zoning lol. Im starting to be very conserned with kano living this long because if he is upgraded and deadlier than ever than there's a good chance kabal is in as well. The mk9 ending with kabal showing him rebuilt is scarey.


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2:32 why does his left eye glow during the Fatality? I think he should only have laser power with his right eye.

I noticed that too. I'm really hoping it is a bug (no not D'Vorah). It doesn't make sense at all that his unmodified eye is the one glowing during the Fatality. My guess is that they'll just need to swap where the effect is emitting from to fix the bug.


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Also, in the final build I really hope the water becomes a murky red the more blood that spills into it!

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I thought the stage was Kotal's, if you noticed the fallen and ruined "Aztec-like" statues and buildings covered by vines and shrubbery.
I must admit Raiden´s and Kano´s trailers were awesome... but that doesn´t mean I´m not upset with NRS for including my most hated characters....
Well, at least, now I´m really hopeful they will show something new at gamescon, Ed hinted that... and as this was revealed before at that german magazine maybe they decided to reveal it properly now and have another thing at gamescon!!!!

PLEASE!!!! a good char like Kitana, Tanya or Sonya!!!!