Kano Reveal Trailer


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I... I don't think I've ever liked Kano...


Oh my god that was just awesome! This is just... it's literally brought a tear to my eye. So beautiful. And that fatality bit at the end. Wow, just wow.

I also love what they did with his cybernetics stuff. Just... Yeah.

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Finally, more content


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It's that brutality that I think was missing in MK9 that I'm glad to see. They just didn't show it well back in MK9, but now in MKX they've stepped it up. You can really see the sort of glee he exudes as he executes his moves... not in his face, but in the violent, excessive way that he does it.

His commando variation reminds me of Dragunov from Tekken... and his knifes look fast with good recovery.

What I'm MOST happy about is eye lasers, though. I bloody love Eye lasers.

And, it's kind of rich... D'vorah calling Kano hideous when she looks like a recycled chicken korma. I also just noticed that D'vorah sounds like Tali from Mass Effect.

Also, I'm loving the new stage.

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Now this is what I wanna see, the Kontent rolling out! Knew you wouldn't let me down NRS!

Didn't watch the entire trailer since I'm at work, but wow does his design look much more cybernetic than before! And they balanced the human portion correctly as well!

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Dude! He shot laser from the eye that has not the laser eye!

And his heart is really cybernetic. Hsu Hao may have "borrowed".

But how in the hell could he shot laser from the "normal" eye? lol


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Nice! That fatality made me laugh! It looked like he was f***ing D'vorah at first and then her brain exploded. But I believe that was from the eye laser.


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Not sure about the green lights though but maybe that's just me?...
These arenas are so interactive, i really never expected it.
The forest WOW!
Like a few others just said earlier i was never much of fan of Kano either but certainly MKX has changed the landscape of how i've felt about things for a while... 2015 why you so far away?
After watching all these trailers for MKX.. i think i now finally realize what women mean by multiple orgasms...


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I'm calling it, that long forgotten outworld race has to obviously be D'vorahs. The stage just suits her.

Yea same, i hope we get some backstory on it, if not in this game then definitely the following one.. i can definitely see this stage in future releases.