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  • Lol damn son, got me looking foolish.

    I usually go balls deep in a fighter for about a month or two. Reading guides,practicingnonstop and playing online until my balls fall off. Then I drop it for a while. Doing it now for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 Ver. 1.07

    I look forward to our bouts.
    I did that for MK9. Have it on both systems. Even got the dlc for both. But I think I'm just sticking with PS3 this time. Save you some humiliation ;)

    But I didn't even know there was an Injustice forum. Is it official or a fan site?
    I'm not a Batman nor a huge comic fan, but I do love comic villains. So Harley, Deathstroke and Joker have me really hyped for this game. Plus I'm just a fighting game fanatic.

    You getting it for PS3 or 360?
    I've still got my fingers crossed for Killer Croc and Swamp Thing
    Yeah? I was trying to get into school for the same thing. Keep gettin distracted though. I'm glad to hear that you're going for the gold though, or should I say . . .yellow.

    Get it? Cyrax? He's yellow?

    Disappoint me?

    Your return is as triumphant as your Mario impression.
    Great to hear your life is back on track bro.

    I look forward to more words of wisdom from you.

    This is kinda late but I just saw the picture of you with Brentalfloss and I must say that I'm rather envious of you.
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