Jade isn't too far off from being "pointless". She needs much more uniqueness and story development.

The only reason people seem to like her is because they think she's "hawtt!!1!!" and because they like the color green.

Jade is pointless? You could also say Kabal is pointless too. Stryker is pointless. Havik is pointless. And still, they have a fan base. And none of then are hot, or have any main color like Jade.

Jade is not pointless, people don't like her just because she's black, wears green or because she's hot. There are a lot of reasons for us to be Jade's fans, you just fail to realize this.
I didn't like Jade in MK2 because the CPU would get unbelievably cheap at times with the projectile invulnerability, but as a playable character she's pretty decent. She's not the first character I'd pick but I don't go out of my way not to use her either.

Also if you want to hate on female characters added just for fanboys to oogle over, Tanya is *right there*.
Sorry but I don't think Jade or any other video game character is "hot." And my statement about people only liking her because she has green wasn't a literal statement. It was just pointing out how little character uniqueness she possesses.

But I'm not hating on Jade and I didn't say she was pointless. I said she wasn't to far off from being pointless. I think she's alright, but needs much more development to separate her from Kitana.
Agreee with Chaos. But I like more cuz I like the part that she is willing to do anything for her friends and her home realm. Plus, I like her staff techniques and specials.
So now that we've gotten our hands on her

what's everyones opinion?

Frankly i love her, I wasn't planning on her being my main, but I can't see myself feeling comfortable with someone more than jade.

The only gripe i have is her overhead... It comes out a tad bit too slow for me
Well, I'm still in practice using her style combos. I'm very adept with her specials and fatalities. Not easy to use, but I'll get her down and learn it real easily.
I'm enjoying Jade a lot, her combos all flow nicely together, and she has a few easy to land juggles too. The boomerangs are good for ranged guessing games with people, and the super fast shadow kick is fun and easy to work into combos, if not particularly damaging.

Plus... the pole dance rules.
How does one perform the pole dance? I saw that in videos but what is it? It's not part of her fatalities. I've seen both of them. And it's not in her X-Ray either. Is it a win-stance?
Well, to be honest, when I am deciding on which character to play, personality actually plays a part. I think Jade, personality-wise, is very distinguished from the other female characters in the game. Her dignity and loyalty are the best things about her. I can't get enough of her friendship with Kitana.
Well, to be honest, when I am deciding on which character to play, personality actually plays a part. I think Jade, personality-wise, is very distinguished from the other female characters in the game. Her dignity and loyalty are the best things about her. I can't get enough of her friendship with Kitana.

The same way I feel about her. Plus, she is really one cool butt-kickin' chick.
Jade is a beautiful and experienced fighter. Yet another character I like because my favorite color is green. But I also like her special abilities with the blazing nitro kick and the razor-rang (which are pretty cool names). The long bojitsu stick is effectivly used and her figthing styles are great. Finally, her loyalty to Kitana, Sindel and all of Edenia are pretty admirable.
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After toying around with some characters, Jade has firmly become my main. Very underrated and I'm beginning to unlock her true potential. She absolutely eats the likes of the "mighty" Sub Zero and Reptile for breakfast. Her forcefield and Ex shadow kick are freaking amazing. The only issues I have is it's hard to get someone off you if you have someone on top of you like Kang or Cage, apart from her shadow kick she doesn't really have a "get off me" move. Her Ex kick is full screen and has armour, despite her projectile being a bit slow you can throw low, medium and high for mind games, and her ex boomerangs are great for mixing up and extending the combo. Her staff has pretty good range and yeah, her only over head is a special and telegraphs, but her ex overhead is faster.

I find Raiden an absolute nightmare to deal with. I hate to say a character is "broke", but he is ridiculous in my opinion. Ermac and Cyrax are also difficult for her, BUT with patience they can be overcome...her forcefield is integral for dealing with them, and especially with Cyrax when he is throwing bombs + nets, one ex shadow kick sends him flying and both of you way beyond the range of his bombs.

Lil flash combo of the day: overhead-dash-launcher-dash-3,4,2. You can tag an ex shadow kick after 2, but you have to be very quick.
If someone is on you Flagg like Kang/Cage. EX Shadow glow is your friend. And if they crossover jump you study their patterns of when they do it. Usually they jump over you after a specific move. then when you see it instantly jump and nuetral punch for a combo. you can attack at the same time you do EX shadow glow.

Most of the discussion of her meta-game in MK9 is in this Thread though.

Her EX Overhead has armor.

also don't use 3,4,2 Flagg. After that dash in. You should use either 1,2 dash 4, into 2 NORMAL shadow kicks. Or 2,3,>2 into 2 normal shadow kicks.

you get similar damage but w/o wasting meter. You should be using your meter to create openings not tack on damage.

Also if you land a shadow kick in the corner. You can connect 3 consecutive 1,2/1,2,/1,2,2. If you're quick enough.
Hi Critical, yeah, overhead-dash-launcher-2-1-4-shadow kick is also good, i just like "mixing" my combos up a bit :p

I agree with you about her meter, unlike a lot of people that are in love with X-Ray moves, I always use her meter for ex versions of her moves, though if I happen to have a X-Ray, tagging it onto one of her b&b combos can give you some +40% damage.

Funny you say that about the shadow kick corner trap, I was playing around with that myself the other night in training. I find with Jade, a LOT of her combos requires mili-second precision! Also in the corner, if you hit them with a lancher you can juggle them with 2 for about 3 or 4 hits before using a chain combo or shadow kicks.