I just hope they can her arcade ending. I really do. It's so that people could stop being so darn stupid in thinking it's a character that we've seen before that somehow drastically changed within this one ending.

I mean, how in the world is that dream woman Li Mei? Or Daliah? Or Khameleon for heaven's sake?

I think it's Ed Boon's mom!

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Oh, my dear sweet Jade. Even though there's a high chance she won't playable in MK10, at least she can appear in the boss endurance before Quan Chi and then Shinnok respectively.
Although i think its doubtful she will return, im curious as to what they will do with the mysterious women from her ending?
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Jade is an awesome character and has always been a tough formidable fighter both in story and gameplay (she is just a pain to deal with in MK2 and UMK3 thanks to those sweet moves and being projectile invulnerable). Not only that, she is shown to be completely loyal (okay betraying Shao Kahn does not count to me) and I like loyal people.

However I must say that I miss her look from Deception. She just stood out from the other girls from her nice darker complexion (which she lost in MK9), her afro centric looking face (which looks so much better than her MK9 face IMO), and her primary costume (which was like no other costume wore by the MK "ninja" girls before with its two piece nature and a loincloth to add some fluidity to it and her added jewelry and those boots are amazing. Plus her alternate in that game is one of my favorite costumes ever bc while it brings back that classic look, it still look fresh thanks to her hairstyle and the way the boots were done.

Another thing I liked about that game is that it gave Jade a storyline outside of being Kitana's loyal friend. She got a foil in the form of Tanya and I hope they do this rivalry in the storyline of the new continuity for this very reason. It was nice seeing Jade do her own thing for once while still fighting for Edenia. Deception showed that Kitana does not have to be the end all be all for Jade and her story.

I totally agree with you.

I'm really enjoying Jade in MK11. I love her new character design and outfits.
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I'm really enjoying Jade in MK11. I love her new character design and outfits.

She's EXCELLENT despite not having the fatalities I've been asking for. However, I'm hoping a future patch will improve the "Delia's Dance" move by making it easier to combo with and should be some how a knockdown, sweep, stun (for a combo), and/or pop-up attack. The move can be followed up with different attacks using "1", "2", "3", "4", and "block" buttons.

Otherwise, that move should not be part of the layout and should not conflict with any move.