I know, But the post previous to mine wasn't really calling out for a calm racial discussion in my opinion, but whatever, i might have read it wrong, but I was just trying to keep things calm. I think there's too much fighting over absolute nonsense on this forum, so could easily see this go bonkers too and it would probably stray offtopic.
So many people dispute over wether shes black, white, asian, tanned, egyptian, indian ect well really shes non of those shes Edenian she has her own race plus many of the MK characters don't really look like there races anyway.
I love Mileena, but , I agree, Jade is the best good-looking and sexiest hot girl in MK 2011 ....

She has pretty cool moves, beauty and attitude, a complete female warrior.

It's pretty nice see her evolution : started as a simple "Kitana palette swap" in MK 2, and next, the hottest girl ever in MK, with own signature moves, and a very good and nice well designed character!

Too bad we could not see more gameplay footage of her, let's have to wait until 19th April !
To those who think that her skin color's about to change, nah. That's just from the lighting shade. Jade's still dark skinned as it was in her previous appearance in the gameplay.

Plus, I like to see her other fatality in play.
Oh god, let's not turn this into another skin colour debate, we've had enough of those, lol. She's Edenian, let's keep it at that.
Oh yeah, I remember that video. It's just a fake.

There isn't any birthday info for her (or any other MK character, I don't think), as far as I know. I could be wrong.
I mained Jade a lot in Deception, and got quite good with her. Love how she looks in MK9, and looking forward to handing out some choice beatdowns with her!
Jade isn't too far off from being "pointless". She needs much more uniqueness and story development.

The only reason people seem to like her is because they think she's "hawtt!!1!!" and because they like the color green.