Is any game more violent than Mortal Kombat?


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prototype was freaking gnarly, it felt a little unsettling at first. i love gory games but, that was ridiculous and absolutely awesome.
also the darkness 2 was pretty brutal


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The Mark of Kri and its sequel, Rise of the Kasai, feature dismemberment and some brutal animations despite what the stylized artwork may suggest. Alien Hominid has its moments. Carmageddon is pretty graphic if you run over pedestrians. They may not be the most violent games thus far, but if Call of Duty and Silent Scope can make it in the top 100, I don't see why those games can't.


I just looked at the top 10. While MK more or less brought the blood and gore factor to the forefront as well as being an on-going series, I found most of the fatalities so over-the-top that it's funny. I found Phantasmagoria to be more disturbing; not only was it graphic, but the fact that the victims were helpless.
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Besides the games mentioned above, I'll have to go with Manhunt (series). MK is very violent and gory I have to admit. But an execution from the Darkness 2 made that game more brutal than an MK game.


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Eternal champions sega genesis was in competition around the same time mortal kombat released on consoles. Sadly the studio closed it's doors when sega went third party.


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How about the Resident Evil games. I noticed they are pretty gory. Silent Hill is another gory one if you are into those kind of games.


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I'm surprised every skipped two game which had the most cringiest death scenes in gaming:

Tomb Raider (2013/2014)

The Last of Us (Especially @5:35)


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I've played many games with much blood as Dead Rising, God of War, Dead Space among others. But I can assure you that none has impressed me as much as some fatalities Mortal Kombat X. The first time I saw Cassie Cage Fatality selfie I almost disturbs me too jaw:

I sincerely believe that this game has set a new standard for violence in video games. Not such a sensational manner as the first titles, that's impossible, but with the same impact.


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most of mk's fatalities are either decapitations, cutting in half and blowing a hole in someone

they're boring