I may have the xbox exclusive answer

now take this with a grain of salt but a friend of mine has a close friend that works with NRS and he said he helped design freddy krueger for MK9. Now if this is real the OMFG that would be some awesome sh"t

ill keep you posted

HahaEpic from april till.now he was tellib the truth good shit
I read that there was going to be a exclusive Xbox Charecter but it was denied but it didnt say why or who denied it!!!!
cheta for the win. it so damn funny reading all of this after Freddy being confirmed. you should tell your friend to tell his friend to keep you in the loop.
I heard that the reason Xbox didn't get an exclusive because Microsoft wanted/charged too much money.
Sounds like something Microsoft would do but who knows.. I'm not even sure if money was the issue in the first place.
It's kinda funny that the 4th DLC character had been leaked before the game even came out yet nobody believed it.

Been right in our face the whole time :p
Never say Never ;)

Never say Never ;)

think of all the rage that would come from the ps3 users lol, ain;t gonna happen

But my idea was better anyway.
1- Kratos nevers apears in this game
2-one console gets Freddy, the other gets Jason
3-make them eventually downlaodable so everyone can get them (like darth vader and yoda were in sc4)