I may have the xbox exclusive answer

Hehe, Jason is not an exclusive xbox game character so it won't be him and nothing would rage me actually cuz the only cool xbox exclusive candidates I like are Marcus Fenix or anyone of the Gears of War franchise, all the rest is obsolete or non exclusive, like a lot of peeps don't realize that Ryu Hayabusa IS NOT an xbox exclusive. Master Chief and Halo is for kids imo so I'll not be raging over him and can't think of any other cool exclusive xbox character that I would want right now, but I'll check out my games later cuz I know I'm missing a cool one though so I'll edit my post later :)
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Gears of war characters would be cool but I thought MS owns Rare now so I think it would be better to have an exclusive character from the Killer Instinct series. To bad it probably won't happen.