I may have the xbox exclusive answer

It´s not Freddy Krueger, my friend who works for NRS, told me it´s Michael Myers.
Seriously, no offense to you, but wow....just wow. I would have punched my friend in the face ;)
Unless there is something in the game box itself there are no 360 exclusives other than the avatar support. How that makes all the 360 gamers happy (referencing a quote from Boon) is beyond me to understand.
I am certainly not gping to be dreaming about Freddy Kruger appearing in MK I might not wake up....
Well, my best friend's uncle's cousin's roommate's sister's father in law that cleans the toilet that Ed Boon lays a turd in told me that the 360 is getting Spyro as an exclusive character.....but take it with a grain of salt.
That is actually the first non mk charactar I've heard that I'd like to see in the game. But it still smells like BS to me bro
Boon said indirectly that the puzzle kombat and pit 360 exclusive content is fake. And free skarlett dlc may be fake too because that rumor came from the same source as the other ones.