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  • Lol, sure, sure, just not when in come to geo :p

    Scorpion's a popular pick but I actually don't like him nor Sub-zero that much wich mean 95% of the mk fan will now hate me, lol, jk >_<
    I was a little kiddo on day one, sadly, so I havent followed since the beginning, mk4 was my first, then I checked the olders ones ^_^... I'm not sure who my fav fighter is, I never really main the same but my fav character is Shinnok even if he wasnt there very often, I feel alone in my lil corner.
    Considering I'm living in the middle of the wood, I'd probly find it to be a big town xD

    I see you were as careless as me, I think my teacher was the one on drugs doh, lol.
    I should probly be ashamed to admit I had to go check on a map to know where it was, lol. I guess I shouldnt have drawn so much in my geography courses.
    Rain was my favourite character in MK Armageddon, he must be in the game. Thx for joining the group. :)
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