How the hell did you guys beat MK 2 ? (PSN)


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Conversely, if you corner Kintaro it's game over for him since (as the Scorpion part of the video a few posts up showed) his reaction time is slow as balls. The only thing that messes me up is how quick he gets with his throw compared to how slow everything else is.

@Flagg, MK2 here is pretty accurate to the arcade in terms of difficulty. I had a hard time getting more than halfway up the ladder in the arcade, and MKAK was pretty close to that until the muscle memory started coming back and I remembered the patterns.


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The cheap tactics I always used were with Kung Lao, get close then jump backward and the computer will jump at you, then just do the dive kick while in the air and hit them over and over.

Kintaro I just used the back and forth jump kicks... jump kick him then jump back, kick while jumping back and he will block giving you time to land and jump kick him again.

I used scorpion for Shao Khan and would dodge most attacks then spear and uppercut.

Worked in the arcades when I was a kid too.


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I used mileena jump kick ball jump kick ball repeat and put sweeps in. For kintaro jump kick walk back jump kick did it like goro in mk1, for shao kahn teleport kick uppercuts an sai blasts.

Shang Tsung hated him so much!!


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How come I am the only one who can beat Kintaro easily just with jumpkicks? I mean I usually get flawless victories against him...You have to jumpkick him in special intervals and hit his head. If you hit him lower, he will block and throw you...


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The arcade version and any of the re-releases are way too difficult in my opinion. The pc version was beatable with Kitana but on arcade I can't even get to Kintaro most of the time...

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It took me 18 years to beat that shit.

Kintaro is a real bastard. An even bigger bastard than Motaro in MK3. My hatred for him drove me to go even further beyond. I ascended past 9000 losses to his ass and then finally I snapped. I beat the shit out of him with Reptile. The one character I never played as because I hated his move set. Then I got to Kahn and had to ascend even further beyond. Took me 18 years but I did that shit. haha

When MK1 was out the only way I could ever beat Goro was with jump kicks. Still have to do that to this day.


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The greatest day was when I tried out Baraka. Chop Chop Blade your way up the ladder with ease.

Let the AI close in on you enough to catch them with the Chop Chop Blades. After they are chopped, instantly do a jump kick before they get back up. If you land the jump kick, quickly sweep and then imediately shoot a Shard.

Its my only way of beating MK2 without going mad.
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Mortal Kombat 2 is pretty unforgiving i'll go ahead and tell you that. Been playing this game since I was a little kid and just tonight f all nights I beat it for the first time. It takes tons and tons of perseverance and patience to be honest.


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lol. a lot of wrist work?

If you've played it on the Super Nintendo, you'd understand what I mean, lol.
Pulling off special moves on the SNES is difficult when the controls are slightly clunky at times and the AI is two times harder than Shao Kahn at the end of MK9's Story Mode.


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Go as far as you can with your favourite.

Then when you can't get any further choose Kitana and spam her air lift, fan throw, jump kick fan throw. Rinse and repeat till you get to Kintaro.

Then you can then stay as Kitana doing the same thing or choose Liu Kang spamming Flying Kicks and a Mix up of High and Low Fireballs to beat him or if you want a challenge but a pain in the ass challenge choose your favourite.

Then when you get to Shao Kahn go back to favourite player and try try try try again till you finally beat him.

It is by Far the Hardest MK but so Satisfying when you beat it with your favourite character.


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I only managed to beat it once, with Johnny Cage, for some reason i was only barely decent with 1 character in the first 2 games, that character being Cage.


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With Kitana.

It can take me up to 20 credits but I did it. My trick is usually fan lift, forward jump kick, and fan toss combo. Also doing the sweep kick got me through.

Now my question, how do I beat Shao Kahn in MK2 GAME BOY VERSION? I just got the game now and it's very fun actually but when I got to the boss, I've had a difficult time. I don't like how I only have 6 credits before game over for losing. Also, no air fan toss in that version too and it's more trickier to pull off the fan lift.

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The normal character AI in MK2 (not bosses) can be beaten with a combination of well-timed jump kicks, sweeps, and counter-attacks (when your jump kick is blocked, you block and counter, or jump away and counter, or jump away and repeat).

This is a universal approach and works with all characters. It takes practice to get the timing and rhythm right, and it is easier on lower difficulty settings.

For bosses there are different techniques (I mentioned them in another thread).

Once you learn how to handle MK2, you will probably find it easier and even more enjoyable than UMK3 with its completely broken all-over-the-place AI, which spams impossible moves and combos, but can be stuck in an infinite loop walking back and forward and never attacking.