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  • It as you who i was playing MK2 with lol. I thought it was but i have another friend with a similar PSN ID. had a laugh, i would have played more but i needed to shower and go out with out smelling like cat mess after the gym lol.
    No worries dude, ditto i havent really been playing much atm, got well back into it the other week, then got a bit rusty. Tried learning SSF4 AE properly and it ruined my MK game lol. Became a bit disheartened after going on my worst loosing streak ever. I should be on the weekend then im on leave till the 28/03/12 so i should be able to play anytime when your nets sorted. Apart from when im in amsterdam lol
    Cheers dude you cant beat rock and wrestling (sorry about that).
    I like your name, not sure if its about Prince or the MK Character but both are guilty pleasures for me!
    I honestly don't know. My main's Bison and Balrog are there buuuuuuut something about it is keeping me on the edge oof not buying it
    I only destroyed you because you we're semi new to it :laugh: gving a month's time and you'll f*ck me up good :cool:
    Anyway goodnight :-D
    Awesome :D. Man I wish MK didn't have region lock :( You probably would f*ck me up in MK :laugh:
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