Hottest Chick in MK

Hottest chick in MK?

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^ You didn't even mention anything about me? I am the reason everyone likes Jade dammit!

*takes medication*
Well it seems my computer needs some medication too for it seems to enjoy double posting when I don't want it to.
Funny thing is, I actually do have Flintstone vitamins and I take one every morning. I think I ate bam Bam this morning. He was so tasty..... answer is Jade!
Kitana's totally the hottest MK babe; especially ever since Talisa Soto played her in the MK movies.

i would have to say mileena in MKD like that render of her where she is naked and her sai's r covering her . LOL thats pretty awsome
Engin_FC said:
Why was not kira put on this poll?

My guess is that she's not in the poll because MK Deception wasn't even out when this poll was created, if I remember correctly.

In the future, please don't bump old topics if you have nothing to add to the discussion.
PuNkRoCkMKxX said:
okay u r right but b 4 that i could take her to the dentist! lol how i could get a wild sai bareing warrior to the dentist ...well i guess i could throw a head in the room and she would go snach it up(her fatality) abd then have a bunch of ppl attack her wait wait this is a video game
Ah, back when I didn't know how to type. :)

I would go with Kitana. She has a strong sense of mystery about her, which only adds to her beauty. Her face is gentle like a glass china doll and her body is wildly sexy. Unfortuantly she is a video game character.
Snow said:
I'd say mileena...there's just something about those teeth
I'll say to you what I said to Kold, before, dude.

ChiefThunder said:
You just want her for her body, right? But seriously, dude. Checkout her munchers?! Are you really that game to get her laughing gear around your manhood? The number 69 would be your least favourite number for the rest of your days, man :mrgreen:


Hot bod, gross face, man. If she had normal human face like a real girl, then yeah. I'd bang it :mrgreen: