Hottest Chick in MK

Hottest chick in MK?

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Obviously Kitana is the hottest, sonya is close, but sindel looks like frankenstiens wife, sheeva is just sick, mileena is hot till she takes off her mask, frost is a goon, jade is hot though, but not Li Mei.
But The freakiest and the uglyest of course is Sheeva.

Oh, yeah. Where the hell is Sheeva by the way?

She must be in MK7.

tired of sonya, kitana is boring, li mei eats balls, nitara sucks for a vampire(could be a lot better), frost was cool(but not without her mask), mileena is ok... but the teeth be nasty, dont like new tanya, jade was always stupid. my vote goes to the new sindel, second being sheeva, four arms or not she wears almost nothing, and evil is sexy. kira is a blackdragon sonya, i.e. boring. and ashrah is so f*%ing stupid i cant know where to begin.