favorite fatality of all time

Mine is a three way tie, Sub-zero's spine rip, forward, down,forward, LP, Kung Lao's hat slice, Forward(3x) HK, and scorpions neck snap from mk deception.
Ummm... why would we need to know the motions for those Fatalities. We have the internet. :p

Quan Chi's leg beating Fatality is probably my favorite, but Kabal scream-scare is still funny, so it's high on my list, too.
Quan Chi's neck stretch was so ridiculous and memorable that it's somehow my favorite.

I've always liked Kung Lao's hat slice simply because it was one of the fatalities that looked realistic and very violent. I'm glad they remade it into MK9.
Eks it's just a habbit, I can't help it sometimes, I know we can obviously use the internet, but oh well, I would also like to mention scorpion's MKDA head rip in mine.
It's terribly difficult to choose...I'm a huge fan of MKII fatalities mostly, but there are gems in every game truly.
From MK1: Spine Rip of course, Raiden's Head Exploder, Johnny's Super Uppercut, also Heart Rip.

From MKII: Lao's Hat Slice (contender for all time fav), Scorpion's Jugular Cut, Shang Tsung's Soul Steal (it was at its best in MKII), and Reptile's Head Eater (It was so surprising the first time!).

From MK3: Sindel's Scream, Sektor's Compactor, and...that's it really, MK3 fatalities sucked balls.

From MK4: Shinnok's Skeletal Hand Squeeze (So brutal!), Reptile's Acid Bath (ewww...), Quan Chi's Leg Beating (MK4 was kinda lackluster too...).

From MKDA: Scorpion's Head Rip, Hsu Hao's Chest Lazor, Frost's Freeze & Smash (one of the best ice fatalities), Reptile's Acid Bath PLUS Head Eater (Two of my favs combined!), and Cyrax's Chest Grinder, MKDA was a return to form :).

From MKD: Scorpion's Neck Snap, Sub-Zero's Freeze into Sliding Head Pitch (the best ice fatality IMO), Ermac's Telekinetic Rip, Li Mei's Uppercut into Exploding Kick, Shao Kahn's Head Golf (Love that hammer), and Sub-Zero's Leg Freeze & Smash (I love watching the opponent squirm and beg)

From MKA: Nothin' :)

From MKvDC: Raiden's Grab & Zap, Scorpion's Toasty, Sub-Zero's throwback to MK3 Overhead Freeze & Smash, Deathstroke's Neck Snap, Green Lantern's Ball Squeeze (I don't care what they say, it's fatal I swear), and basically everything the Joker does :).

From MKSM: All of them. Seriously, all of them.

Well..that's my picks by series...if I had to choose my all time fav's tho they would be the Jugular Cut and Lao's Hat Slice from MKII, Both of Sub-Zero's from Deception, Scorpion's Head Rip and Neck Snap from DA and Deception, Toasty!, and The Joker's Fake Out.
Mine is a three way tie, Sub-zero's spine rip, forward, down,forward, HP, Kung Lao's hat slice, Forward(3x) LK, and scorpions neck snap from mk deception.

Fixed. :)

It's kind of hard for me to call out an absolute favorite due to the fact that fatalities tend to have less impact the more you've seen them. That said, Kung Lao's vertical slice and Scorpion's torso slice would have to be up there somewhere on my list.
Thanks deathcoreRyknow, for some reason Lp works on mine for sub-zero's in mortal kombat arcade for deception, and kung lao's, I forgot it was LK, thanks for the heads up.
mk1: sub-zero's spine rip. mk2: reptile's head munch. mk3: sektor's compactor mkt: johnny cage's shoulder drop explosion mk4: quan chi's leg rip beat down mkda: sub-zero's skeleton rip mkd: tie between kabal's spin to hook sword kill and darrius's body part mix up mkvsdcu: baraka's chest stab. my favorite fatality of all time goes to sub-zero's spine rip mk1, that changed my life.
My Top 3:

1. MKII Lao's hat split
2. MK1 Subbie's spine rip (changed my life as well lol)
3. MK4 Quan Chi's leg rip beatdown

MK9's Scorpion fatality with the torso slice, and decap and head split is going to be top, fyi lol
Yeah gotta go with sub-zeros spine rip from mk1. That whole thing to this day is just epic. Its one of the top three reasons mk was successful.

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So far...

All of Jades Fatalities

Mileena's MK(2011) fatality where she tosses the sai and rips out the head, Head Bite (MKD) and Sai Stab (MK2)

Sonya's Kiss of Death (All versions) and Scissor Legs Fatality (MK4)

Kitana's Kiss of Death (MKSM style) Fan Toss in MKvsDC and Fan Decapitation

Li Mei's MKDA fatality and her MKD "Brutality".

Johnny Cage's MK(2011) fatality where he does a decapitation punch and a torso rip in one fatality and Nut Punch Fatality (MKSM).

Kung Lao's MK(2011) Fatalities

Reptiles Invisibility Fatalities and the fatality where he pukes acid in the opponent's mouth.

Tanya's Weapon Impale in MKD and Neck Breaker in MK4.

Both of Kira's MKD fatalities.

Kano's Lazer Shot fatality, Heart Rip, and MKDA fatality.

Nitara's MKDA fatality

Frost's MKDA fatality

Stryker's Detonator Fatality

Hsu Hao's MKDA Fatality (I hate him though.)

Catwoman's Whip Strangle Fatality

Sektor's MK(2011) fatality

Deathstroke's Fatalities in MKvsDC

Scorpion's MK(2011) fatalities, Toasty, Scorpion Morph and Spear Slice.

Shang Tsung's Soul Steal (MK2 version)

Sub- Zero's Hard Ice Ball and Icy Wind Blow fatality (MK3)

Liu Kang's Heavy Stomp (MKSM) and Dragon Morph

Nightwolf's animality morph and both his MKD fatalities.

MKA Kreate a Fatality Chains:
Nut Kick, Butt Kick, Slap, Gut punch, Punch (while opponent's on his/her knees), neck break, back break, Short sword chains, Arm/s Rip, and Other Sword Chains.

MKA Kreate a Fatality Finishers:
Neck Break, Head Rip, Spine Rip, Torso Rip, Arm/s Hit Decapitation, both head stomps with opponent's face is up, the head smash where the character pounds on the opponent's head from behind, all sword finishers, and all short sword finishers.
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