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  • Holy shit!

    I just clicked the link and it says it's 23 dollars.
    I was expecting to shell out a good 60-70 bucks!

    You are my MK savor Tim :laugh:
    now be truth full from the vinnyets were even liu kang looked over powered is kratos as overpowered as every one says
    is it really that big a problem cant any one if used right be a tad over powered like smoke in umk3 was
    could he be a good fighter

    oh ya you got any fight tips im good at fighting games just looken to get to that next level i would have asked some one else but trust your judgement a little more than others you see it from more of a competitive play then from witch system is better thats i like your opinion more

    thanks tim ~AMES32
    hay I sent you a friend request re you as good as people say lol from what ive seen ur good at umk3
    Hay mr static add me to your psn Ive seen you play b4 and your real good just wanna test my skills its Tekunin thanks
    Dude, I was totally torn about giving you rep for the Jade render, because you would most likely surpass me in that category if I did, but I decided to be the nice guy and do it anyway... Then the forums said I had to spread "my love" around more before giving you some again :p

    Does that mean the forums promote promiscuity in this day and age with all the STDs running rampant?
    Hey, Tim. Do you notice how the new color scheme has the mods all Orange and Blue? eh? wink, wink. nudge, nudge.

    I don't see any Red and Silver/Gray/White whatever the hell y'all are s'posed to be :p

    **** 10 characters!


    Reptile, Jade, Ermac, Motaro, Hsu Hao, Quan Chi, Liu Kang, Goro, Shao Kahn & Raiden.


    You should change that horrid OSU avatar on twitter to the one over there <----- (da kool mk logo) :p
    haha, I was surprised myself but maybe it just messed up or something. How dare it!
    It was utterly ridiculous how some people got so upset over it. You lose, you move on, it's so simple. Sore losers.
    Any reps you got for telling off a certain someone in the kontest thread wont go to where the rep was given because I cleaned up the thread and had the flaming posts deleted but that was the one. It was well done :)
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