Ed Boon Teases "Unexpected Surprise" from NetherRealm

He answered to PdogGray "Super Mortal Kombat 9 Turbo Limited Special Edition? Noobde: With all the DLC + a few new characters?!?!? No. :|"

So i though its like a puzzle :)) for instance, Mortal Kombat 9 coming to PC with all the DLC + a few new characters. What do you think guys? :)

Why would the PC version get more characters than the console version?
MK: Special Forces 2?
I'm thinking that an MK character (perhaps Scorpion) is a DLC for Arkham City or that NRS is launching a whole new game unrelated to the MK world or fighting genre...thoughts?
It's NOT The Grid 2 or MK9 related

noobde via Twitter said:
@jeffgerstmann The Grid 2?
@noobde I wish!! Sheeee.....

noobde via Twitter said:
RT@DQueBeats @noobde is the surprise MK9 related? thats all i need to know Noobde: No Sir

Since it's has nothing to do with the Grid or MK9, I still say that it has to do with either MK10 or a Shaloin Monks sequel.
Plus Carlos Pesina has been Tweeting for the last month that he's been doing more mocap.
Sounds like a new game to me.

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Shaolin Monks sequel or other MK free roaming sandbox action game co-developed by Rocksteady with mocap from Carlos Pesina and graphics\etc. pitched in by NRS. Ed Boon did recently say they are like this *crosses fingers* with Rocksteady after all and I read they had a hand in Batman Arkham City as well.

Actually, there will be a new Blitz game coming soon. Unfortunately, NRS and WB will have nothing to do with this one.

Turns out not every Midway property ended up in the hands of WB. Like the NBA Jam franchise, the Blitz franchise is now property of EA...the same company that got their hands on the exclusive NFL license in the wake of the Madden/NFL 2k sales war.
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Its going to be something completely lame.

Ed Boon promised a worthy reward for completing the challenge tower.
Reality: A 3rd barely-there outfit for Mileena. Really, guy?

Ed Boon promised a unique online experience for the new MK.
Reality: A buggy and broken online experience that took far too long to sort out and fix.

Ed Boon promised a game that was true to the roots, and pure MK.
Reality: Freddy Krueger.

Ed Boon promised an Arcade Kollection that would give us the MK games we all loved, remembered and wanted.
Reality: we got a p.o.s. package with no option for screen adjustment, and emulations that looked like a SNES/Genesis port. Not to mention that the UMK3 in the Kollection looked like a burning bag of crap, compared to the stand-alone DLC release years before the Kollection.

Seriously, does anyone actually believe that Ed Boon has any credibility whatsoever with his various statements, teases and promises?

And F.Y.I., a new Blitz is already in the works.