Create a Fatality

Love Toy From Behind - First, Jade does a hook punch on the opponent's face, making him turn around. Next, she uses her small metal cylinder weapon to shove inside the enemy's rectum. Then, the weapon extends into a staff, impaling the loser vertically from the rectum with the top end of the weapon protruding through the victim's shoulder. After that, the Edenian woman uses both her hands to grab the impaled guy's head at the face from behind to break the neck in the process. Lastly, Jade rips off the head with those hands of hers and places the head impaled on top of the weapon with the head facing her (backwards).

Krazy Fans - First, Kitana uses her fans to slice of the opponent's arms. Next, she kicks the enemy up in the air. Then, the princess throws both her fans at the loser, as the spinning weapons slice the air borne victim. After that, the weapons return to the Edenian's hand as the guy falls from the air. However, before the guy falls to the ground, Kitana kicks him up to the air again. Lastly, Kitana does her "Biggest Fan" Brutality from MKX, making major organs fall to the ground on the first slice and splitting the losing victim vertically in half in the second slice.

Happy Meal - First, Mileena kicks the opponent to the ground, making him fall to the ground. Next, she throws her sais at the opponent, making each sai impale each arm to the ground. Then, Mileena teleports and lands on the loser using both her knees to stomp and crush his ribs, making him cough blood and lose consciousness. After that, Mileena goes on all fours and crawls down. Once that happens, the camera would focus on the victim's face as he wakes up screaming. The camera would then move to wear Mileena is at, showing that she is already chewing up the poor guy's crotch and then chewing her way up to his abdomen as she uses her hands to rip off all the intestines and other organs. Mileena rips off the heart in the process through the loser's sternum area and eats it up like an apple on her hand. Lastly, Mileena pauses from eating the heart while looking at her opponent and throwing the heart to the side. The Tarkatan female lunges violently on the victim's neck and starts chewing on it while she chews her way up to the face until she bites off the head violently in the process while growling like an angry dog. At the end, Mileena laughs insanely like a maniac in a high pitched voice.

Edenian Domination - First, Tanya throws each of her Kobu Jutsu Tonfa Blades at the opponent's feet, pinning both feet to the ground. Next, she uses one hand to grab the enemy's crotch while using her other hand to hold the shoulder. From there, the traitor rips the body off the legs (similar to Mileena's "Rip Off" Fatality from MK9), tossing the body on one side. Then, Tanya walks up to the legless victim and stomps on his face with one of her feet, crushing the head in the process. At the end, Tanya slowly gets her foot off the crushed face, similar to how she does in her "Bloody Boots" fatality in MKX.

Surprise from Behind - First, Sareena throws her daggers at each of the opponent's foot, impaling both feet to the ground. Next, she hops over the enemy to go behind him and uses one of her hands to grab his butt while the other one to hold the shoulder. From there, Sareena rips off the victim's body off the legs (since the feet are pinned to the ground) and tosses the body on one side of the arena while the loser's face and belly is on the ground (just think of it as Mileena's "Rip Off" Fatality being performed while she is behind the opponent instead). Then, Sareena walks up to the opponent and uses one of her feet to stomp on the head, pushing the face of the victim to the ground, breaking his nose (with X-Ray vision) and suffocating him as she grinds her feet on the back of his head like a dominatrix. Lastly, she does one final curb stomp to crush the head into pieces.

Succubus Honeymoon - First, Nitara uses her Kamas to impale each of the opponent's foot to the ground. Next, she jumps on the enemy with both of her feet on each of the loser's hips as she starts to chew and tear his neck open. Then, Nitara flaps her wings as she holds the victim's waist tight, tearing the upper torso off the lower torso in the process with the guts exposed under the upper torso. After that, the vampire flies way up in the air, bringing the upper torso of the poor guy with her. Lastly, she tosses the upper torso to the ground so hard from the air that the head rips and bounces off the upper torso.

Li Mei:
Impalement Madness - First, Li Mei hops behind the opponent and uses her Kunlun Dao to impale him at the back through the abdomen. Next, she takes out the weapon off the body and shoves it up the enemy's rectum. Then, she takes the sword off the victim again and pushes him to the ground face first as he hemorrhages out of his anus. After that, the loser tries to get up but Li Mei puts one foot on the loser's back to never let him get up. Lastly, she uses the sword one last time to impale the back of his head, pinning the head to the ground on the process.

No Escape - First, Sindel uses her hair to grab each of the opponent's limbs. Next, she extends her hair to give some distance between her and the enemy. Then, the queen starts screaming at the loser, making his flesh and some organs fly off the torso and face (with the eyes still in the skull) only, leaving the arms and legs intact. After that, the victim ends up looking like a bloody skeleton with with eyes and intact limbs in the grasp of Sindel's hair. Lastly, she slams the victim to the ground, shattering the remains of the torso to the ground and the hair holds up each limb as a victory pose.
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Tarkatan Xenomorph/Alien:
E. T. (Extra Terrestrial) Overkill - First the Xenomorph uses its Tarkatan blades to impale the opponent's chest, performing Baraka's Blade Lift. Next, the Alien uses its tail to shove inside the victim's anus, making it go through the enemy's mouth. Then, the Xenomorph takes the tail of the enemy's body while chunks of flesh, blood, and feces fall of the loser's butthole. After that, the Alien uses it's long sharp teeth to eat the entire victim's head off, decapitating the loser in the process. Lastly, the Alien takes one of its blade off the chest of the lifeless body while keeping the other blade on the chest to keep the body up and slices the body vertically in half while keeping one half of the body impaled while the other half of the body falls to the floor.
Alrighty Guys I am back with some more MKX fatality ideas for Kombat Pack 2!

Up you go- Unable to start his chainsaw, he kicks the opponent down keeping his foot on their chest. Pulls out a chain hook and tosses off screen as it falls back onto screen. Leatherface than picks up his opponent and impales them in the dangling hook. He then grabs at their legs pulling them down. The opponents is then ripped in half with his head their head severed hanging on the hook.

A New Face- Slamming the opponents down on their shoulders to their knees. Leatherface then grabs the back of the opponent's head and rips their face off! The opponent falls revealing the faceless corpse while Leatherface drops his old mask to the faceless corpse while his back is to the screen. As the screen zooms in he reveals his new face

Bo' Rai Cho:
-On the House- Bo takes a drink and then forces his opponent to drink it as well. After a moment of choking, Bo smashes what remains of the container on the opponent leaving them soaked in alcohol. Bo then take a sip from a smaller container and with a torch spits on it towards the opponent catching them on fire and die after a moment of terrifying screaming

-Death Palm- Bo walks up to the opponent, places his whole palm on their chest and using his Chi, forces the opponent back. Recovering from the attack, the opponent then begins to charge Bo only to have their chest cave in from the attack and their back explode. Falling to the ground and dying as they reach up one last time

-For the Queen- Injuring the opponent, they wake up an they are in an Alien cocoon. The Opponents eyes get wide as they look up to see the Queen in front of them. They begin to squirm in pain as a chestburster pops out of their chest and flees. In shock the Queen looks at the opponent and impales the opponent with its inner jaw. Left there dead, the capturing Tarkatan-morph begins to feed upon the corpse

-Hard to Kill- The opponent seemingly injures the Alien. As the opponent gets closer about to perform a fatal blow, it spews acid at the opponent taking them and then lunges at them pinning them to the ground. The opponent looks at the Alien only to be greated with its inner jaw piercing their head and then screeches in victory and then continues feeding

Sektor Variant -Disconnecting his head from his body, Sektor attaches parts of his Cybernetic body to the Opponent. Trapped and encased, Sektors head appears in front of the opponent and begins a detonation countdown sequence ( As Sektor is counting his head and remaining body parts begin to fly away as the opponent screams just before they explode.

Cyrax Variant- Hold both arms of the opponent out, Cyrax then disengages his arms which causes the opponent to lose their arms and fall to their knees. Cyrax drops several bombs at the opponents feet. And once his arms are reattached, he traps the opponent with his net along with the bombs and enters a sequence on his arm activating the bmbs and the opponent explodes with their head dropping at Cyrax's feet

Smoke Variant- locked in a struggle with the opponent, Smoke begins to phases through the opponent continuing to fight and countering their attacks, but unlike his human counterpart, he takes pieces of the them with each phase though until their body is mutilated revealing holes, muscles and bone. The opponent collapses and Smoke vanishes into the background

Sub-Zero Variant- Gut kicks the opponent, putting them down on all four. Then shoots out a few ice grenades attaching his hands and feet to the ground. Then he rolls another grenade un the opponent and begins to charge his chest for a blast. As the grenade explodes it sends the opponents body upward severing his arms and legs and then blast an Ice Spear he had been charging up and it impales the opponent to the far end of the screen.
No. It wouldn't .

YES IT WOULD! lol. As it is, the gore and body parts and things look great now, think of how much better the graphics will be for MK11

Im just saying Add it in. But still have 2 normal fatalities per fighter, and keep brutalities. It would be fun i think ! :)
It would be cool if they had a stage brutality in that one level... where you smash your opponent into the water thing. But instead you should just hold their head in and then drown them. Lol
Ermac: Telekinetic Slam/Smash- Levitating his opponent & begins to slam them to the ground several time, dropping them. The opponent then kneels upright & Ermac charges a Hado-Energy & shoots it at the opponent’s head, and explodes right in front of their face sending them flying back showing their disfigured face

Johnny Cage: Give’m a Show- Hitting the opponent with a barrage of punch and kicks, JC flip kicks the opponent back as he charges up his Inner Power and as the opponent regains composer they are met with JC Shadow Kick through their chest and a Shadow Uppercut decapitating their head.

Kano: Contract Complete- Kano adjust his Cyber Eye setting and blasts the opponents down. Walking to them, he grabs the back of their head and slits their throat from “Ear to Ear” and pulls their head off, showing it to the screen and then tosses it away

Kenshi: No Honor for you- Getting ready to strike, Kenshi unsheathes Sento and performs a tele-flurry, knocking the opponent off balance and then dashes in slicing partially through their mid section and then turns back around slicing off the opponents head

Liu Kang: Exploding Fist Technique- Liu places fist 6in from the opponent’s chest and strike a blow sending the opponent back. The opponent then runs towards Liu about to strike as their back explodes and they fall to the ground with blood still spewing out of them

Reptile: Feast on your Brains- Reptile claws at the opponent’s face. Revealing the damage done to their face (to the audience), Reptile lunges on their back and bites the back of their head open and begins to feast on their brains

Erron Black: High Noon Showdown- Black tosses on of his guns at his opponent. They have a standoff and after a moment Black shoots the gun out their hand and then in the head

Kotal Kahn: Sacrifice to the Gods- Summoning a table like stone slab, Kotal grabs the opponent by the throat and places them on the table. Taking his Tecpatl, he stabs them in the chest removing their heart and then with his Macuahuitl decapitates their head. The blood from the opponent is then absorbed into Kotal as he Praises his Gods

Takeda: We are Shirai Ryu- Making hand gestures, multiple Shirai Ryu Ninja’s appear and attack the opponent. Takeda then trips the opponent and as the begin to stand, several Kunai are tossed at the opponent and Takeda either pierces the opponent’s throat with his Whip or Plasma Swords (depending on which variation is used)

Tremor: Feel the Elements- Causing the ground to shake, the opponent falls to all four. Tremor them traps the opponent’s hands and feet in the ground facing the screen. Standing over the opponent, Tremor grabs their head and begins to encase it (depending on the variation used).
-Aftershock- Encases their head in stone and then causes it to crumble leaving them headless and blood spewing out
-Gold Skin- SImply encases their head in Gold and lets go letting their body fall and con pulsate until it stops
-Lava Skin- 1st encases their head in stone and then the lava starts to pour out of the cracks until the head his gone
-Crystalline Skin- Encased in crystal, with sharp shards extruding from their eyes, ears and mouth. Tremor rips the head off only to smash it on the ground
I am just using MKX's roster.
1. Kenshi : Give Me Your Eye - Kenshi levitates the opponents body and his sword slices off a part of the skin where the left eye is and the opponent falls to the ground and Kenshi picks the eye up and the camera zooms in on it.
2. Kano : Hurts doesn't it - Kano stabs the opponent ten times and blood gushes all over the place and then he uses his eye laser to shoot a hole where the heart is and he uses his laser again and the heart explodes.
3. Liu Kang : Fury Punches - His fist turns to flames and he punch the opponent a few times and the opponents body turns to ash.
4. Mileena : Darling Your Mine - Mileena chews off the opponents legs and arms.
5. Kitana : Feel My Fan - Kitana throws a fan in the air and it sucks them in to it cutting them in half.
6. Takeda : Blood Is Thicker Than Whips - He uses his whips to cut the opponent up into pieces.
7. Reptile : Your Skin Tastes Good - Reptile sticks out his tongue and rips off the opponents skin leaving only a bloody skinless corpse.
8. Ermac : Soul It Up - He lifts the opponent up and rips out their soul and their body melts into mush.
9. Ferra/Torr : Your Face Is So Pretty - Torr tosses Ferra in the air cutting the opponents arms off and then Torr picks Ferra up and tosses her through the opponents face.
10. Jacqui Briggs : Gauntlets Are My Friend - She charges her gauntlets up and shoots lasers out of it till the opponent explodes.
11. Cassie Cage : Shut Up - She slaps the opponent and then straps a bomb to there face and she turns away till it explodes their head.
12. Sonya Blade : Neck Snap - She throws the opponent down and grabs their head with her feet and twists it.
13. Tanya : Tornado Spin Kick - She does her diving kick through the opponents chest.
14. Tremor : Earth Has No Boundaries - The Ground trembles and flames fly in the air underneath the opponent and burns the opponent and then the ground sucks the ashes of the opponent in with it leaving nothing but sand.
15. Erron Black : Draw - Erron Black uses his Shotgun and shoots a big hole through the opponents chest and then throws a grenade to blow up the rest of the body.
16. Shinnok : Demonic Summoning - Shinnok Summons demons to feast on the opponent leaving nothing but scraps of body parts.
17. Quan Chi : Your Service Is Needed - He uses his magic to summon a flying skull that eats the opponent and then spits out the bones and then the body reforms as a Skeleton with glowing eyes.
18. Jax : Beatdown - Jax beats the opponent to mush.
19. Goro : Bones Do Break - Goro bearhugs the opponent till they explode into bones.
20. Kotal Kahn : Sacrifice Yourself To Me - He slices the opponent's throat and drinks their blood.
21. D'vorah : Lunch Time - Her stomach opens up and she grabs the opponent with her arms and shoves them into her stomach and blood shoots out of her stomach.
22. Triborg : Annihilate Them - He uses the machines to saw off the opponents face and then rips off their skin with the trident and then blows up the skinless corpse with a missile.
23. Jason : Take My Machete - Stabs a Machete through the face and rips off the head and holds it and the camera zooms in on it.
24. Bo Rai Cho : Bubbling Fun - He gets stone cold drunk and passes out on the opponent and then farts and then blows himself up and the opponent.
25. Alien : Acid Burns - The opponent looks up after the alien disappears and the acid melts the opponent's skin from above and the alien eats the skinless corpse of the opponent.
26. Leatherface : I Am Hungry - Uses his hammer and bashes out the brains and he eats the brains.
27. The Predator : Space Ship - He summons the space ship to blow up the opponent.
28. Raiden : Thunderstruck - Raiden shoots out electricity and blows up the opponent to pieces.
29. Johnny Cage : Oh No I Didn't - Johnny Cage punches the face till it explodes.
30. Kung Jin : Arrow Head - He shoots a fire arrow and it melts the face off.
31. Scorpion : Come Here - Scorpion shoots out his spear and rips off the skin of the opponent and the opponent's skinless body falls down.
32. Sub-Zero : Freeze Hammer - He freezes the opponent and grabs his hammer and shatters the opponent to pieces.
33. Kung Lao : The Way Of The Shaolin - He beats the opponent till they get dizzy and he throws his hat down and they fall on it and the hat goes through their body.
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TriBorg performs a fatality depending on his Variation

OxyHydro Afterburn: Recalibrating his forearm into a Flamethrower, Sektor aims and unleashes a stream of fire and power boosts (back afterburners activate) it leaving the opponent in an ash like form. Sektor walks up and puts his hand on their chest as they being to disintegrate

Bangport Buzzsaw: Cyrax grabs hold of the opponents arms and spreads them out and opens his chest and uses his buzzsaw to pierce through their chest. Retracting his buzzsaw, Cyrax still holding out the opponents arms and teleports severing them as he drops a bomb, exploding as their body falls

Nano Phase: Smoke phases through his opponent layer after layer with nanites tearing through the opponent's body until they are a holed ridden corpse with the remaining nanites returning to Smoke.

Sub Zero
Head Cold: Opening his chest cavity, Sub Zero places his opponent's head in it, as they scream in agony and convulse, it suddenly stops as Sub Zero removes them from his chest revealing their head encased in ice. Sub Zero then just pushes them over and their head shatters as they hit the ground
Bo Rai Cho

I like his Booze you Lose fatality pretty much as is, but i would change one thing about it.

Keep the animation the same up until they are about to explode. *But instead of the whole upper body exploding, have their stomach begin to expand and then finally explode out with all their intestines and organs flying out and some spewing on Bo himself causing his to throw up in the background*
Jason - Splitting headach

Jason takes is machete and smacks the opponent in the side of the head [sideways with the blade hitting the temple and into the eye] , the opponent falls to their knees with blood rushing from the open wound on their head,they fall face first with their face sliding down the machete till they can't no more with half of their head almost cut in two, blood continues to rush as the machete falls to the ground, jason picks up the weapon and continues walking

Jason - just a trim

Jason kicks the enemy to the ground, they try to back away and get back up, but too late , jason is starting up a weedwacker with a saw blade attached, he jams this into the enemy's stomach and their guts go flying and they scream in pain, and still crawling away pulls themselves in half and die
Havik could have a fatality where he throws his head onto the opponent kinda like Triborg's brutality. Mavado could Lasso the opponent in half either for a fatality or brutality either way would work. Kira or Skarlet could sweep the legs cutting them off and stabbing them in the heart and pulling the heart out with the dagger and eating it. Kobra could have his Tattoo of a snake come alive and eat the opponent. Li Mei could kick the head off and then when it comes down she kicks the head through the opponents chest. Nitara could eat the opponents face but then cuts the rest of the head off in the air and it falls into her mouth and she eats it. Dairou could do a flying kick to blow up the opponent. Hotaru could bash into the opponent's with his shield and he raises them up with the shield and cuts out their lungs with his sword and he holds the lungs after ripping them out and the camera zooms in on it. Darrius could get darts and shove them through the opponents eyes for either a brutality or fatality. ( I hate Darrius but I wanted to add something for him ) Taven could rip off the opponents arms and summon Orin to eat the opponent. Daegon could shoot fire from his left eye and melt the opponent to ashes. Tasia or Skarlet could stab the opponent to death and the blood spills out everywhere. Frost could freeze the legs and shatter them with a slide kick and while the opponent is on the ground she freezes the opponents head and jumps on it to shatter it to pieces. Drahmin if he is resurrected could beat the opponent too mush and have bugs swarming all of the mushed up body. Moloch if he become a revenant could uppercut the opponent onto his horned head through their throat and he just stares at them.
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Jason: "Split Decision" - First, he swings his machete to the opponent's waist several times with each hit gradually cutting the enemy. Next, the loser's body falls horizontally in half. Then, Jason walks towards the upper half of the victim to split the head vertically in half with the machete while performing one powerful swing, leaving the machete stuck on the split face. Afterwards, Jason picks up his weapon and walks away.

Leatherface: "Maniac" - First, Leatherface screams and laughs like a maniac and rushes towards the opponent with the turned on chainsaw. Next, he SLOWLY starts cutting the enemy from crotch to face. Then, the victim splits vertically in half. Lastly, Leatherface yells and laughs like a maniac while swinging his chainsaw as a victory pose.

Sareena: "Pleasant Victory" - First, Sareena hops over the opponent and does a "Chyna Downstairs" (Chyna's signature low blow attack from WWE) on him from behind, making him hold his crotch and fall on his knees. Next, she uses her daggers (one from each hand) and shoves them on each side of the enemy's temple (sides of the head). Then, Sareena plants one foot on the back while using her hands to have a good grip of the daggers, eventually ripping the head off in the process. At the end, Sareena holds up the head as a victory pose.

Li Mei: "Power Top" - First, Li Mei jumps over the opponent to go behind him. Next, she uses the Kunlun Dao to shove inside his rectum, causing blood to drip down his legs as he screams in pain. Then, she pulls the sword out of the body and pushes the enemy to the ground, making him lay on his stomach and face. After that, Li Mei hops on the victim and sits on his back with each of her legs out towards his sides (as if she's riding a horse or bike). Lastly, Li Mei uses the sword to impale the back of the loser's head, planting the head to the ground.


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Jarek : You Have Guts - He cuts the opponents waist open and the guts falls out and he shoves it into the opponents mouth and they fall down.

Skarlet : Blood Surge - She cuts her wrist and the blood shoots into the opponents mouth until they explode.

Fujin : Tight Winds - Fujin shoots out gusts of wind and he grabs his staff and throws it cutting the opponent to pieces.

Onaga : How Incomplete You Are - He summons a ring of fire that burns the opponent and then he jumps onto the opponent's shoulders and chews out their lungs and the opponent falls down still burning until the rest of the skin melts away and he picks up the melted skin and the camera zooms in on it.

Kai : Power Of The White Lotus - He summons a fireball from the sky and it falls on the opponent smashing them to bits and leaving the ground on fire.

: My Magic Is Eternal - She uses magic on the the opponent and they start melting slowly into a pile of slush.

Meat : Have A Taste Of Me - He rips off his Arm and shoves it through the opponents mouth and then he pulls it out and holds the opponents head.

Chameleon/Khameleon : Can You See Me ? - He or she vanishes and summons a sword and cuts the opponents arms and legs off and then reappears and pushes the sword into the face off the opponent and then the opponent falls down and the sword sticks into the ground.
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Re: Create your MK9 Fatality!

Scorpion shoots his harpoon then runs up to the victim, strangles him with the cord then disappears. Overhead, he pulls him up, hanging the victim.
Jade (Possessed)

Elemental Chaos: First, Jade shoves her staff inside the opponent's mouth making him gag. Next, she pushes the weapon further down the enemy's body, making the staff come out of his anus, making the weapon be planted on the floor as the loser dies while standing up, vertically impaled. Then, the loser is electrocuted (with electrical powers). After that, the loser is burned (with fire powers). Lastly, the poor impaled guy is frozen (with ice powers) and a huge gust of wind gradually blows away the frozen body, making all the remains come off the staff due to elemental and magical properties of the weapon (bloody and gory chunks of frozen and not frozen body parts noted). At the end, Jade walks up to her weapon and does a pole dance on her staff as a victory pose.
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