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Shinnoks were ok but i think i got something better

"You will Serve me"
-Summoning a Skeletal Hand under the opponent, it rips off one of their legs. the opponent now crawling to get away. The hand comes again and slams down on the opponent dragging them to the Netherrealm. As the opponent is last seen screaming in agony the portal which the hand came from closes leaving behind the opponent's forearm twitching as if it was still trying to get away!

"Didn't see that Coming"
-Summoning Skeleton Hands. One appears and the opponent holds it off. Then another skeleton hand appears and the opponent hold that one off as well. With the opponent struggling to hold off both hands, a huge Skull appears behind them and bites off their upper torso, leaving behind the arms and lower body.
Fatality 1: Triple-Neck Split [Remastered for MKX]
Tanya forces the opponent to kneel, and wraps one of her thighs around their head. She grabs the shoulder, and playfully starts twisting her entire body around the head, twisting their head around 3 times, and then, opening her legs to reveal a head half-on, she closes her legs tightly and backflips off of the opponent, ripping off the head. Head rolls to the screen to reveal the words, "Tanya Wins. Fatality"
All right... I'm going to do another Jade fatality... ;)

Jade: On Your Knees- First, Jade tosses her razorang out of the screen. Next, the razorang appears from behind the opponent, cutting the back of both his knees, making him go on his knees while yelling in the process (it's more realistic than cutting off the legs completely btw. ;) ). Then, the razorang returns to her, as it turnes into a staff. After that, Jade jumps up with the weapon and as she lands, the staff is shoved inside the mouth. Jade was not satisfied of how the weapon was just in the mouth so she actually pushes the weapon deeper in the mouth (as her boobs jiggle in the process while she grunts) until the end of the staff protrudes thought the guy's butthole, making the metal hit the floor in the process, leaving the poor guy on his knees. Lastly, Jade wraps one arm around the inpaled victim while smiling at the camera.


1. Bullseye- Jade basically throws her razorang at the opponent's head, making the blade impale the head. (Exactly like Kitana's Mournful Variation Version.)
* Same requirements as Kitana's version.

2. Kick Off- Jade basically does her Shadow Kick, making the opponent's torso fall off into 2 pieces horizontally.
* Must connect with a Shadow Kick at least 5 times during the match.
* End the battle with a Shadow Kick (or the enhanced version).
* Opponent must be standing on the ground.
* Hold forward while performing the move.

3. Staff Slammer- Jade uses her staff to grab the enemy and slam him to the ground, making his limbs and head rip apart from the body.
* Must connect with the staff grab move at least 5 times during the match.
* Must end the battle with the staff grab move (or with the enhanced version.)
* Hold forward while performing the move.

4. Hammer Head Staff- Jade does her Over Head Staff move and when doing it, it crushes the opponent's head in the process.
* Must connect with the overhead staff move at least 5 times.
* Must do end the battle with the overhead staff move (or with the enhanced version).
* Hold back while performing the move.

5. Staff Pit- Basically Jade does an uppercut, making the opponent go extremely high up in the air while she plants the staff on the floor, making the blade stick up. Then when the enemy lands, he gets impaled from the back to the belly by the weapon. (Good for ending combos with a simple uppercut.)
* Perform at least 5 uppercuts during the match.
* End the battle with an uppercut while holding down.
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Some of these are SO BAD that I might animate them for shits and giggles. Was lacking on ideas lately.
Liu Kang - one single powerful thrust punch to the chest causing ribs to pop and break through the skin, they fall to the ground wheezing in pain and squirting blood

Kitana - a quick slash to the neck with a fan , slitting it open and blood spraying, then she jumps around the other side using her enemy as support [one arm cartwheel over the shoulder] and slashes the back of their neck decapitating him]

Kenshi - Tsubame Gaeshi slash cutting their head off and quickly slicing them in half, this is also the favored technique of legendary swordsman Kojiro Sasaki

Kung Lao - Throws hat at enemy leg chopping it off, as they stumble and try to keep balance, the hat returns to Kung Lao, chopping off and arm, the then finishes them by swinging his hat and chopping their head off

Kung Jin - Takes out his chakram , does a Xena Warrior Princess yell and throws it, it gets stuck in their face

Scorpion - throws his roped kunai at the enemy's neck, it gets stuck on their spine, they bleed alot as he trys to free his weapon, when he can't get it out, he just walks up and breaks their neck and the weapon falls free, along with part of their spine still attached

Sub Zero - starts throwing sharp shards of ice like throwing daggers getting stuck in their chest, arms and legs, the last one being in the shape of a heart , it chops their face in half diagonally

Sonya - Pulls out some mace and lights it on fire, burning the enemy to the bone

Jade - Takes out her staff and stabs the enemy in the stomach with a sharp end , she pulls it out with some guts attached, she pulls out intestines a bit then stabs them in the mouth with the one end with the guts and intestines attached, now they dangle out of their mouth and they fall
I got this

Subzero - Freezes the entire body into a block of ice. Then he takes his ice sword out, and slashes the body in half in a slanted way. Then he walks away as the top half slides off and shatters.

Kung Lao - Throws his hat and it cuts the opponents head off. After he catches the hat, he throws it again, and as he tosses the head up, the hat in slow motion slices the head horizontally in half.

Mileena - She stabs the opponent in the eyes with her sais. Then as they scream, she holds onto the sais, does a front flip over the opponent, and pulls forward, ripping the top half of the opponents head off. She then proceeds to eat whatever is inside the top half.

Liu kang - He uses his fireball to blast a hole through the opponent. He then runs up to them and puts his hand in the hole, reaches into their chest, lights another fire ball, and then the opponent explodes from the top half.

Ermac - He forms a mystic ball, and makes it very large. He then lifts it above the opponent and smashes them with it. He leaves it there, and then expands his arms, causing the ball to explode, sending the opponents remains everywhere.

D'Vorah - Sends bees to the opponent. As they sting the opponent multiple times, the opponent gets bigger and bigger. After a few seconds, the opponent explodes. The head flies through the air, and D'Vorah catches it, smirking at it while it's in her hand.

Johnny Cage - He tears the opponents leg off, then he tears the head off. He backs up a few steps, throws the head in the air, swings the leg like a baseball bat, and hits the head into the opponent, causing the head to explode, and the opponent to fall over. He then says "Homerun!"

Jax - He grabs the opponent by the shoulder. The then grabs the opponents jaw, and tears it off. He proceeds to shove it through their skull. As they stand their dying and bleeding, he walks up to them and backhand taps them on the chest to knock them over.

Shang Tsung - He takes out the opponents soul. While his opponent staggers, he forms a "soul ball" that's fairly large, the throws it at the opponent, taking off the torso of the opponent.

Raiden - He electrocutes the opponent and while he does it, he pulls out his staff and places it in front of the opponent. After he's done, the opponent falls over, into the staff, and the body falls into three pieces, melted, as the middle piece sticks to the rod.

Having too much fun with this lol
Kitana: Dirty Fan- First, Kitana slices off the opponent's arms with her fan. Next, she high kicks the enemy's face, sending him up in the air. Then, she does a longer version of her "Biggest Fan" brutality, making the guts fall down on the first few hits and slicing the victim vertically in half on the last hit.
Red marks the Spot (Far):
-At a far/Jump distance Kano adjust the mechanism on the side of his Cybernetic Eye, shooting a thin beam at the opponent's forehead, which immobilizes them as it pierces through their skull. Kano then slaps his Cybernetic Heart/Power Up which then lets out a thicker more powerful blast as you see the opponent's flesh peel away leaving a bloodied skull. (Kano is seen readjusting Cybernetics in the background)
Kira: Between the Legs- First, she throws her knives on both of the opponent's feet, impaling them to the ground. Next she throws a "Dirty Bomb" (from the Black Dragon Faction Kill) with the grenade rolling right under the enemy and between the loser's legs. Then, the enemy tries to escape but can't because his feet is impaled to the ground so he panics and whines in misery. Lastly, the bomb explodes, splattering all of the victim's innards while both legs are still intact and with the knives still pinning the feet to the ground. ;)
Kira: Between the Legs- First, she throws her knives on both of the opponent's feet, impaling them to the ground. Next she throws a "Dirty Bomb" (from the Black Dragon Faction Kill) with the grenade rolling right under the enemy and between the loser's legs. Then, the enemy tries to escape but can't because his feet is impaled to the ground so he panics and whines in misery. Lastly, the bomb explodes, splattering all of the victim's innards while both legs are still intact and with the knives still pinning the feet to the ground. ;)

I like it.

I like a Nasty Freak fatality. All of them actually. Luv ya babe <3
Kitana: Dirty Fan- First, Kitana slices off the opponent's arms with her fan. Next, she high kicks the enemy's face, sending him up in the air. Then, she does a longer version of her "Biggest Fan" brutality, making the guts fall down on the first few hits and slicing the victim vertically in half on the last hit.

This is better than any fatality Kitana has had in the past .. well .. decade, really.
Takeda: Who's Your Daddy?- First, he uses his bladed whips to slice of the arms and legs of the opponent, making him/her fall on the floor on his/her face and belly. Next, Takeda rapidly whips the enemy's back (with the bladed whips burning up). When he stops whooping, multiple bloody lines can be seen on the loser's back and buttocks. Then, Takeda jumps up and stomps on the victim's head, crushing it in the process.
Tanya: Edenian Domination- First. Tanya throw's her Kobu Jutsu Tonfas on the opponent's feet, nailing each foot to the ground. Next, she walks up to the enemy and grabs the crotch with one hand and grabs the shoulder using the other hand. Then, Tanya tries to lift up the loser from that position but she is unable to though in the process, the loser does grunt in pain because of the pressure on the groin area. After that, Tanya attempts to lift the victim up again and this time she successfully rips off the body out of the legs (since the feet are nailed to the ground, holding the legs). Lastly, Tanya tosses the body to the ground and does one more curb stomp on the face right after the loser begs for mercy in the process. The face would have a hole from the stomp.

(It's basically Mileena's Rip Off fatality from MK9 but using the Tonfa Blades and a curb stomp to the face at the end of the process.)
OK so now that I've played Tremor & my cherry has been popped I can now use my mind and come up with some ideas for him

"One with the Earth"
-Encasing his opponent's' feet with the ground, Tremor walks up to the opponent and places his hand on their head and begins to send Seismic shocks through their body to the ground. The ground begins to soften up and the opponents begins to sink. With s final seismic jolt, the opponent's chest explodes before it is completely engulf in the ground leaving only the head visible but mangled!

"Lava Geyser"
- Standing next to the opponent, Tremor touches the ground causing the ground to shake abruptly. Dust starts to rise and the opponent is off balance. Tremor than stands up raising both arms and a huge gush of Lava shoots out from the ground. The lava then falls on both kombatants only for Tremor to be seen standing with the lava running off of him unfazed while the opponent can be seen in a rigor mortis state with their skin burnt off and Muscles/Bones showing.

"Not Friends"
- Grabs hold of the opponent and Bearhugs them (Like Kotal) and bones break (noises). Then Tremor lets them loose, as he holds them up by the arms (they are face to face). Tremor creates a huge Stalagmite from his chest which pierces through them. Tremor releases their arms and retracts the Stalagmite back into his chest as the opponent's lifeless body falls to the ground.
[MENTION=2298]Immortal Reaver[/MENTION] came up with a really awesome idea of Tremor pouring lava into his opponent's mouth, causing them to burn from the inside and eventually melt into a pile of goop and lava.
Re: Create your MK9 Fatality!


Fatality 1: A Tongue Mightier Than The Sword

With the opponent dazed, Reptile twirls his tongue around in his mouth to coat it with acid, then he lets his tongue fly forth at his opponent like a javelin, the pointed tongue pierces the victims chest cavity, blood spurts forth, victims screams in agony, then finally Reptile forcibly withdraws his tongue and on the end of the tongue is the victim's heart. As Reptile devours the heart, the victim dies and falls face first to the ground.

Fatality 2: Reptilian Savagery

With the opponent dazed, Reptile rushes up to his foe, leg sweeps his victim to the ground and begins to wildly claw away at his victim's chest, stomach and groin as he/she lays on the ground screaming. Finally, Reptile goes to finish his victim off, he retracts a larger than usual claw out of his index finger, presses it against his victim's neck as the victim quivers in terror, then finally Reptile slashes his victim's throat wide open and blood spurts out everywhere, this violent scene (the throat slash) is played over and over again 3 times. In the end, the camera focuses on the deceased opponents face, frozen in fear.


Fatality 1: Princess of Pain

Kitana slashes her opponent's torso open with one of her fans and intestines spew out of the wound, her victim falls to his/her knees screaming in agony. Kitana grabs a hold of the intestinal rope, wraps it around her victim's neck, walks around behind her victim, places her knee between her victim's shoulder blades then proceeds to strangle her victim with his/her intestines, pulling away both sides as the victim chokes and his/her head begins to swell and turn red, then suddenly the victim's head explodes like a zit.

Fatality 2: The Arcane Kiss of Death

Kitana's eyes and the veins under her skin turn a vivid shade of blue and they begin to glow brightly like LED lights, like some kind of dark magic was activated within her. Kitana struts up to her opponent seductively, removes her mask, turns her opponent's head around to face hers, then moves her lips closer to those of her victim. Kitana then opens her mouth and a blue spectral trail drifts outwards from Kitana's mouth and into her victim's mouth and nose, the victim's eyes turn solid blue and they begin to glow as well. The victim, no longer in control, locks his/her lips in with Kitana's and they begin making out passionately until Kitana withdraws and hastily shoves her victim away. As Kitana laughs, her victim begins to scream as his/her muscles, tongue and eyeballs explode on after another in quick succession like blood filled firecrackers.

Stay tuned...more coming.
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Fan Opener: Hurls closed fans into kneecaps and opens them, severing legs. Cuts off arms at the elbow and shoves closed fans under jaw; upon opening, their face is gorily removed.

Blue Moon: Combines both fans into a massive projectile and flings it forth, bisecting at the waist. Suspends upper torso with a ray lift and hurls fans deep into the face, imbedding, causing the severed upper torso to be cut vertically from resistance.

Kiss Goodbye: Kisses victim's mouth, then steps back as all flesh below the neck rots away and limbs fall off, exposing a rotted skeleton with organs oozing out the bones. Then uses a swipe of the fan for a remarkably bloody decapitation.

Finder's Keepers: Hurls sai into eyeballs, teleport kicks to lodge weapons within skull. Rips out throat to cause a big spray of blood, shoves sai way deep down gaping wound. Devours chest to recover sai from victim's body.

Pin Cushion: Stabs sai into top of skull, then leaps onto shoulders for extended head stabs. Hurls sai into spine as victim crawls away, then pulls their body up, driving weapons all the way through their dying body. Finishes off with a hectic series of stabs.

Lip Service: Hurls sai into abdomen, rolls forward, and teleport kicks weapons completely through torso. Bites off victim's lips and disembowels them, strangling them with their own intestines.

R.S.V.P.: Hurls a large array of boomerang glaives into victim's torso, then calls for them to return, causing their body to be severed in gory chunks.

Splitting Hairs: Hurls staff through face, leaps on the pole like a balance beam to force the weapon up, splitting the skull.

Pole Position: Stabs staff into groin, charges it with energy, and drives it up through torso to vertically sever. Removes staff at chest and swings it forth to decapitate in a messy spray of blood.

Makeover: Hurls kobu jutsu into abdomen, then drill kicks them to drive them all the way through. Shoots a close-range flame torrent to melt their face.

Jigsaw: Stabs multiple times with kobu jutsu, slicing up major tendons, and then kicks through to send limbs and organs flying in all directions.

Heat Wave: Charges kobu jutsu with flames and hurls them forth into groin, allowing the resulting fire to burn the flesh off their legs. Removes weapons from groin and jams down throat, then pulls apart to messily split their upper torso.

Deep Throat: Swallows victim's upper torso like a snake, then spits out a melting poisoned mess. Beats remains to mush with numerous whip lashes.

Inside Out: Uses whips to lop off feet and hands, then forces weapons down throat and fills stomach with snakes, frogs, and lizards until victim messily explodes.

Hard Candy: Hangs victim upside down with whip, allowing a crocodile to decapitate them.

Well-Blended: Hurls a scythe forth and keeps it spinning like a propeller with a banshee scream. Throws victim into sonic vortex to grind them to a pulp.

Phantom Edge: Grabs victim and soars up high, then hurls them down. Spits down several fireballs and hurls a spinning scythe on fire to simultaneously incinerate and dismember them.

Bad Hair: Uses hair to rip off arms and legs, then sheds the flesh off their body with multiple lashes.

Sparkler: Shoves a stun gun down throat. As victim helplessly crawls away, shoves a stun baton up anus to send a shock which makes their head explode.

Money Shot: Shoots victim in groin multiple times with dual pistols, then shoots them in the face with a shotgun loaded with a roll of quarters.

Kaboom: Shoots off hands and feet with dual pistols, then flings a defunct torpedo into victim's abdomen. Upon bringing the relic to life with an electric charge, they explode into tiny bits.

Face Fist: Forces fist down victim's throat, choking them to death.

Beatdown: Rips off both arms, then uses them as weapons to beat victim to death.

Nutcracker: Melts groin with gauntlet rays, then messily rips their rib cage in half with bare hands.

Slit Blitz: Slits throat with buck knife, then shoves a grenade down the wound to make their upper torso explode.

Snap Stamp: Snaps neck with a handstand leg grab, then repeatedly stomps on face to turn skull to mush.

Laser Lips: Blows a kiss to send a cloud of nanotechs which devour the flesh off the skull, then shoots laser rings to make hands and feet explode. Finishes off by kissing lips and filling victim with plasma, making organs melt out in a gory display, burrowing out through the sturnum.

Hive Head: Hurls a chunk of honeycomb onto face, then summons a swarm of bees to enter victim's head until their skull explodes.

Pill Bug: Shoves larvae down throat which burrow in flesh and burst from the inside out.

Buzz Off: Impales groin and face with pincers, then flies erratically, violently beating victim against the ground and walls until they are ripped apart.
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Jade: "Love Toy" - First, she punches the opponent at the face, making him turn around with his back facing her. Next, Jade shoves her small stick weapon inside the enemy's rectum (making him grunt/moan). Then, the stick extends into a pole, impaling the victim in the process as the top end of the pole protrudes through the shoulder making the body stand up (this is when the guy screams). After that, she rips off the head and places the head on top of the weapon, impaled during the process.
Cassie Cage:

From the Page of Cage- Cassie runs up to her opponent, dropping down halfway into a baseball slide. As her enter between the spread feet of her foe she opens her legs and forces her opponent's legs apart, leaving his/her crotch vulnerable. Then, in a nod to her dad's Shaolin Monks fatality, begins treating her foe's groin like a punching bag, making a quick and stout series of punches right where it hurts the most. Cassie then stops, powers her green energy up and throws one more, very powerful, uppercut into her opponent's jewels. The enemy's crotch explodes into a bloody mess and a stream of blood oozes out from where the victim's penis/vagina once was. As her victim screams in agony, Cassie cartwheels away, lands back on her feet, takes out her pistol, aims, then fires a round at her victim. The Screaming suddenly stops. Fatality.
Mileena: Suck It Up - First, Mileena kicks the opponent to the ground. Next, she tosses both her sais, mining each of the enemy's hand to the ground. Then, Mileena giggles like a maniac and walks to the victim in all her 4 limbs like a doggy as the victim struggles. After that, Mileena bites the loser's crotch, making him scream and sucks his body out like soup (the same way as her Maneater fatality) while the body is ripped off from the arms because of the impaled hands from the sais. Note that the crotch/pelvic area goes inside Mileena's mouth first while the bilateral lower extremities (legs and feet) of the victim are sticking up in the air. Lastly, Mileena coughs and gags for a bit before puking out chunks of the poor guy's remains. At the end, the camera focuses on the pile of blood, meat, and bones between the impaled bilateral upper extremities (arms and hands).

You're welcome people. ;)
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