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  • nah I didnt draw it I had a friend draw it for me
    and yup I love ponies Im a brony
    it is an internet thread so powerful that it gets you hooked up on a show made for little girls
    My avatar? :)

    I really like your MK3 art bro. I hope they release those costumes and the MK2 ones as well.
    like you know the all the umk3 ninjas costume standing near each other
    UMK3 Scorpion with fire
    - UMK3 Classic Sub-Zero with ice
    - UMK3 Rain with lightning
    - UMK3 Reptile with Fatality
    - UMK3 Human Smoke with smoke vapor
    - UMK3 Ermac with and skulls souls
    - UMK3 Noob Saibot without energry please it would mean so much to me.
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