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    Injustice 2 ONLINE trophy help

    Hello everyone. If anyone would like to help me out and vise versa, for a few online trophies then lets get in touch. My PSN gamertag is: MKvsDCU Hope to hear from a few of you. These trophies are quite easy to get.. just gotta set up a private match and BAM!... trophies to our feet! :D...
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    Injustice 2 DLC thoughts

    I hope Two-Face, Riddler, Clayface, Phantom Menace, Joker and Raiden from MK are DLC for Injustice 2. What are your thoughts?
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    Top games YOU will buy in 2017?!?!

    So I am curious to see what games you will all be purchasing this year (2017) and for which console. Perhaps we can all add eachother for multiplayer fun! Here is my list: Tekken 7 (PS4) Injustice 2 (PS4) Marvel VS. Capcom: Infinite (PS4) Farpoint (PSVR) Sonic Mania (Nintendo Swith) Outlast...
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    Anyone up for some Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection (PS3) ????

    Hello everyone. Just as the title states. Ummmm... really bored and would like to play some MK Klassics if anyone is interested. Add me! My PSN gamertag is: MKvsDCU LETS HAVE SOME FUN :D
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    List your earned PS4 Platinum Trophies

    Just curious to know, what PS4 Platinum Trophies have you earned? I have only 2... Mortal Kombat X Doom Whats yours? :)
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    Any fellow Canadian MKXL players here?...

    Just curious to know.... as the title reads.... there is a reason behind my madness.... LOOK TO LA LUNA PERFECTION IS THE KEY ALONE IS HOW TO FIND ME...
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    Batman V Superman review

    Holy frickin WOW! Best Superhero movie of all time! I absolutely LOVED it! What did you all think?!?! :D
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    Mortal Kombat LEGACY Season 3

    Anyone know whats going on with this? They said early 2016 it would be released..... hmmmm..... :(
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    Trmk mkxl kontest koming soon....

    Koming Soon (TRMK.ORG members only)
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    ALIEN is amazing, however.....

    I think NRS did an amazing job with Alien, all his combos, variatios, fatalities, even his tail.... however there are just 2 TINY issues remaining to be resolved... When the baby alien pops out of Goros chest, in Aliens outro... it needs to have 4 arms, there is only 2 visible.... i loved how...
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    NEW Cassie Cage and Jacquie Briggs mobile > console unlocks

    I have a serious suspision that they way to unlock their 2 new costumes is by completing the final bracket in the Mobile app.... I mean, there wasnt even a reward for doing so.... so i bet that anyone (including myslef) who has completed the final bracket will be granted immediate access to...
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    Queen Alien is ALL WRONG!!

    Either i am just blind... BUT AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED??!?!?! The Queen Alien is missing 2 FREEKIN arms. In MKXL she has 2 long side arms... she supposed to have 2 more very tiny "TREX" hands coming from her chest (So 4 in total not just 2)... Im MAD now! Im talking about the Fatality...
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    Costumes i would still like to see in MKXL

    Hopeful DLC costumes still to come in MKXL - UMK3 Kitana - UMK3 Mileena - MK4 Sonya - MK3 Sonya - MK4 Jax - MK1 Goro - MK3 Kano - MK2 Raiden - MK2 Reptile - MK2 Sub Zero - MK2 Scorpion - NEW Reptile (like Gold Scorpion, Blue Steel Sub Zero and NEW Ermac) - Klassic Tremor ("UMK3"...
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    Alien WILL NOT work in MKX

    And goodnight!................
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    Mortal Kombat Xtreme Edition

    Soooooooo. I had a thought last night. Well, I think that when they finally release A FINAL version of MKX, they should include ALL the following on disc WITH a $60 pricetag. Its worth it I think ALL DLC KONTENT: -ALL 8 DLC characters + GORO (with an alternate outfit for each character so they...