List your earned PS4 Platinum Trophies


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Just curious to know, what PS4 Platinum Trophies have you earned? I have only 2...

Mortal Kombat X

Whats yours? :)


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For PS4 games? None. I'm just one achievement away with Dust: An Elysian Tail, but I don't have it in me right now to tackle it.

For PS3 games, I just have Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection and Fallout 3.
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Zero for now. I'm on the road to getting one in Life is Strange once I finally decide to do my second playthrough. I'm also sure I'll get the FF Type-0 platinum one of these days when I get back into the game. I may get a Fallout 4 Plat in the long run but I doubt it. Resident Evil Remaster is a game that I will definitely be playing and getting a plat for.

Now me knowing how close I was to getting 1000g on Mass Effect 2 for the 360 before my account got deleted, I'm pretty confident that I'll get a platinum in Mass Effect Andromeda (granted that they won't have multiplayer only Achievements).


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None yet , but only a few minor trophies away from getting platinum in MKX. Just got the stupid Lands-down trophy for MKXL. I lost a lot of matches to get that one.

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So far...

Tekken 6
Tekken Tag Tournament HD
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Mortal Kombat X
Final Fantasy VII

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I only own a PS4 as of now, so,


The Walking Dead
Grim Fandango: Remastered
InFamous: Second Son
InFamous: First Light
Minecraft: PS4 Edition

I'm only 1 trophy away from the MKX Plat, the 1000 respect point trophy, but NOBODY gives respect to me and ends up just cursing on the mic, so that'll take a while.


I have two on PS4: The Order 1886 and Far Cry Primal. Soon I will get the MKX Platinum, I am level 63 and I need some kombat kustoms from hourly towers. I would had have it earlier if I didn't sell my PS4. It didn't last for too long :D

The only trophy from MK9 on PS3 that I need is "My Kung Fu is stronger". It is fvckin' ridiculous. If there wasn't this 24h per character thing...


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I have 20 platinums as of right now.

Uncharted 2 (PS3)
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Saints Row: The Third
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
Playstation All Stars Battle Royale
Need For Speed Rivals (PS3)
Batman Arkham Asylum
Batman Arkham City
WWE 2K14
Tekken Tag Tournament HD
Infamous Second Son
Infamous First Light
The Walking Dead (PS4)
Uncharted 3 (PS3)
The Order 1886
Mortal Kombat X
Life Is Strange
Tales from the Borderlands
Game of Thrones.

I'm hoping to get a 21st platinum with Mirror's Edge Catalyst if it's not as hard as Mirror's Edge was.

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On PS4, none, so far.

Hopefully by the end of this week I'll have the Platinum Trophy for the Dishonored Definitive Edition.
It's 1 of my gaming goals before Dishonored 2 comes out.
They're silly trophies too, like taking out 4 people at once, taking out 6 people with the crossbow, making enemies kill themselves and killing someone with each type of weapon.

I had all of these Trophies on Dishonored for PS3, but ever since my Dishonored PS3 disc got scratched, I have yet to get those 4 last Trophies on PS4.


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I only have one.. LOL and that's on ps3. Resident evil 5

I don't have a ps4. Probably getting one soon, but hate the idea of paying for Plus every month / year.


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I recently got a platinum for DCUO. It's very easy to get as it doesn't involve any DLC trophies to get it. I'm also still 2 trophies away from getting a platinum in MKX. 1000 respect points (need less than 100) , and win a complete match with every character variation.


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[MENTION=10224]BassCase26[/MENTION] Platinums never require DLC trophies. DLC trophies always have a seperate list from the main game trophies.


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I'll just leave this here...



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Never really cared about Platinum trophies. Only went out of my way to get one for Mass Effect 3, got the Tekken Tag 2 one without even knowing it lol

Now S Ranks? I go full crackfiend for some S Ranks