Create a Fatality

Salina (Supposed Dream Goddess):

* "Up N' Down": First, Salina makes a staff out of thin air and plants it on the ground, making it stand up. Next, she levitates the opponent up the air, using her psychic powers. Then, she makes the enemy fall down on the staff, butt first, making him get vertically impaled from the anus through the mouth.
Tremor: Punches the enemy to the ground, once the enemy is laying on the ground Tremor will become to shake the ground underneat that enemy, rocks and earth-like spikes come out of the ground rapidly. The camera goes to Tremor who now stands up and then back to the enemy, the enemy is now a skinless bloody mess with it's arms and legs all over the place.

Dark Raiden: Levitates into the air and shoots out electricity inside the targets mouth. The enemy then burns and you see smoke coming out of its body as the skin slowely burns away and eyes fly out of the skull. The camera then go towards the eyeballs laying on the ground as they look into the camera.

D'vorah: She kisses the enemy and then she walks away, the enemy will shout and you see a bunch of larva drilling their way out from inside the enemy and then crawling over the enemy biting it. The enemy will then fall on the ground covered in holes.
Jade (Possessed by the Mystery Woman):

* "Pump Action"- First, Jade punches the opponent at the cheek, making him turn around. Next, she shoves the staff (while it's short) inside the enemy's butt while still holding the weapon in place. Then, the weapon extends (with Jade still holding it in place), impaling the loser vertically in the rectum, propping him up while both of his feet are off the ground. Afterwards, an X-Ray vision will quickly show that the top end of the stick would be in the upper abdominal area working its way up in the chest/thoracic area already as it glows with energy. Lastly, the scene would leave the X-Ray vision, showing the victim screaming in agony while flailing his arms and legs until he explodes into bloody chunky pieces.

* "Fire In the Hole": First, Cetrion aggressively grabs the opponent's face and does a French kiss at him with both lips locked together. Next, the enemy moans loudly in pain (screaming with while mouth to mouth with her) as he wiggles and struggles in agony. Then, a fire beam shoots out of the victim's anus as the speed slows down, making the heart, guts, and other organs fall out of the orifice slowly.


* "S&M": First, Jade uses her staff (which is glowing extra bright green energy) to slice off both arms. Next, she teleports behind the opponent and shoves the pole inside his anus, making him hemorrhage out of the orifice and scream in agony. Then, the camera shows the victim's face as the pole extends and goes through his mouth in slow motion.


* "Domination": First, Kitana uses both fans to cut off the opponent's arms like how she does in her first fatality in MK9. Next, she uses one fan to stab the enemy's belly and slices it to the side like in her second fatality in MK9. Then, Kitana spin kicks the chest, making the torso fall off with the guts hanging out. Afterwards, Kitana walks towards her victim in a sultry manner while the victim tries to escape by crawling backwards. Lastly, the loser screams as Kitana curb stomps the face, crushing the entire head as she grinds her heels on the bloody chunks slowly.


* "Bloody Impaler": First, Skarlet stabs her opponent at the abdomen with her dagger and uses it slices to the side in an outward direction. Next, the enemy bends over and stumbles back while the guts stick out. Then, Skarlet summons a spike made out of the loser's blood, making it get shoves inside the anus. Afterwards, the camera focuses on the victim's face as he screams in agony. Lastly, the bloody spike slowly pops out of the mouth.


* "Bad Doggy": First, Mileena goes in all 4 and leaps at the opponent with her mouth biting the crotch, knocking him down as he screams in agony. Next, she bites and chews her way up from crotch to neck using her mouth as she uses her hands to rip off the flesh and organs along the way. Lastly, she rips off the head and bites off the face in slow motion.

I can't wait to discuss about Kronika! ;)
* "Open Sesame": First, Kronika levitates the opponent with her powers (while performing hand gestures), making the arms and legs rip off. Next, she uses the powers to rip off the skin. Then lastly, the victim is split vertically in half by the powers.

* "Natural Disaster": First, Cetrion summons her Tendrils to grab the opponent's legs, holding them in place. Next, she summons a rocky spike that is partially burning between both of the enemy's legs to vertically impale them from the anus through the shoulder (during the process, the legs rip off the body slowly while the body starts to burn). Then, the Elder Goddess shoots a stream of water at the victim's face, dismembering it in the process. Lastly, Cetrion makes a tornado (with the loser inside the tornado), causing the arms and the head to rip off during the process.

* "Bumpy Ride": First, Jade uses her staff to slice off both arms and both legs. Next, the limbless opponent falls in the prone position (on their face and stomach/abdomen) as Jade teleports behind them to shove the pole in their rectum. Then, she lifts up the vertically impaled victim up in the air with the staff. Lastly, Jade slams the victim face first using the pole as the face is dismembered and as the head rips off the body during the process.

* "Bloody Lashes": First, Skarlet absorbs blood from the opponent's (dismembering some parts of the body during the process). Next, she uses the blood to form a large bull whip so Skarket can use it to slice off the enemy's arms and legs. Then, the loser is still standing straight by the stump of both lower extremities on the ground (without legs and arms). Afterwards, she performed one more vertical strike using the bloody whip to vertically cut the victim in half.

* "Mrs. Cage": First, Sonya aggressively grabs the opponent to punch the groin and use her power rings to shoot that area (which blasts the loser horizntally in half with organs flying out in the process). Next, the enemy (who's only left with the upper torso) tries to crawl backwards using the arms. Then, Sonya stomps on the chest and shoots the face one last time using her power rings, blasting the head into pieces.

Shao Kahn
* "Wrathful Punishment ": First, Shao Kahn uses his spear to vertically impale the opponent from the anus through the shoulder, making the weapon be planted on the ground while standing up. Then, he swings his hammer to decapitate the victim.
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If there's something I hate about fatalities is the redundancy of a single fatality doing several unrelated actions, each equally deadly.
Sometimes they're so redundant that one fatality can be split into two, each good enough on their own.
So my fatalities will be reworks of existing ones, eliminating this redundancy, making for more minimalistic, less childish fatalities.

Fatality 1 split into two:
- He stabs both his blades into the opponent's torso, and whips them out in opposite directions. His opponent's torso is now cut into the shape of an S, and they collapse to the floor into a meaty mess.
- He puts his blades in a scissors position to the opponent's neck and cuts their head off at an angle, from the chin to the upper back of the head. He then pins the flying part with one of his blades. The camera turns to stare at the mutilated neck as the opponent collapses. Eliminate the completely unnecessary part where he splits the head in two and impales both halves.
Fatality 2:
- He stabs his blade upward into the opponent's face, and brings it out the top, bringing out the brain with it, which he then chomps on. No double face ripping.

- Eliminate the stupid initial frantical running as she shoots those mine things at the opponent. Why in hell is she running? Not only it's utterly pointless, but it also evidences the camera cheating, since there would be no distance for her to run like that.

- In the one where he impales her opponent through the head and splits them in half, first randomize the location in the head that the staff goes through. Then, eliminate the ridiculous spin thing at the end. Looking at the opponent's guts fall off into a pile is good enough.

Kung Lao
Fatality split into two:
- He throws his hat, which cuts his opponent's head off, and as the hat turns around, it splits the head in two again, at an angle. Camera follows both halves in slow motion, with Kung Lao receiving the hat in the background.
- He jumps in the air, taking his hat off as he goes up, then sinks into the ground, reappearing behind his opponent, splitting them in half as he goes up. The opponent collapses to their knees, both halves separating as Kung Lao does his victory pose.

- Remove the "cutting opponent in three with electric swords" part from the fatality in which he makes the opponent's head explode.

Fatality split into two:
- He turns into the fire skeleton, does the superman thing through the opponent, and after they're there with their abdomen burned out, he kicks them in the torso, splitting them in half. The upper part flies away, and the lower half collapses to its knees.
- Takes out his katana and swings at the neck. He then roundhouse kicks the head, which flies away, only to be impaled by his kunai. Also I'd make the head's rotation random so that the kunai always goes through a different place (eg. mouth, eye, cheek, forehead).

- She calls the air strike, the drone falls, pinning her opponent to the ground. The camera goes behind the drone, looking at the opponent's face, as the drone whips out a cannon and shoots a hole through it. The fatality ends with the camera looking at smoke coming out of the hole in slow motion.
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Injustice-Style Super Moves

These would be toned down when it comes to violence if these characters were able to face off against the DC side again in another MK vs DCU game or as guests in the Injustice series.

* Jade (Joy Stick): First, Jade starts off with her "Staff Overhead" from MK9. Next, she does the enhanced version her "Staff Grab" move from MK9 (slamming the opponent 3 times left and right of the screen). Then, she jumps up one time to land and stab the enemy at the abdomen with her staff.

* Kitana (Dance of Death): First, she starts off with the "Edenian Twist" move from MK11. Next, she does the "Biggest Fan" move from MKX. Then, she does a front flip kick (while in the air), causing the opponent to fall on the ground. Lastly, she lands on the enemy's torso with a dive kick.

* Cetrion (Stoned): First, Cetrion uses her tendrils to trap the opponent. Next, she summons multiple boulders from the ground and traps her opponent with them (the head and arms would be the only body parts sticking out while the rest of the body is buried under the giant rocks). Then, she summons a giant meteor from the sky, to hit the victim, making the boulders shatter while knocking down the enemy to the ground.

* Cetrion (Light of Death): First, Cetrion does her Fatal Blow where the meteor/boulder/rock falls from the sky, stunning the opponent. Next, Cetrion summons the sharp tree barks to impale the enemy while summoning a tree behind that enemy. Then, the tree barks pin the victim on the tree. Afterwards, Cetrion does that solar blast on the loser but this time making the loser blow up into bloody chunks.

* Jade (Throne of Death): First, Jade does her Overhead Staff move part of the Fatal Blow to stun the enemy. Next, she teleports behind the opponent to use her Razorang to stab the victim at the back (from upper back to coccyx) as she does in her regular Fatal Blow. However this time after that back stab move, she pulls out her staff to shove inside the victim's butt, impaling the loser from the anus through the mouth.

* Kitana (Edenian Trample): First, Kitana does what she does first in her Fatal Blow (throwing her closed fans at the opponent's chest). Next, she does a jump kick at the opponent to push the fans further inside the enemy's chest (impaling them and pushing them to the ground). Then, the enemy pops back up towards Kitana due to the impact of their fall so Kitana can stab them at each shoulder using her fans and throw them to the ground (still like her regular Fatal Blow). However this time, Kitana jumps down by stomping the victim's head, crushing it in the process.

* Mileena (Tarkatan Vampire): First, she scratches her enemy several times with her clawed gauntlets before stabbing the opponent multiple times at the abdomen using her sais. However, when she lunges behind the enemy, she chews on the neck until the head falls off. Then she kicks off the decapitated body as she jumps off.

* Sindel (Royal Spine Rip): First, she screams at the opponent to stun them before she uses her hair to grab them by the neck to pull them closer to her. Next, as she pulls the enemy closer to her, the enemy gets impaled at the abdomen through the back by her Naginata. However this time, she holds the Naginata in place with her hands while she uses her hair to rip off the spine and head.

* Skarlet (Bloody Scythe): First, she stabs the opponent multiple times at the abdomen and chest. Next, she summons the blood to form a scythe. This time however, she uses the scythe to vertically split the victim in half from crotch to face.