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Re: The Fatality Ideas are Brewing...lets hear what you Got!!

I dont wanna see any klassic fatalities unless through dlc.or unlockables. I wanna see all new.ones n see how creative they can be now with gore tech where now they can do anything they put their minds too.


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Re: The Fatality Ideas are Brewing...lets hear what you Got!!

Agreed 100% but you know more than likely while it won't be an original/klassic fatality they do, it will be a variation of what that characters known for.
The only ones i think will get completely new fatalities will be the newer characters
But i definitely cant wait to see what they can do with the new gore tech


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Great thread!
One would think inventing fatalities are a easy thing ....

Shang Tsung transformes his oppenent to a frog and then
he stomps him with his foot. After the fatality, he laughs out loud.

Kinda like the second fatality from Ermac (MK9) but he doenst shrink his opponent
but turns him into a frog or a cure rabbit :D


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Re: The Fatality Ideas are Brewing...lets hear what you Got!!

Maybe organs spilling out when the body is opened instead of weird squares lol

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TREMOR: Earth based abilities

-Stomps on the ground, encasing/trapping the opponent in a rock only leaving their head out. Tremor forms a club like weapon around his arm and hits the opponent across the face twice. With the 3rd hit he smashes the club into their head splitting it open. The club is stuck in their head so Tremor removes his arm from the weapon and raises it in victory as a pool of blood flows down the trapped opponent.

-Knocking the opponent down on their back. Tremor traps their legs and arms to the ground. Forming spikes from the ground above the opponent, Tremor drops them on the opponent impaling them several times before Tremor jumps in the air and stomps on the opponents head.

Guyver Spawn

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Here's some ideas for Spawn if he ever becomes a guest fighter for MKX.

Fatality #1 - Spawn covering himself with his cape and quickly disappears. Then he reappears behind the opponent and the opponent turns in front of Spawn with his large cape in front of them looking scared. Spawn uses his cape to grab the opponent by the legs, the cape snap the opponent's legs, breaking them off causing them to scream in pain. He then uses his chains to impales the opponent in the torso and his chains lifts him/her high. His chains vertically rip the opponent's body in half, leaving a bloody mess. The Camera turns at Spawn with the blood of his opponent covering most of his body and he turns his head around with his bright glowing green eyes.

Fatality #2 - Spawn uses his necro-plasm body to grown large spikes from his left hand. He uses his fist of spikes to smash the opponent head into bloody pieces. Then he uses his right arm to create an arm blade and drives it through the opponent chest, then he completely ripped the opponent in half with his two hands.

Fatality #3 - Spawn uses his right hands to create a green ball of energy and puts the ball of nerco energy inside the opponent's chest and turns away. Opponent starts to grow a green aura around them, they begin to scream in pain then explode into bloody pieces. Only leaving their legs on the floor.

Some character battle intros (just for fun):

Kotal Kahn: "Do you think you can kill a sun god?"
Spawn: "It's always fun trying to kill a god."

Ferra: "Those stupid chains and cape are no match against us!"
Spawn "Watch your mouth you brat!"

Raiden: "Join the Forces of Light and the Elder Gods will help you on your quest"
Spawn: "I refuse to work for the likes of you"

Cassie Cage: "What the hell are you?"
Spawn: "What am I? I'm your worst nightmare!"

Scorpion: "To hell with you!"
Spawn: "I'll already been to Hell and back!"

Spawn: "You disgusted me, you overgrown maggot!"
D'Vorah: "You offend this one!"

Quan Chi (I know he's not officially in game yet): "You will serve Lord Shinnok and the Brotherhood of Shadows in the Netherrealm."
Spawn: "I serve no one, not Heaven, not Malebolgia and not even the likes of you."

I couldn't think of a good battle quote for Spawn vs. Sub-Zero. I have some fatality ideas for Quan Chi, Kenshi and Sektor for MKX that I plan to post soon.
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Belladonna (Thrill Kill): Shocking Vibrator - First, Belladonna walks up to the opponent in a sultry manner. Next, uses her cattle prod to shock him at the groin, making him bend over. Then, she goes behind the victim and shoves her cattle prod in his rectum. After that, she uses that cattle prod to electrocute him with full force until he gets all burned up and barbecued. Lastly, the burning victim falls to the ground as Belladonna moans with pleasure. ;)

Guyver Spawn

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For Kenshi

Say Aah: Kenshi uses his telekinesis with his left hand to open the opponent's mouth then he uses telekinesis with his right hand to shoves his katana down the opponent throat rapidly causing them to ooze blood out of their mouth. After he is shoving down the katana in the opponent's throat, the opponent starts coughing out blood and starts suffocating. Then Kenshi uses his telekinesis to quickly rip the katana out of the opponent's throat and blood beings to gush out everywhere from the rip wound. The opponent begins to fall dead on the ground laying in a puddle of blood.

For Sektor.

Shogun Punch: Sektor uses his right fist to sent it flying like a rocket and the fist blast through the opponent's chest. The fist causes a large bloody hole in the chest causing blood and gore to spill over the body. The opponent starts to lean over in the pain and the fist turns around the opponent's back as it fist flies back to Sektor. The fist quickly flies to the opponent's head and blast the head into bloody pieces. Sektor grabs his fist and puts back on his wrist.

Fatality #2: Sektor grabs two beam swords (as seen in MK: Armageddon) and stabs them in the opponent's both eye sockets. The beam swords burns through the opponent's eyes and they scream in pain. Sektor grabs the beam swords out of their eyes leaving two large burn holes in their eyes causing them to go blind. Then Sektor uses his two beam swords as he promptly slices the opponent's limbs and head off in quick succession. After they are cut into pieces, a large device emerges out of Sektor's chest and sucks up all the dead body pieces like a vacuum cleaner.


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SCORPION:Throw two spears,one into the opponent's forehead & one into the torso ripping both the head & torso off,SUB-ZERO:Freezing the opponent then use his ice sword or ice hammer to shatter/smash the opponent,RAIDEN:Send electricity/lighting thru the heart & abdomen causing both the heart & abdomen to explode.


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(Close range)

He grins at the opponent, grabbing their head so his thumbs are over their eyes. Smirking, he squeezes down and as the pressure increases, the opponent's screams get louder and louder. Unable to withstand the pressure, the opponen't eye balls explode, a shower of blood spurting from their sockets.

Kano laughs as their screams get louder and louder and with an abrupt yank, he pulls off their head, screams ceasing, but the mouth still open, face frozen in an eternal scream.

"B****," Kano sneers and spits at the decapitated head, slamming it on the ground, sending the body tumbling, too.

I'm not sure what it would be called, but yeah, that's my idea.


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If Brutalities is the other "Ality"in the game i think someone should have this a their brutality

I mean c'mon...that would F up your day. Imagine the opponent with a caved in chest after that!
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While he has not been confirmed BUT seeing the Images im pretty convinced, Kano will be in the Game. So i once again get to let my imagination run wild on Fatalities...
Kano MKX Redesign.jpg
-He does his classic Heart Rip on the opponent. The opponent in shock falls to their knees putting their hands up to their chest feeling the hole left their. Kano then charges up his Cyber Eye and blast a hole in their head. (A small entry in the front and the back of the head is blown out) With the opponent on the ground Kano reaches in the back of their head pulling out what is left of their brain and Raising BOTH the Heart & Brain in Victory while blood drips down his arms.

-Walks up to the opponent and punches them turning their back to Kano. He stabs a knife in the back of their head which comes out of their mouth. Kano from behind reaches over their head and puts his hand in their mouth and begins to pull the top half of their head off. Kano drops the opponent takes his knife and tosses it up n down as he goes off screen.

[video][/video] This would be a sweet fatality
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Well in the Kano Reveal Trailer we see Kano finish off D'vorah with his Eye Laser blasting a hole through her face.
1st off...F'ing amazing!!!
-Now i think what is done before this is Kano turns his opponent around and punches through them having their heart in hand like in MK9 but then he uses his laser to blast the hole whole in their head.

-My other thought is that, if you notice during the fatality one of the Huge knives is missing from his back. Kano might stab them from behind with the knife and then proceed to blast them from behind.

Either way im happy he's in the game, he looks bad ass and i can't wait to play him.


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This Time I have one for Raiden:

Raiden grabs his opponent and transports them both high in the sky. Raiden then turns into his ethereal/elemental form (lightening) and begins to strike and pass through the opponent several times while in the air. With a final strike sending the opponent plummeting to the ground, Raiden returns to his Mortal form, Raiden releases powerful currents frying the opponent as they fall until Blood and Ask rain over Raiden.


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So I am back again...this time for Goro!

Puny Mortal: Goro trips the opponent, falling on their back. Goro grabs them by the leg & begins to slam them several times (Avenger's Style)
. With the opponent in massive pain they try to get up (either from their back or on all fours), Goro walks up to them and steps on their head completely smashing it with all the brains and blood shooting out. Removing his massive foot Goro lets out a vicious victory roar!


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Cassie Cage: Meteor Shower- She basically summons multiple missiles from the sky via air strike, attacking the opponent and blasting him into pieces gradually.

Like this but with blood and gore in it.


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Im back and this time with Quan Chi on the Mind!

"Obey Me"- Quan Chi summons a sword and puts his opponent in the trance and controls their body. With the opponent struggling to break free, QC forces the to walk towards the sword. Impaling the opponent through their mouth. QC then summons a small portal on the opponents head and disappears. Leaving the opponents body to fall headless and then another portal appears above QC dropping the opponents head in QC's hand. (I liked how the original fatality started, but it ended so predictably, so i changed it up)

"The Summoner/Leg Beat"- QC summons a portal behind the opponent. Out comes multiple skeleton hands trying to drag the opponent in the portal. QC walks towards them grabbing their leg and ripping it off. QC then hits his opponent their legs several times before knocking off or ramming it through their face. The lifeless body is then dragged by the Netherrealm skeletons.

If Brutalities does make a return i think it would be awesome since it was mentioned in QC's reveal trailer that he has made a revanent of fallen Earthrealm heroes. It would be awesome is he summons several of them to beat down the opponent.


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Hmmm... well here goes nothing


Fatality 1:

Freezes entire opponent, slides towards him and while still sliding grabs his head, rips it off and keeps sliding. Then slows down for a bit, turns around and charges back towards remaining body at full speed (while sliding) and hits the body with frozen head and entire thing shatters to pieces.

Fatality 2.

Grabs opponent's head, open his mouth and she opens hers. Then she starts freezing opponents insides. She freezes opponents insides. Then creates ice gauntlets and smashes opponent's head. She grabs ice tube in neck area and rips out frozen blood circulatory system.

Fatality 3.

She raises a huge structure (which looks like upside down L), then pierces opponent's insides with her fist. Takes out one end of the gut and freezes it into a huge boulder. Then with another hand she takes another end of opponent's guts and ties it around opponent's neck. She then throws ice boulder over structure and opponent gets hanged by his own guts.

Fatality 4.

Freezes opponent entirely. Does a back flip kick. Sends head flying. Waits for a bit and then jumps in the air and kicks the head towards frozen body. Everything shatters.

Fatality 5.

She bends her arm so her elbow is pointing towards opponent. She shoots out ice sickles and their get stuck in opponent's face. Opponent start screaming in pain, she then dashes and smacks with her claws in opponent's face and makes ice sickles go even deeper. She then grabs opponent and throws him over her and smashes opponent's head into the floor.


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Tanya: (Swallow This)- 1. For a female character, she'd rip of the thigh bone first and shove it inside the mouth. Then she'd break the female victim's neck. Lastly, she'd curb stomp the head with a flaming foot, crushing it in the process. 2. For a male character, she'd rip off his penis (with the camera not focusing on the site of mutilation nor the organ itself but at the back of the victim who's bending over in agony while screaming as blood drips down his legs and the organ would be concealed in Tanya's hands anyways while the hand is curled up in a fist for censorship). Next, she'd shove the penis in his mouth to make him cough and choke. Then, Tanya would use her hands to break his neck. Lastly, she'd curb stomp the head with a flaming foot, crushing it in the process.

Tanyas Husband should see this.
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