Baraka Thread - *Ching Ching* "RAAAAAR!"

Yeah I cant do that at all thanks to negative edge. It always turns out B+3,1 dash Blade Spin. I use a lot more 2,1,2 slices(or 2,1 slices) and B+3,2 slices. Sometimes I do B+3,1 Blade Charge but thats usually it
He has a nice 30% combo that's relatively easy to land.

B3, 1, Dash, B1, 1, Blade Charge.

The timing is quite critical, you cant hit the B1, 1, too early or the charge will miss, and due to negative edge, it's quite easy to hit the charge after just the B1, and you'll lose about 7% for that.

EDIT: Yeah slices is good for corner combos and actually its not a bad wake up. Hmm, once you corner people with Baraka, you can make it very hard for them.
In light of hearing that Baraka is getting his B3, 1, corner trap removed, I have since found a NEW corner trap, that should work after the patch, and does more damage than my usual corner combo of:

Jp, B3, 1, B3, 1, B3, 1, B1, F2, Spin....41%
If the above combo is going, then have no fear, I have found something else that does more damage and should work due to a reset normal he has.

Jp, B3, 1, U3, B3, 1, B1, F2, Spin....does about 44% damage. The U3 acts like a reset and does a lot of damage on it's own, but you have to input the B3, 1 nearly straight away after the U3 as the window afterwards is tiny.

How many other characters can do this much damage in the corner without meter. Sometimes I use Ex spin instead of regular for maximum damage with about an extra 5% damage added.
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WHAT THE ****! Why the hell would they remove that? Ugh, you can still do 2,2,1+2 B+3,1 B+3,1 right? God NRS are idiots...
They nerfed, BARAKA?!?

Seriously, Baraka of all people gets a nerf?

WB must pay NRS in crack, not even joking.
Nerf Baraka, but Kung Lao is still OP.

^ freddy been nerfed yet?

sorry havnt been keeping up with the nerfs. But anyway. Yeah this is bull shit. Baraka Really?
Baraka can still do all that, for now. But between now and October, it will be removed. I bet NW and LK keep their ones though..
Jade had her boomerang reset nerfed, but is getting a buff somewhere to compensate. I REALLY hope Baraka gets a buff if that corner juggle goes. I mean you do that twice, mid screen, for a nice combo. Hope that isn't removed as well :(
easy reliable baraka combo , jp,2,2,1+2, 4,d,f,2 = 30ish? need to check.. or finish with 4,EX d,BACK,2
easy reliable baraka combo , jp,2,2,1+2, 4,d,f,2 = 30ish? need to check.. or finish with 4,EX d,BACK,2

Yeah, lol. Baraka STILL has tons of deadly corner combos, there's more to him than B3, 1 you know :p

Hearing a rumour now his ex blade charge will go full screen..
His 2, 2, 1+2 makes for some nice set ups. Once Baraka has someone in the air, you can really put the hurt on.

I keep hearing he is getting a full screen Ex Blade Charge buff. Do you know how much difference that will make against the likes of SZ, who is arguably Barakas HARDEST match up.

Who cares if he is getting the B3, 1 loop removed from the corner. I have plenty of other corner combos with him now that do way more damage.
Yeh if they have blade charge full screen ill live without the B+3,1 lol.

Could you still do 2,2,1+2 B+3,1 B+3,1 combo? or can you now not repeat B+3,1 anywhere in the combo?
I don't know. The most you can do that, in a corner combo, is three times. If it's removed so you can't even do it twice, that means he'll lose his midscreen, B3, 1, dash, B3, 1, dash, F2, 4, which does a nice 30% (more with a jp). He has other damaging midscreen combos, but that one is kind of my B&B midscreen combo with him.

The only thing i'll be annoyed at, is if LK keeps his loop and NW keeps his. By the way, im a huge NW fan/player, but his F3, 1, 2 can be looped in the corner FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE. And im sure EVERYONE is sick of that lame , 3, 2, 1 combo of Lui Kang being done on them over and over no matter where they are.

And I bet both those guys keep those...

@Wuzzli, as far as I can tell, Baraka still has his B3, 1 trap....

However, I have got a couple of really good "replacement" corner combos with Baraka now.

Corner combo number 1:

Jp, B3, 1, U3, B3, 1, B1, F2, Spin

Corner combo number 2:

Jp, B3, 1, jumping neutral punch, U3, B1, F2, Spin

Both of them do about 45% damage, more if you use an ex spin. Try them out, they're really, really nice and they should, in theory, get around his B3, 1 removal loop.

Barring Sheeva, not many characters can do that much damage in the corner, WITHOUT using any meter...
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